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  24 Jan 2020

Improve Your Property's Management, Operation & Revenue With Booking Ninjas Property Management System

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Choosing the Right PMS for your business

Choosing a Property Management System is as important as any other business decision a hotel can ever make. Many hotels administrators get into the mistake of choosing a wrong Property Management System with limited features, or an unnecessarily bulky Property Management System which cannot still fulfill their administrative needs.

With a good Property Management System, a hotel can experience a rapid turnaround. This is largely due to the features made available by the Property Management System which enabled the hotel staff delegate tasks automatically, achieve things faster, and communicate with guests easily. Such factors, when put into consideration, contribute to the success of a hotel business.

On the other hand, a bad Property Management System will not only constitute waste of resources, it will also propagate loss and generally reduced efficiency. Having a Property Management System that does not work out for your business, or worse off works against your business methods is a very wrong move, that runs the risk of putting you out of business. The need for a good Property Management System is hence, very important. Efforts should be made to understand which system is good for you, and how you can make the most of such systems.

To that end, I have compiled a quick list of factors you should check out for, when considering a property management system.

How is the Booking Engine?

The booking engine of a Property Management System is one of its most important features. Since it is a major part of the income generation for the business, a good booking engine should be provided as part of a Property Management System, so watch out for that one.

Announcing and Business Intelligence

Business reports is an imperative part of your lodging's activities and vital arranging. While choosing a Property Management System, hoteliers must take a gander at the distinctive reports it gives and whether it will help gain bits of knowledge on the income and execution of the hotel.

Deals and Marketing Functionality

A good Property Management System ought to give you an upper hand in deals making and marketing success. Based on advanced integrations and connections, a good Property Management System enables the hotel change room rates, monitor bookings review/feedback, and interact effectively with social media. Below is a list of methods a hotel can get that done through a good Property Management System

Channel Managers: A channel manager helps you control your room rates and availability on numerous platforms from a single location. With a channel manager, for instance, if you have a listing on, you can easily change your room availability and prices from the channel manager in your Property Management System. A benefit of this feature is that it helps you make smarter deals, thereby increasing your competitive edge, by providing better value at a relatively better price.

Social Media Integration: A good Property Management System integrates social media channels so as to facilitate easy monitoring of online activities and reviews of the hotel. One benefit of this is that it helps a hotel know the current trends and state of mind of prospects, which helps them streamline their marketing strategy and generally improve effectiveness in all platforms

General Integrations

A good Property Management System should be able to integrate several useful platforms into the system. Since no application can be an all-round solution to everything, useful integrations should be made available to the users. A good example of such feature is the BookingNinjas application. Based on its partnership with Salesforce, the application offers the users the ability to directly incorporate apps from the AppExchange platform. Such a feature is very important to a hotel’s growth in the long run.

The POS factor

A good payment integration is very important as it facilitates easy payment and ensures the guest had a good time with the hotel. A good POS integration will be useful to that end. By making sure the payment method is easy, you can boost guest experience, reduce cost of payment handlings, and make hotel processes faster than ever.

Technical support

A Property Management System is a pretty confusing and advanced piece of technology when starting out. You may need a grounded technical support team to guide you on your setup, during usage, or on transition. Choosing a Property Management System that had a god reputation for customer support is a perfect solution to this problem. So, make that a part of your planning factors.

Flexibility of usage

The basic idea behind a Property Management System is to ensure that work is carried out in the hotel at an efficient phase and at a flexible time. So, if what you are looking at is a non-flexible, stale Property Management System, you might as well refuse to do without one. A good Property Management System should be easy to operate from anywhere around the world, with the same speed and accuracy. It should be able to facilitate team work among members of staff, and improve efficiency in all departments.

A good property management solution is a very crucial factor in your new business strategy for this year, whether you realize this or not. Since what is worth doing is worth doing well, it would be safe to assume that one should go for the best when required. The above factors are very necessary in carrying out a successful business growth in this generation, and they should be taken into consideration.

Also, a cloud based Property Management System works best, especially if you are considering the last factor, Flexibility of usage. The best part of this is that you can literally host several databases and applications online, and access them with whatever device you choose, anytime.

In conclusion, a good Property Management System is as essential for business growth, increasing revenue, and establishing a competitive edge. While this may seem confusing at first, there’s a whole lot a Property Management System can do for you. You can read the post [here]. Making proper decisions for your business is the most effective part one can play, and going ahead to carry out those plans is just as essential.

Be sure to ask whatever questions you might need, or share any suggestions you have. It will be highly appreciated.

Improve Your Property's Management, Operation & Revenue With Booking Ninjas Property Management System

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