Reservations Management System

Reservations Management System

All-Inclusive Reservations Management System To Organize And Monitor Guest Onboardings

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Booking Ninjas Reservations Management System is ideal for different hospitality businesses needing reservations

Up Your Reservations Management With Our Check-in Front Desk Feature

  • You can still set your own rates manually, but the beauty of Booking Ninjas’ RRC lies in how it reduces manual work and increases efficiency through its intelligent automated system.
  • The value for you is that less time can be spent on menial tasks such as data entry — so you can allocate manpower smartly to more important tasks.

Easy Room Switch

  • Frontdesk staff can easily switch rooms with just a click before or after check-in.
  • Supports cancellation of room enabling guests to easily reschedule stay date, extend or reduce stay periods.

Availability Hour Grid

  • Visually manage room availability. See what rooms are available at what times of the day and drag & drop your availability planning in an easy and visual way.

Owner Portal

  • Enables the owner to see revenue reports and how spending is accumulated.
  • Allows owner to book his own stay and block dates for personal use/event, etc.

Supports Group Booking

  • Speedily assign rooms to members of a group. Save time and effort and redirect energy to other pressing issues.
  • Allows for a combined invoice from the group into the master payment account.
  • Enables easy check-in management to help large bookings efficiently sorted out.

Guest Portal

  • Easy ordering of housekeeping, order add-ons and review.
  • Supports change of payment methods and viewing of purchase history.
  • Get clear reservation details, restaurant reservations, add/change payment method, extend the stay, cleaning request, etc.
  • Increase guest experience in multiple ways and reduce the time needed to support guests.

Our Analytics Feature Keeps Your Numbers In Sync

  • Gather, organize, and display your important information in a very easy and simple to understand format.
  • Get insights into your guests' demographics and spending habits and understand your business peak periods.
  • These insights can be used to change your business strategies, and to make great decisions regarding advertisements and the likes.


  • Easily generate periodic invoices for transactions using our billing feature.
  • This helps with bookkeeping for your business.

Split Bill Features

  • Authorize, charge, connect with Payment Gateway
  • Split invoices for guests between business & personal trips, or for whatever reason.
  • Payment integration with payment gateway
  • Enables currency conversion and sets default currency per location for each invoice.

Integrated POS System

  • This helps to facilitate payment for rooms, facilities and add-ons, restaurant orders, and much more. Guests pay bills easily and you make more revenue with the simplified process.

See Your Reservations Management From A Wide View

  • Manage the administrative arm of your bookings with a wide overview of all reservations made on your property. This helps you handle and process bookings data efficiently.
  • Hidden under layers of data is a gold mine of patterns, reflecting past performances and future opportunities.

Effectively Manage Events and Programmes for Smooth Operations

Event Managements

  • Manage event reservations & schedules with our Reservations Management System.

Venue Management

  • The system allows you to set up your available venue spaces and track multiple event reservations simultaneously whilst also taking payments from the organizers.

Simplify Your Operations & Grow Your Revenue with Booking Ninjas

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