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Automated Parking Management System

Smart Parking Solution That Maximizes Your Parking Capacity & Revenues

What’s our system all about?

Have you ever had to enter a building then get delayed because the man at the gate had to do something else? Or you’ve had to join a long queue of cars at the gate for payment to be made, on a day when you are so late for a meeting? That feeling of frustration that you felt? That’s what a parking management system can eradicate.

For companies, communities, and estates, which require several parking protocols, it is usually not an easy task to manage, especially when it involves hundreds of cars too. Dozens of vehicles try to make their way through within minutes, leaving a lot of work and responsibilities on the human parking manager available. Even worse, it leaves workers or people trying to access the building in frustration and exasperation. That is one reason why getting a parking management system is one of the best decisions a company can make. It covers that area.

What about buildings with only hardware that controls the payment and access into the building? Have you been there on a day when it’s faulty or very slow? It’s usually no different from the manual “man on guard” system too, and that is just another reason to pick a car parking management system.

Here comes the Booking Ninjas system

The Booking Ninjas Parking System is specially designed for owners of parking facilities. It focuses on helping individuals manage their parking procedures. For this purpose, it has automated gates that control entry, ticketing system which has autonomy, and a number of other features or add on. It has been created to tackle the dysfunctional system that comes with the traditional parking style. Without working on space and solely with the software, the parking capacity of companies can improve tremendously too.

Not only is our parking management system about the parking, but it also has to do with the payment, checks, tickets, and peripherals that accompanies parking such as the usage of the parking lot and the provision of parking space information to drivers.

Majorly, it is electronically operated which makes its efficiency a lot higher than that of the average human. The parking management system is of different types, and companies have to choose based on the building’s structure, the office policies, and the need of the general populace who will make use of the parking management system. And unlike the others, it doesn’t require a lot of human effort; instead, the user relies on their smartphones to help with necessary information.

Why You need Booking Ninjas for your Parking Management

Using the Booking Ninjas system for parking management is one of the best decisions that an organization can make. This is because of the many benefits that come with it. Not only does it take out inefficiency on the part of the human worker, but it also helps to improve the user’s experience when it comes to parking and utilizes the parking space available for parking.

Using our modern parking management system, which relies on software and smartphones, makes it very easy to access a lot of things—still considering why you should opt for the parking management system? You should know it helps to improve access to parking spaces while monitoring them adequately.

Also, it improves efficiency, saves time, saves energy, and makes collation of reports very easy when compared to the manual or hardware only type of system. The things which delay at gates or in parking spaces simply do not exist in the case of the modern type of parking management system which makes use of the software.

Additionally, it also makes the sourcing for information process easier for users as they have to attend to themselves. For each user who seeks to find information that will make their parking easier, it has this information and readily provides it. No longer do users or drivers have to spend time waiting on the manger to have their problems solved.

With all of the features available, our smart parking management system improves and secures the parking experience, making it top-notch! It is important to remember that it optimizes parking spaces without the need to expand the space itself.

What we feature in our Parking Management System

Parking Guidance System or Parking Space Management. This is a feature of the car park management system that helps the organization maintain its parking space. No longer do visitors or users have to fight, block, or hit one another when the software is in place. With ease, everyone can get information about the right place to park, and the available space is utilized maximally.

Parking payment system or Automated Ticketing. Another essential feature that you’ll find available on the automated parking management system is the option that allows users to pay without hassle. The stress of having to queue for payment before parking or entering is removed as each individual get to pay easily on their own. The dispensing machine simply dispenses any tickets issued. This, they do as a result of the program which has been given to them.

Maps Integration. Other than helping with the parking protocols, the intelligent parking management system also helps with map management as it directs and guides users. You don’t have to worry about having to go through the stress of finding a parking space when you can easily make use of your Smartphone’s software for mapping.

Information and Support. Got questions on the parking or would like to make a reservation? You have that option too. You don’t have to go through stress to have our questions answered as you can quickly type them in, check through the FAQs or call available numbers. This is a support feature that makes the experience of using the system quite unique.

