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Bookingninjas Property Management System

Booking Ninjas Property Management System Pricing

Our cloud-based Property Management System prices provide great market value to a hospitality business. For the advanced technology you receive by implementing our PMS, our deals are a steal! Implementing a PMS to your property has become a necessity over the past couple years. As technology has developed, so have the needs and wants of customers.

To digitally transform your property business to the 4th Industrial Revolution, you need a cloud-based PMS that puts an emphasis on technology. That’s us! We’ve been at the forefront of incorporating contemporary technology into property management software for over a decade.

Our fees are determined by a variety of factors.

Pay either

Monthly Annually
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Get to know our adjustable pms pricing and how it can work for you

$85 /user/month
Bookingninjas Property Management System


All of our Booking Ninjas packages start with a user fee of $85/month. This is for each user you wish to authorize to be able to view and control all areas of the property management software. You may easily add authorized users any time you wish.

$25 /space/month
Bookingninjas Property Management System


Our all-in-one availability grid is an excellent feature to have for event and meeting spaces. It allows you to manage reservations for events and meetings on a singular, shared cloud-based platform. We also have an event ticketing system that creates custom barcodes for tickets that your event hosts can use for admission to their event.

$0.45 /parking space /month
Bookingninjas Property Management System


Take advantage of our advanced payment methods and POS integrations. Fully integrate your terminals with our PMS to keep track of customers and give our system more data to analyze. By utilizing our advanced payment methods, you give your customers more freedom to pay how they want.

Bookingninjas Property Management System


See here

$17 /room/month
Bookingninjas Property Management System


Our hotel PMS offers improvements for every aspect of your hotel. Booking/reservations, marketing, maintenance, accounting, reporting, and integrations are all part of our design to make your hotel run trouble-free and efficient.

$7 /bed/month
Bookingninjas Property Management System


Our hostel managenent system helps your property stand out in the crowded room rental market of 2020. Our cloud-based PMS provides digital transformation for your hostel to improve your online visibility and digital footprint.

$6 /unit/month
Bookingninjas Property Management System


Our booking engine is fully integratable and highly scalable. The engine features login portals for guests, agents, partners, and suppliers to allow for clearer communication between staff members and guests. Personalize your guest's experience to increase your customer retention rate.

Bookingninjas Property Management System


See here - Twilio's cloud-based contact center platform lets you customize your workflow to meet the needs of your property. Design the control center however you want

$10 /member/month
Bookingninjas Property Management System


Co-working spaces need to be on the ball when it comes to hourly reservations. our reservation management system allows you to view reservations in 15-minute incremenents. Never lose track of office rentals and keep your operations running smoothly.

$0.45 /storage unit/month
Bookingninjas Property Management System


Storage units deal with a lot of contracts and leases. Our Esign capabilities are second to none. Easily pre-fill sendable documents and contracts in a flash. Have all your document records on file on a single platform.

Bookingninjas Property Management System


Inquire for price - Our mobile apps allow you to connect any app from Salesforce's AppExchange marketplace to our property management system. It allows property managers to run their business from anywhere in the world on any smart device. Pricing varies. Please contact us for a quote.

$45 add-on for existing BN customers
Bookingninjas Property Management System


Salesforce's Einstein AI acts more like a business partner than a piece of technology. It makes smart suggesstions for your property by analyzing past and present data. Click here to learn more about the benefits of Einstein artificial intelligence.

Bookingninjas Property Management System


Grow awareness and online visibility for your property. Extract valuable data from third party sites to get a better idea of who your customers are and what they look for. Create a personalized experience for your guests based on their preferences.

Сustom pricing for your property management software

If you are the owner of a large enterprise or non-profit organization, it’s recommended that you fill out an Expression of Interest Form. A member of our team will promptly be in touch to discuss pricing details*.

*Large enterprises with over 250 users and non-profit owners may be eligible for select discounts.