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Bookingninjas Property Management System

Digital Property Management for Student Housing

An excellent system for providers of student housing.

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The right system for the job

With our on-demand features and streamlined model of implementation, we are certain of beneficial results from using the Booking Ninjas system. Time to get rid of digital waste and make free time for more important tasks.

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Our system works perfectly for:

Student Housing providers

Property management organizations

Workspace on Bookingninjas Property Management System

Top Executives prefer Booking Ninjas

We pitched to several veterans in the industry and they preferred Booking Ninjas in student housing digital management.

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We cover everything you need

Hosted on one of the most secure and flexible platforms ever made, Salesforce – we cut down waste of digital resources and give you the exact feature you want: a learn-on-first-sight platform that serves the intended purpose.

The Best Fit for Your Business

The Booking Ninjas system is designed to help you get to your business goals without the setbacks familiar in most management systems. We offer high-end tools to provide a seamless management process for the staff, and a platform to provide exceptional customer service to your guests.

We are all about productivity, customer experience, and user benefits. That’s why we offer highly useful packages as part of our core implementation process. Our developers and customization platform helps you include specific packages and remove currently unwanted ones. In other words, you will get exactly what you are looking for, and better.

We engage in business internationally. From North America to Europe and Asia, we are keen on delivering absolute excellence.

Bookingninjas Property Management System

3-point steps to get started

Get in Touch

To begin, simply schedule a brief intro call here. Our support team will be in touch at your desired date and time to answer all your questions and address any concerns you may have about our Property Management System. Ready now? Call (917) 600-2345 to expedite the process.

Import Your Data

Our support team will assist you in transferring your hotel’s data into the application. Data migration takes just a few clicks.

Launch for Success

It’s time to launch. We will be with you every step of the way, from initial launch to progress monitoring.
Student housing on Bookingninjas Property Management System

We have packages starting at just


Inquire now. Depending on your situation, you may be eligible for bundle discounts. Click here for pricing info.