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Modernize Your Property Management
To Increase Efficiency & Revenue

This is why you struggle with your legacy Property Management System:

Modernize Your Property Management
  • You encounter difficulty making personalized decisions for your business because of the chaos of managing your customer data from anywhere and anytime.
  • You often get lost in between meetings, manually calculating fees, payments and all other accounting needs.
  • You are always struggling to send individual emails to both staff and customers on routine issues.
  • You encounter minor changes that can’t be made on your own.
  • You’re always receiving and handling payments manually. Making your calculations is not always accurate.
  • The sight of too many spreadsheets scares the daylight out of you.
    This alone makes it so difficult to keep tabs.
  • You struggle with communicating constantly with everyone on your business radar.
  • You do not have a unification of data between POS and other systems in one centralized zone.
  • You have no accurate data for your business. This only means one thing. You’re constantly making the wrong moves with the wrong decisions.
You see, your business is suffering!
So, what to do, you may be asking.
We know exactly what to do.

Booking Ninjas PMS is built to solve all these and much more!

We know you may be a tad tired of trying out PMS solutions that best fits your business.

The one that gets you so well. The one that reduces time spent on labour. The one that automates your experience and makes life easy for you.

You see, we’ve done great research with property owners and managers and the recurring decimal is cost, complexity and difficulty in navigating PMS systems.

This is why we are different. Booking Ninjas PMS is not your legacy PMS system. If you come on board, we offer you amazing:

  • All-in-one solution in a single platform that saves you time and money.
  • Cloud-based that helps you access your system and data from anywhere and anytime.
  • Helps you save time and money because you’re not losing sleep trying to navigate the system with too many technicalities.
  • Tailor-made bespoke features for you because we understand that just like twins, every business may be similar but is definitely unique and has its own unique needs.
  • Guarantee efficiency and revenue increase for businesses.

Our PMS breaks down the silos between multiple systems into a unified single system enabling automatic data collection of your properties. With this, you enjoy autonomous collation and analysis of previously discarded data. Business runs better this way, isn’t it?

With Booking Ninjas PMS built on Salesforce which sees scaling with you, it is very much extensible through app exchange and helps simplify business operations to the nearest minimum. Life is easier when business is done efficiently. Business thrives when you deploy the Booking Ninjas PMS!

Cloud-Based Residential & Commercial Property Management Software In UK

Every country has its own peculiar rules of engagement and the Booking Ninja PMS works with the UK property industry and has incorporated its system with the unique set of leasing, legislative, regulatory and accountancy requirements to meet the UK’s specifications. You need not worry about the government's specifications. We’ve got you covered!

Get your data anytime, anywhere.

Our PMS Serves Both Residential & Commercial Properties in UK

Booking Ninjas PMS is built to accommodate both commercial and residential properties in the UK. This allows for easy filing of VAT for applicable properties.

Booking Ninjas PMS
  • Not all commercial rents in the UK are subject to VAT. Our PMS helps provide adequate information to help you file for the right VAT for your property. This saves you time and effort.
  • We also support flexible VAT setup for your property. Imagine having the burden of tax setup taken away from you? With our very flexible setup system, you relax and focus on other important issues, while the PMS works for you. Literally, you sleep and earn. Cool, right?
  • Our PMS is also GDPR compliant. We are compliant with the law on data protection and privacy and guarantee the security of your data and your tenants.

Core Components of Booking Ninjas Property Management System

Our PMS comes with amazing core components that have been proven to help push your business to enviable heights. These features are integral to the success of your business and with a proven track record by other property owners, we have carefully selected them to suit the integral needs of your business.

Reservation System

Why Our Reservation System is All You Need For Your Business To Thrive!

  • Booking Ninjas PMS is Cloud-Based & Mobile-Friendly, allowing for easy storage of data online. Allow tenants access to your platform with any device.
  • With our PMS, you get real-time status of rooms & reservations made. This allows for easy forecasting and helps you prepare more for your business.
  • We know you relate with a number of people on a daily basis. Using our PMS reservation system, you can keep everyone informed on both major and minor issues. This includes both the staff and guests.
  • The Booking Ninjas command centre for reservation management helps manage all reservations done by guests which helps you extract needed information at your disposal.
Rooms Availability Status Grid

Take Control of Your Property Using Our Rooms Availability Status Grid

Take full ownership of your business by observing all rooms and reservations available.

  • Booking Ninjas PMS comes with Availability Hour Grid (AHG) to Improve Resource Planning and allocation.
  • Gives you complete oversight of all rooms and reservations on one platform. This helps you understand your bookings and reservations.
  • You can proactively look out for the current and future availability of rooms and reservations to plan ahead. Planning ahead gives you premium time to make forecasts on your business and meet needs effectively.
  • Using our graphical interface, you can easily change, assign or move rooms by dragging and dropping.

