Harga Pemesanan Ninjas: Sederhana, Transparan, Efektif

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  • Monthly
  • Annualy -20%
  • Ekstra Small

    5-50 units
  • Small

    50-100 units
  • Medium (ID)

    100-300 units
  • Large

    300-600 units
  • Extra Large

    600-1500 units
  • Enterprise

    2500+ units

Ekstra Small

5-50 Units


per month



One-Time Implementation Fee

  • Manajemen Tamu
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    Dapatkan kontrol penuh dalam mengatur tamu anda dengan memanfaatkan aplikasi mobile dan desktop kami..
  • Manajemen Reservasi
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    Hemat biaya operasional dengan mendigitalkan kalender reservasi untuk pemesanan online real-time..
  • Manajemen Housekeeping
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    Mengawasi pegawai, memberi tugas dan ceklis lainnya dari mana saja..
  • Manajemen Pengguna
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    Hemat uang untuk pembelian lisensi perangkat lunak dengan mendapatkan akses pengguna multiple, kontrol total, dan integrasi seluruh bisnis anda..
  • Manajemen Inventaris
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    Selalu miliki inventaris pada tempatnya dengan pelacakan inventaris otomatis di berbagai saluran dan perangkat..
  • Kisi Jam Ketersediaan
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    Tingkatkan efisiensi dengan mengatur ketersediaan ruangan dengan sistem antarmuka yang handal dan dinamis..
  • Faktur dan Pembayaran API
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    Membuat, mengirim faktur dan menerima pembayaran dengan mudah tanpa khawatir dengan pembukuan manual..
  • Laporan
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    Awasi statistik bisnis secara online, mengumpulkan dan menganalisis data yang akan digunakan untuk mengembangkan perkiraan, rencana pemasaran, dan melacak kemajuan bisnis dengan teknologi terbaru..
  • Aplikasi Mobile
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    Dapatkan semua pemberitahuan online aplikasi booking ninjas mobile yang tersedia di android maupun ios..
  • Fitur Add-On
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    Dapatkan ekstensi ke dalam fitur utama booking ninjas yang dapat disesuaikan dengan kebutuhan bisnismu..

Training & Support

Onboarding Calls

To ensure a smooth and seamless transition into our PMS, we have curated a quick onboarding process for you through onboarding calls and how-to guides. Our support calls are always available even after your onboarding process.

Data Migration

We move all your data, applications and all important business elements from your current on-premise data center to the cloud. This process reduces media and storage costs with significant improvements in ROI and so much more.

Requirement Analysis

We work with you to identify and categorize your PMS system needs and requirements. This process ensures we have a shared vision and lays a foundation of progress for our collaboration.

Other Customizations

Need some extra customization that’s not yet included in your package? No worries. Once you let our support team know, we’re equipped with all the latest technology we need to create an even more customized instance for you.

Add-on Feature

Booking Engine

Maximize reservations and provide a simple booking process to your customers. Customized to suit your property flow with full website migration on Salesforce Lightning as well as built-in SEO optimization features.

Channel Manager

List and manage your inventory on a variety of booking channels and OTAs. Always stay automatically updated on the availability of your properties and services.

Data Analytics

Collect and interpret meaningful patterns in data with advanced Salesforce Lightning technology.


Manage all your financial interactions in one central unit. Our POS system allows your business to accept payments from customers and keep track of sales effortlessly.

Cash Register

Transact sales from different POS terminals and run your business in the cloud from any device.


Provide single access points to a select group whether employees, guests, or exclusive members. Offer exclusivity and privacy to select members.

Email App

Lightning speed, advanced security, and proper management of sending and receiving emails in batches.

Membership Module

Create exclusive access to special offers and sections of your business website available to members only. Create customized customer's journey.

Esign (Additional Api's)

Send and sign agreements from anywhere from the comfort of your devices.

Communications (paid by usage)

Outsource your communications tasks from content creation, web, and graphic design, social media management, and more to our team of communications experts.

The Payment Process

  • Place your order and pay a 30% deposit of the implementation (POC) fee to kickstart the process.

  • Once the initial deposit is received, our implementation team will contact you within 24hrs to review the implementation process.

The Implementation Process

  • Creation of your instance based on finalized tailor-made specifications as agreed upon.

  • Training of key users on system modalities and polishing of procedures for optimum utilization.

  • Progress updates weekly until POC is complete and you can activate your account for a full subscription.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I cancel my account at any time?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time. To cancel your subscription, you are required to give a 60 days notice.

What type of payments do you accept?

We accept card payments (debit or credit) and mobile payments and electronic bank transfers.

Are there any contracts, setup fees, or hidden fees?

No hidden fees. All fees and prices are listed and our pricing and payment procedure are completely transparent.

What is your refund policy?

At Booking Ninjas we strive to create quality software that you enjoy using for easy management of your business. You have a number of choices and we appreciate you giving us your business.

If at any time during your first month using our service you are dissatisfied, please contact us. We will do our best to address your issue, provide a workaround or give a timeline for a solution that will meet your needs. If you are not satisfied, we will gladly cancel your subscription at the end of that month and downgrade your account.

The annual subscriptions expire at the end of the year and will be canceled if not renewed. We do not offer any refunds, credit, or other compensation at this time.

How long does Implementation take?

The implementation procedure will take a maximum of 3 to 8 weeks.


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