Booking Ninjas FAQs
What is Booking Ninjas?
Booking Ninjas is the most advanced, all-in-one property management solution available today.
Why should I use Booking Ninjas?
In the year 2020 and beyond, data is everything. Booking Ninjas gives you powerful tools to recruit, retain, and respond to your guests like no legacy HMS solution can. Built by career hotel professionals and skilled data scientists, Booking Ninjas is the smart, easy-to-use answer to that PMS you hate.
What does Booking Ninjas do?
Booking Ninjas is an innovative, cloud-based PMS solution designed to kill that slow, ancient PMS you're stuck with. Hospitality groups, real estate companies, and boutique hotels can all manage their booking engine website, phone systems, point-of-sale, OTA/GDS booking channel integrations, and financial transactions all from one place, anywhere in the world, even by mobile device. It uses the vast library of Salesforce integrations to help you build custom property management software for your business. Backed by a constantly adapting, machine learning Einstein property management AI, Booking Ninjas is built for the future.
Is it expensive to use Booking Ninjas?
It's more expensive not to use Booking Ninjas! Pricing depends on several factors depending on the amount of rooms, users, or POS terminals. Our AI Booking Engine can learn from your business data to create custom pricing. The time saved from system hassles and lost bookings will make switching to Booking Ninjas pay for itself.
Our PMS customer service sucks. How is Booking Ninjas any different?
The #1 complaint of hoteliers with their current PMS is customer service – there is none. Customer Success is our top priority. This property management solution is so powerful, we are dedicated to giving you the training and support you need to make the most of it. From an online resource center to one-on-one customer support, you never have to worry about abandoned help tickets or unsolved problems with Booking Ninjas.
How do I get started?
Start the process with a discovery call to see how Booking Ninjas best works for you. Click the button below to make an appointment – and step into the future.