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Our system is developed for overseeing the activities and actions in a hostel. The system has been known to be beneficial for the following functions:

• Owners use it for managing the hostel data and information. You can quickly and easily have access to any information of your choice. With this system, you can get first-hand information about your hostel.

• It can be used to manage the students’ information who live in the hostel. This way, you can make biodata for each student that registers to live in the hostel. You can find out what each student is like and make adequate preparations in case of an emergency.

• Management of the fees and mess bills for each room is made easier. This way, you can estimate what you spent on each room in terms of repairs and the likes.

• Management of the room, which includes the necessary information about the room, becomes more effective.

• It can be used to keep track of the number of students you have per room—the number of available rooms and the number of students that can be accommodated.

• You can store the employees’ information on the system.

In this modern-day and time, we have come to realize that education is not limited by borders anymore. There is a rise in the number of students seeking higher education either by signing online to institutes of their choice or traveling out of their comfort zone to get into institutes and colleges that will provide a pathway to their career choices. In this case, it is important for schools and colleges who have in their capacity hostels that they can offer to these traveling students as temporary residential accommodation.

The one issue that has plagued these schools is that offering such hostel facilities to students can sometimes be lots of labor and paperwork annoying tasks. This issue can lead to very poor use of the resources at hand, and it can hurt the quality and efficiency of academic institutions. But great news for institutions that are bent on making a hundred percent use of their resources, there is now an effective way to go about it. Technology has advanced to a level that has come to help ease the burden of the labor involved in using the hostel facility. This is in the form of the Hostel Management System, which takes care of the administration, mess, employee details, students’ details, and other related facilities in the institution in an effective manner.

What Are the Benefits of Hostel Management System?

As an institution, manual management of your hostel facilities can be a very tedious task. The effectiveness and efficiency of the work put in won’t be enough. With this new technology of the Hostel Management System, it provides a sort of dynamically coupled with a practical approach of managing the hostel and other related facilities much easier to oversee.

• One very important benefit of using the Hostel Management System is, it helps the institution reduce the burden and workload on the administration staff employees. It does so by simplifying roles and work schedules, thereby reducing manual labor. It completes the manual task through the use of an online system process.

• Another point to take note of when you use the Hostel Management System is how it executes its job. It ensures that the record management and efficient execution of administrative tasks such as managing hostel applications, allotment of rooms, mess payments management, easy communication, registration form, disciplinary issues, and fees management. Through the use of the Hostel Management System, the administrative team can easily access all the necessary data and information on the hostel. They can easily manage the workflow from their device at all times during the day, which ensures that updates regarding the hostel are made in real-time and notifications can be sent quickly to parents and guardians.

• The system assists institutions to securely store and manage the data and information if students and employees. It allows access to this information by a few authorized staff employees only.

• Another beneficial feature of the Hostel Management System is, the system brings with it a new form of transparency at the administrative level of management. This helps to develop a sort of trust between the students, parents, and management.

• Furthermore, using this system helps to run your institution smoothly without any issues or errors. It helps build the educational institute by building a stronger brand for it. Institutions need to understand that smoothly run hostel facilities can attract students seeking admission.

Hostel System Management Must-have Features

As an institution looking for a new Hostel Management System, that will manage your hostel. It is assumed that all you are trying to do is to make life easier for your employees and yourself. Making tasks to be completed quicker and more efficiently, and information are well stored and easily accessible. You won’t want to make the mistake of achieving all this with the first piece of technology you see. You should sample various brands and pick the one that suits your institution.

There are some features you should probably keep an eye on when you look for a Hostel Management System. With this feature, you should confirm in the options below:

• Reservations management for Students and Guests

• The Check-in and the check-out feature is available.

• Creation of new guest profiles and recording of guest details for long term records.

• Total Control over inventory, rates, and availability.

• Important Housekeeping component.

• Easy guest and parents communications.

• Property maintenance management.

• Fast and Reliable payment processing.

• Regular performance reports feature.

• Regular Update on Accounting.

