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May 13 12:00 PM AST

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How to Improve Guest Satisfaction in your Hotel post-COVID

Guest satisfaction has become a very important factor in customer acquisition and retention. Here, we discuss at length the new standards of guest satisfaction and measures that could be adopted to provide such services.

At Booking Ninjas, we believe there is a direct relationship between guest satisfaction and revenue increase. There are tools, practices, and resources to use that will ensure you provide the best value for your guests and the webinar explores these tools broadly.

This webinar will feature talks, slideshows, interviews, text resources and many more. We would love for you to get a lot of value from this so please ask any questions you might have.

Jun 01 01:00 PM AST

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Property Management; the smart way

From our past experience in property management to researching current trends in the industry, we have noticed how some property managers (hotels, vacation resorts, hostels, etc) stick to old, traditional methods of management, while others are in full speed of innovation.

This webinar discusses in detail the path innovation has taken in the industry, as well as how and why you should adopt such changes. Simple as they may sound, taking persistent action is key. That’s what the webinar is all about.

Let us know what you think via email, and look forward to more episodes from this webinar series.

09:00 AM AST

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Intro to Booking Ninjas

Looking for more details on our cloud-based pms? Every week, our Founder and CEO David Harroch goes live via hangouts to answer all your questions and demonstrate how to use our property management system. Simply fill in the form to the right to sign up for this free webinar. There are no strings attached. These webinars are useful for both existing customers and those of you who are looking to learn more before implementing a cloud-based pms to your property.

These webinars will include demonstrations so you’ll be able to see firsthand the many ways our property software can help improve EVERY aspect of your property business.

If you have any questions you’d like addressed by Dave on a webinar, feel free to send an email to [email protected]

If you’d like to inquire about implementing Booking Ninjas to your property, schedule a call with us.

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We hope to see all of you soon!