Increase Your Revenue With Our Room Rate Controller (RRC)

Increase your yield and revenue with our Room Rate Controller (RRC) module.

Our integrated AI-Based Yield Management Pricing System save time and manual labour by automatically setting the price of your rooms using various metrics. This relieves you of the stress and time required to manually monitor trends and input real prices on your rooms. You know what they say. Time saved is money gained!

Room Rate Controller (RRC)
  • The RRC also identifies the best revenue sources from your property and this helps you know where to intensify efforts.
  • You can also set room rates manually and automatically while sending out mass updates to your booking channels and booking engine. This ensures you have absolute control of your room rates. Both now, and tomorrow.
  • The Booking Ninja PMS also helps you manage all price-related issues ranging from rate restrictions, daily pricing changes to monthly, hourly and minute pricing.
  • Helps you stay fully connected to external sites like or Agoda as it eliminates the stress of multiple logins and manual labour.
  • You can set up pricing rules based on occupancy levels in your property and other rule-based pricing strategies using the RRC.
  • The auto pricing function is fully connected with the Booking Engine that makes for a simplified booking experience for you and your guests.
Reputation Management System

Reputation Management System

Our PMS allows you to connect to third-party review platforms such as Feefo which provides customers with trusted feedback. This helps in managing your reputation and responding to reviews in a breeze.

Property Management Accounting Software

Stress-Free Bookkeeping With Our Property Management Accounting Software Tailored For UK

Booking Ninjas’ PMS completely understands your worries over the challenges of managing much more operational and financial aspects of your business that are all time-consuming. With our software, go to sleep rest assured that your finances are in good shape.

Our property management accounting software:

  • Handles all finances related to your business while you focus on strategic planning and management.
  • Integrates with other parts of the system for automatic transactions entry, making for seamless delivery of value.
  • Because it is automatic, it is more efficient, requiring no manual entries. (double entries).
  • We support payment integration like:
    • 3C Payment integration
    • PXP Financial integration
  • Our PMS also supports VAT/Tax rules in UK
Reporting and Analytics Tools

Make Smart Data-Driven Decisions Using Our Reporting and Analytics Tools

Every 21st Century business understands the place of data in this tech-savvy generation. With Booking Ninjas PMS, enjoy healthier revenues using our Al-powered data analytics system that provides enviable insights into your business. These insights help you make credible decisions that stand the test of time.

  • Auto collect data from various parts of your system (reservation, payment, new/old guests, and more)
  • Enable Data visualization for easy and insightful understanding.
  • Easy-to-digest graphs to visualize and understand important business insights and make better data-driven decisions.
  • Customized report tailor-made to your business unique requirements.

Extend The Capabilities Of Your PMS With Salesforce Appexchange

Salesforce App Exchange

Booking Ninjas PMS enables you to optimize your workflow using add-ons in anticipation of scaling up your business or as the need arises.

With our fully integrated system on Salesforce, you can choose from the many add-ons available on the Salesforce Appexchange. This makes for a fast and easy extension of features, helping you meet the new demands easily.

This is your opportunity to invest in a future-proof system that saves you time and money as against a legacy PMS slows you down. When you think about future-bound PMS, think smart and intelligence wrapped in one platform! Think Booking Ninja PMS.

Mobile App Mobile App

Mobile App For You, Your Staff and Guests

Our PMS comes with a mobile app that allows you to control what happens in the backend efficiently and conveniently. It also has multiple modes with the right controls and functions for your staff, housekeepers, and your guests.

For You

Be updated with real-time information in a click.

See immediate data about the management company you’ve hired, stay on top of occupancy rates, guest profiles, and other key property performance information.

That’s not all. Book or reserve dates for your own personal use and approve work order expenses.

For Your Staff

Your staff will find the app is fully synced with the central PMS system and easily navigate it. This helps them become more efficient with their work.

  • manage cleaning scheduling
  • see property management tasks list
  • Self-manage their tasks
  • fully synced with the main central PMS system
  • avoid inefficiency

For Guests

The app is built to help make the guests’ experience a delightful one.

  • Payment of Bills
  • View Agreements
  • Edit Reservations.
  • Online Order
  • Reward Points
  • Update Payment Information
  • Book Amenities or Add ons

Built For Various Types Of Property

Booking Ninjas is a unique PMS as it is for everyone in the hospitality space. From big players to the greenhorns, our system is built to cater exclusively to your business needs.

You see, all types of property management teams can benefit from Booking Ninja’s advanced PMS. Here’s a list of the various property types we provide solutions to:

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