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What is a Salesforce Booking System?

Salesforce booking system allows customers some self-service options, like the ability to book a meeting space, property, or room online. It saves your team some time because it auto-populates your reservation calendar.

GDS System: Top Reasons Why It is Important to the Travel Industry
11 Nov 2020
GDS System: Top Reasons Why It is Important to the Travel Industry

Even though Global Distribution Systems (GDS) have been prevalent since their inception around the 1960s, they are not as equally understood or utilized in today’s travel industry. GDS was at the forefront of the digital revolution in the travel market, producing a way for brick and mortar travel agencies to instantly connect with accommodation providers. <

Difference Between PMS and POS
21 Sep 2020
Difference Between PMS and POS

Whether you’re a brand new property manager, or you’re new to the technological advances in the hospitality industry, we’re here to help you become better acquainted with terms and technology you’ll need to know. In this article, we’ll explain the importance of PMS and POS to the property business as well as the inner workings of it.<

How To Increase Sales Through Advanced Technology
10 Apr 2020
Student Housing PMS
10 Apr 2020
Student Housing PMS

There are so many variables in running a university: admissions, handling tuition payments, room and board, having a strong security team in place, and aligning faculty and curriculum to your school's goals.<

The Essential Nature of Booking Ninjas for your Vacation Rental
06 Apr 2020
The Essential Nature of Booking Ninjas for your Vacation Rental

You’ve worked hard to create the perfect vacation getaway for guests. Whether it’s a single apartment in the city, a multi-unit beach complex, or a country setting bed and breakfast inn, you need a reliable residential property management system to help your operation run smoothly.

That’s where Booking Ninjas can help. With our property software, you won’t have to worry about missing a single detail when it comes to taking care of your property or your guests. Best of all, you can handle it all from your smartphone or computer, because our PMS System lives on a mobile platform. That means you can track data, make reservation changes, process payments, and more from a single app on your iphone or other mobile device.

The Future Train Has Arrived; Got Your Ticket?

With digital technology, the travel industry has undergone the biggest revolution it has seen since the invention of the steam engine. Gone are the days when vacationers relied on their neighborhood travel agent to find the hot spots and book their passage. Today’s explorers are largely made up of millenials who compromise 71% of the world’s population. This is a generation who grew up on cutting edge technology. It’s estimated that they check their phones at least 43 times a day. They expect to be able to access information about the world wherever they’re standing. In fact, 66% of travelers now say that Instagram posts influence their own travel plans. With the most reliable, sophisticated, up-to-the minute residential property management software your future guests can view your property photos, book their stay and order their gluten-free breakfast all on your website. And if they can’t, you’re losing their business. 
With the Booking Ninjas seamless pms system, your property will remain plugged in to all of the relevant social media platforms. Moreover, because you’ll be operating on a mobile platform yourself, you can update your property’s postings...from a thousand miles away.

What Does A Property Management System Do?

At Booking Ninja, we have partnered with leading online technology experts to bring you the widest variety of efficient, reliable applications for your property’s unique software needs. Based on your property’s data, we will tailor booking and availability pages, housekeeping and maintenance logs, guest self-check in and secure access codes, payment processing platforms, policy stay requirements, customer profile data gathering and more. If your business needs an online tool to run more competitively, we will find the app to solve your problem or create one for you. Plus, we keep it simple: all of your businesses and online platforms will live in one PMS System App. Whenever you need something, you’ll have one place to look – on any mobile device. And when you make a change on one platform, say, an update on your reservations page, for instance, that change will go into effect across all of your property’s social media platforms and third-party travel booking sites. Booking Ninjas saves you from having to jump from Facebook to Instagram to your company website to travel sites around the web constantly updating information. Using our residential property management software, all of your property’s information will remain streamlined and up-to-the-minute.

Sounds Complicated. Is It?

Many property managers find the idea of layering in complex, cloud based technology into their business operations a daunting task. Booking Ninjas makes it easy, with a seven-phase process that builds the right residential property management software system with you, the property manager, as co-creator. When the system is up and running, we stay close at hand, ready to make any changes or alterations you feel are needed. Once you’re satisfied, you can enjoy having central command for your property in one single app that goes where you go, right on your mobile device. Having all of the real-time information you need will make you the savvy host that travelers today are seeking. With the PMS system, you know what time your guests checked in, you know they’d like to eat in the restaurant tonight (you know to forewarn them that the chef just ran out of Sea Bass), you know their credit card payment went through, you know they want apple juice with their corn flakes in the morning, you know that room 322 has a leaky faucet. But your guests are at your property in Bangor, and you’re in Bali. No problem. Whatever is happening, you’re on top of it, whether you’re on location, or on vacation, you’ve got the Booking Ninjas Residential Property Management System working for you.

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