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Managing a hotel organization has always been a daunting task, but effectively managing a vacation rental can prove to be even more challenging. Different locations, enormous inquiries, multiple unit types, regular maintenance of the property, and several accounts are some of the things that make vacation rental a more difficult task than hotel management.

Not being the owner of the property might leave you with daily routines of answering the property investor's questions about bookings, reports, and schedules. These questions might not come with easy answers than you would think, mainly when there are lots of properties you oversee.

Whether you are looking to manage a single or dozens of vacation rentals, an easy-to-use and features-loaded management system, which is not always cheap, might come in handy in running an efficient and profitable business.

To help the newbies and savvy cost-saving hosts, this article is going to answer the questions running through your mind to ensure you have the best of the vacation rental management system for maximum returns.

Questions you might have

What is a Vacation Rentals System?

In brief and concise terms, a Vacation Rentals System is an indispensable cloud-based tool that enables property managers to build a website, consolidate pieces of information about the property, accept direct booking with an option to pay online, connect the site to major third-party distribution channels, initiate guest communication, and manage guest reservations, all from one user-friendly hub on the system.

Why do you need a Vacation Rentals System?

In the introduction part, we tried to brief you on the benefits you would reap from making use of a vacation rentals system to manage your property, but here are some specifics you might want to consider to get you turned into making use of these systems. A robust and excellent vacation rentals system offers the following benefits and more:

1. Creates a professional, high-converting website instantly

Numerous strategies and tools can indeed be used to set up a functional website quickly, but it is more comforting and professional to use systems that are designed to give hospitality companies a well-optimized website for their properties. Just as stated in the description of a vacation rentals system, an optimized website aids direct booking, online payments, and many more. These vacation rentals systems come with crucial and useful features like SSL certification, custom domain, and unlimited hosting, which so make the management of your property a lot easier than overseeing manually.

2. Saves a tremendous amount of time

Just as aforementioned, managing a vacation rental is a more daunting task that can be made to look a lot easy when you employ some systems for a better outcome. As a property manager, answering some questions like ' Do you provide early check-in?', 'can I bring my pets along?', 'what is the check-out time?' are part of the daily routine. Unfortunately, having to answer each of these questions one-by-one every day can be very exhilarating that you might even give up on hospitality job.

Therefore, with this hospitality system, you can make use of an email template while you save yourself a great time. These systems allow you to automate most of the tasks, which include housekeeping duties and rate with just a single click from the user-friendly hub. More so, while you switch your attention to other essential jobs, the system executes the rules and restrictions you have set.

3. More direct bookings

Most of the vacation rentals systems offer easy-to-use code snippets and plugins, which makes a direct booking on the website smooth and comfortable. This is why it is advisable always to make sure the system you want to purchase for vacation rentals management must allow you to accept bookings on the website.

Since most of the guests like to look around to see the best before reserving a stay, an automated guest communication makes it easier for property managers to secure more online bookings than ever, therefore facilitating sales.

4. Sync all your properties and accounts into a single user-friendly hub

Property synchronization through one digital platform has been made easy by these systems. From a single hub, property managers are provided with the ability to compile tasks, accept or cancel reservation requests, look through a guest's profile, see to guest's concerns and complaints, and many more. More so, these systems have been programmed to self-update on unit information, the availability for all your properties across, and also update the rates.

5. Easy and efficient connection with other essential applications.

It is no news that businesses are going online on social media to make more awareness, and ultimately make more sales. The same thing applies to rental business that employs social media and email marketing to know the statistics about their website and the reservation conversions with the use of tools like Google analytics.

Essential tools like this Google analytics are one of the reasons why the vacation rentals system must be able to provide you a connection with this kind of other external applications, which so makes your rental business not to be left behind as technology evolves.

Additionally, the integration of these external applications must be ensured because clients make use of social media platforms to find out more about destinations and potential accommodation; this will automatically boost direct bookings online.

What are the Things to Consider When Choosing a Vacation Rentals System?

The benefits of a robust vacation rentals system are there for you to see, but now you need to choose the right one to take all the benefits and improve your hospitality business. With a plethora of options online to pick from, it can be quite challenging to choose the right system for your business. Therefore, to make an informed choice, we've compiled a few important things to look out for in these systems before you make your choice.

1. Booking Website Builder

The booking website is the basis of all the marketing efforts, which so makes the website builder a must-have feature for an event rentals system to be considered excellent. Even if you are averagely good with technology, you still have to make sure this feature is incorporated in the system, and this is because this is where bookings can be processed independently of the online travel agencies.

The system pulls up the client's listings from the database, and straight into the direct booking site. More importantly, these systems don't have to be complicated; not all users have profound knowledge about technology; therefore, keeping it simple and functional is vital.

2. Booking Engine

Reports have it that the US travelers had spent close to $189billion on online travel bookings this year alone. This is clear that having an integrated booking engine, which should accept online bookings and payments, on your vacation rentals system is as crucial as having a website at all. These days, people are more comfortable making payments online via their debit cards, perhaps the safest way to make payments. If your hospitality system doesn't have this option, you are likely to lose some potential clients to other renters who can.

3. Channel Manager

A channel manager is a must-have for property managers that handle multiple listings, but in most of the vacation rentals systems, this feature is not a standard one; therefore, there might be a need for some extra digging to find it. What the channel manager does for property managers is to help synchronize bookings from external listings into a single user-friendly hub.

More so, channel manager enables rentals managers to update some aspects of their listings, which can include pushing their listing from one booking agency to another one for better publicity and revenue, and a simultaneous update on listing pricing and descriptions. All these so make this feature a crucial one to ensure a vacation rentals system has before purchasing one.

4. Unified Inbox

A unified inbox is a feature in the vacation rentals system that makes the property manager's communication with their guest a lot easier by centralizing all the messages into a single digital platform, inbox. From this hub, you can reply to lots of guest's complaints, contributions, and inquiries without a drop of sweat.

5. Owner's Portal

A robust vacation rentals system should have a separate portal where the property owner can view all the vital information, which includes reservation schedules, about the properties being managed. This makes things easy for the manager to oversee several properties from a single portal.

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On the overall, excellent vacation rentals systems can be so useful to the property owners that they can set up a great and functional website, save tremendous time, save money, save workforce, take more online bookings, manage everything from a single hub, and also able to integrate other useful applications like the Google analytics briefly discussed earlier in this page.

These benefits stretch beyond a few that have been mentioned in this article and are key reasons to consider making use of one. Our company is always on hand to be of service, and with excellent customer service.

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