Statistical Report Features. It is not only the users that can gain the advantage of using the system, but also the park managers. For them, statistics is vital, and an essential component they work with. The software has features to support this as it can give them the number of vehicles that were able to access a place at a particular time, the pricing, and a lot of other figures, which may be crucial to management and planning.

Personalized information. Not only does the automatic parking management system provide information, but it also ensures that the information and guide provided are personalized. This is because it is able to recognize each vehicle as a separate entity connected to a smartphone. There, you get to have your questions answered for you and made to fit what you require.

Linked Recognition Integration. The man at the gate would not usually remember all vehicles that have passed through that day, right? Well, for the parking system, it can not only recognize the vehicles but can also link them to owners, plate numbers, and Smartphone accounts. This is a major security component.

Reservations and Barriers. This is a type of component present in the system which helps with the controlling and regulation of the vehicles with access to a particular place. This feature also helps with reservation, but more importantly, it’s for security.

Surveillance. Another of the very many features present in the best parking management system is surveillance. When approved by the company or organization, it can be used to monitor the movement of vehicles to and from the building and parking space.

Security Analysis. When needed, the security analysis feature also comes to play. This, of course, is of it is added and activated for use. This feature helps to analyze situations and then recommend the best type of solutions for them. In the end, the goal of this is to have a secured parking facility.

How does our parking management system work?

The parking management system works using all of the features listed above. It tries to integrate them as one, usually based on the request of the park managers. This way, it connects the user from the time they turn on their map on their phone, till the time they can park safely and leave the premises.

The map can be used to check for parking space, and then the automated entry option, the parking guidance as well as the linked recognition are all used. Finally, all this information to the one-by-one counting of the vehicles is delivered to the manager when required for official purposes.

What you get from the Booking Ninjas Parking Management System

Improved Customer Service. A company with our parking management system can serve its customers, clients, and workers better. This is because they can reduce the magnitude of stress that comes into parking. Visitors no longer have to worry about driving around to look for space. They get to save petrol and even reduce pollution as there is provision for a place to drive into once the vehicles enter into the buildings.

Security. One of the significant advantages of a parking management system is that it provides security. There is a barrier and reservation feature that controls the vehicles which have access to a place. This way, it can lock out some at certain times, if programmed to do so. There’s also a surveillance camera (CCTV) which monitors vehicles and can even be used for reference, in the case that there’s a need.

Efficiency. The parking management system doesn’t rely on a man to do the job; instead, it deals with software and smartphones, which are less likely to make mistakes. The man at the gate deals with a lot of people at once; he can get tired and even can become ill or absent from work. On the other hand, automated software always works as long as you have your phone on, which is quite often. You get to decide how you want to pay or what you want to do precisely. As a result, the level of efficiency increases, and you get to deal with parking protocols without issues.

Faster processes. Our car park control system is ahead of its time. Having to stand at the gate and wait for the human guard to finish dealing with one person before going ahead can be daunting and time-wasting? So what if you could handle your parking protocols yourself and be the determinant of when you enter the building without delay? One of the advantages of a parking management system is that you can do this very quickly. Employees can avoid the long queue at the gate every morning and go right ahead to enter the building or make use of the parking space on their own.

Information. When the man at the gate is busy, who do you ask questions on the parking protocols? Or in the case of the hardware system, do you talk to the machines? For the modern parking management system, which makes use of software, you can ask various questions through your phone. Questions on spaces, occupancy, overstay, or illegal parking? They can all be answered from wherever you are. Our car park management solutions give you the best experience you deserve.

Reports. The modern software-oriented type of parking management system also involves reporting. Not only does it make things easier for users, but managers also enjoy a fair share of having workload reduced for them when it comes to monitoring and managing parking spaces. They receive reports on the vehicles in the building, as well as the time of access. The need for paper and pencil way of recording is no longer necessary, and things are automated. There’s even the option of one-on-one counting of vehicles.

Decrease in Cost. Installing the parking management system incurs a one-time cost. But when you have to deal with other systems, there is the need to pay or fund regularly. An organization that opts for this system is one that is sure to have its costs reduced, compared to others.

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