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Booking Ninjas In the Rental Pandemic Market

02 Apr 2020

The Coronavirus Pandemic hit New York especially hard. In scenes straight out of the

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03 Apr 2020

Over the course of the past couple months, w

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29 Mar 2020

For each sector of hotel management, various techniques are applied to ensure the growth of the business and the care of the guest. Just as much, w

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27 Mar 2020

All you need to know about the Parking Management System

Have you ever had to enter a building then get delayed because the man at t

Why Use Co Working Management Software
25 Mar 2020

Have you ever tried to
22 Mar 2020

Advantages of a Parking Management System

Using a Parking management system is one of the best decisions that an organization c

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You most likely understand the implications of having a property management system for your business. Having a prope

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15 Feb 2020

As a property manager, getting a new owner for a property is usually

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15 Feb 2020

One of the various misconceptions that many people have about c

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15 Feb 2020

For organizations with more than one staff, there is usually a need t

Picking the best PMS for your business
14 Feb 2020

We all know picking a property mana

How Go Analytics Shaped the Language of Einstein AI
13 Feb 2020

In 2007, while waiting for a prolonged time for large C++ projects to complete, the software engineers at Google began developing Go. Go is a Googl

The Ultimate Guide To Getting The Most Out Of Einstein AI
10 Feb 2020

In 1999, Salesforce developers created the first ever cloud-based customer-relationship m

Raring to go: 9 nuts and bolts of a hotel PMS
25 Jan 2020

To an outsider, a smoothly run hotel's operations can seem like a black box. But we know better: It's because of its Property Management Sy

6 Reasons Your Hotel Sucks
25 Jan 2020

The only constant in life is change. When it comes to smart hotel management, change can present as innovation or in shedding bad practices. Here a

Grab the Wheel: What Hoteliers Need to Do to Drive Direct Bookings
25 Jan 2020

In the year 2020 and beyond, data is the real wealth: getting it, owning it, analyzing it, and acting upon it. Too many of hoteliers receive the bu

10 reasons to start using BookingNinjas for your business
24 Jan 2020

You have a business and like a mother expects from a child, you expect your business to grow to a large scale, where you may not have to worry abou