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By: Gjermund DamgaardGjermund Damgaard
  15 May 2020

Improve Your Property's Management, Operation & Revenue With Booking Ninjas Property Management System

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Why Booking Ninjas Has the Advantage Over Top PMS Competitors

Property management software is a saturated market. With hundreds of PMS companies to choose from, hoteliers and property managers find choosing the right PMS for their property a daunting task. Ultimately, the goal for your property management system is to put smiles on the faces of your guests, tenants, and employees. To do that, you need the right software for this mission - technology that juggles a diverse set of capabilities seamlessly. Today’s users also expect their property management systems to be cloud and mobile accessible, AI infused, and to run without friction.

Comparing Popular Property Management Software 

For the purpose of this blog, we’ll focus on 11 categories to consider when choosing what property software to implement to your hospitality business. These categories are affordable pricing structure, integration capabilities, ease of use, responsive customer support, ease of installation, clear user interface, available training options, artificial intelligence capabilities, cloud infrastructure, mobile apps, and all in one capabilities.

The industry leader in the property management software industry for the past several years has been Opera, the PMS created by Oracle. However, it’s position as such may be falling soon. Let’s dig deeper. Despite being the biggest name on the PMS market, Opera earned a measly one star rating from over 50 reviewers on Hotel Tech Report, an industry leading publication. This primarily has to do with its poor quality tech-support and outdated design and functionality. This is a common problem in the contemporary property management market. A reason for this could be that Oracle is so well known for its own database and enterprise products that Opera is likely a lower priority product for the company. They’ve been able to coast leeching off the Oracle name. 

But times are changing. Users today want their PMS systems to be the equivalent of a Swiss Army knife. Some functionality that may have been considered advanced in the past are now expected such as rent collection, payment processing, and reservation management features. Users also expect repair and maintenance service monitoring, mortgage and utility payments, plus a variety of accounting and reporting capabilities. On top of this, the right solution also needs to fill base level expectations of being intuitive, user-friendly, affordable, and device agnostic. Simply put, a proper PMS needs to check all the boxes.

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The problem with Opera is that it has failed to adapt to the technological revolution. So let’s look at a new digital solution such as Mews. Mews generally scores high across hotel software review sites. However, it’s newness might work against it as customers noted a lack of integration capabilities and a struggle to keep up with constant updates. 

The Booking Ninjas Difference 

So what’s missing from these companies? The answer: a platform that has technological capabilities that far surpass any other property software platform. That platform is Salesforce. This is where Booking Ninjas has an advantage over every other software company. The Booking Ninjas software is the only Salesforce property management system in the marketplace, which means it has the ability to manage data on one of the most powerful technical platforms available. Due to its partnership with Salesforce, it has access to the newest platform updates first and uses it to innovate the customer experience. The software is also able to leverage Salesforce’s Einstein AI to provide the best customer insight possible.

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The Miami-based PMS company includes all the features we’ve spoken about earlier and many more. It is no exaggeration to say that Booking Ninjas has the capability to improve every department of your property business. This is because their technology is fully adaptable to any use case your company may need fulfilled. 

With the backing of the best digital solution finder in the world, Booking Ninjas is the property management software of the present and future.

Improve Your Property's Management, Operation & Revenue With Booking Ninjas Property Management System

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