With this type of system in your hands, you can see how much you have currently on your plate. This system will be of great help to your institution, and it’s very important to make sure you pick the right one. There is no point in paying for something that won’t be beneficial in the long run to your institution. It may even compound your problems in your institution.

What Are The Essential Features Of the Hostel Management System?

1. MANAGE HOSTEL DETAILS. Hostel wardens can now easily record each detail about the hostel, like the hostel room information such as the warden in charge of a specific hostel, and types of hostel available. This also consists of maintenance applications for each hostel room. This module is perfect for every hostel. It offers a variety of reports such as block list, room allocation list, mess report, joining report, etc. All these to make sure there is a smooth daily operation of the hostel. Also, you can register the details of your employees along with your students on this system. This helps the institution to have first-hand information about each and everyone, and their allocated duty. It also makes contacting very easy for the institution.

2. MANAGE ROOM DETAILS. The system also stores various records of each hostel room available in your institution. The information which includes the number of rooms in each hostel, the number of students that are in each room, the number of students a certain room can accommodate. For each room available, a certain fee is allocated to that room to be paid by interested students by the administration.

3. ALLOCATE ROOM TO STUDENTS. Room allocation to students is a very important aspect of hostel management for any institution. Students can be assigned rooms based on the number of available rooms in each hostel. Manual allocation of rooms can be tedious and takes time in large to a medium-sized hostel. But with an online system way of doing things, the task is easier, error-free, and efficient.

4. STUDENTS’ FEES COLLECTION. There is a tedious task of collection and calculation of hostel fee, and with this technology, the collection and calculation of hostel fee just got easier. There is no proper accounting for each fee paid by the student. As an institution owner, you will be delighted with this feature as it shows transparency within the administration.

5. CHECK HOSTEL FEES DEFAULTER. The administrative staff can check on the students that have defaulted on their hostel fees. They can now forward their names to the institution board. All thanks to the Hostel Management System, it works by not only calculating the hostel fees, but it keeps a record of payment status on each student. An update is prompt when new payments are made, and it generates instant receipts for the payment made. It also helps institutions send automatic messages and emails to defaulters reminding them to renew their payments.


• User module: This is for the administrator and visitor who visit the home page. It is available for those with registered usernames and passwords.

• Change password module: Allows the user of the system to change the password on the Hostel Management System.

• Student module:This module is used for storage of relevant student records. It usually contains information like students profile details, educational details, and contact information. Users can easily lookup for any student from the database according to certain criteria such as name, room number, course, etc.

• Room allotment module: This module is available to administrators for the allocation of room to students according to the student’s educational details, course, or a section. A room is always allocated to a student with the necessary ID card generated as a form of pass. Even, it displays information about students staying in a particular room. It records when a student leaves a room.

• Room fees module: his module is meant to display the room fee records. It shows statistics like students’ due status and balance amount status. It is intended for accountability of the hostel facilities. It is also used for the renewal of the students’ rent every semester. As an institution owner, this is module will help you keep track of the fees paid. There will be a sense of transparency when it comes to accounts of the hostel.

• Mess module: This module is used to keep track of all form of transaction that is related to mess. The mess item expenditure for each student in the hostel is usually added up for each month. The mess bill generated afterward for each student is displayed.

• Visitor’s module: This module is for visitors who visit the hostel. It allows you to enter the details of any visitor. This can be a form of security check to keep track of those coming in to see students in the hostel. You can view the visitors depending on what criteria you want to use to search.

• Report generation module: This module provides a complete summary of details relaying to the hostel fees and mess bills. This also includes hostel fees, mess inventory reports. It is available for access to students to check for their respective hostel fees and mess bill. They can check it by inputting their unique Hostel ID.

• Settings module: This module is only available to Administrators. They have a special account that grants them special access permissions not available to regular users. This module allows the administrator to add, edit or delete records, room information, course details, students’ information, etc.

• Scope: The Hostel Management System has been built in such a way that you use it to keep track of the general information and transaction of the hostel. This has been of great help not only to owners but to students who seek admissions into these schools. It has improved the services rendered to students, mess bills and the student’s hostel dues. The main function of this is to easily allocate rooms to students and easy generation of the mess bill with efficiency.

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