Integrated Multifamily Property Management Software with Automation Solution
  • Booking Ninjas provides solutions that instantly engage and nurture renters with a human-like touch, enabling you to do more with less.
  • Centralize and automate your business operations and build community engagement through a platform that better connects with the multifamily landscape.
  • Our AI-powered solution offers robust features, including leasing and marketing tools, maintenance and operations, communication and service, accounting, and reporting—ideal for small, medium-sized, and large-scale enterprises

Centralizing Communication for Multifamily Property Management Platform with Tenant Management System

  • Attract new residents with a user-friendly website, simplify qualification, leasing, and payments through a digital-first process, and keep residents in the know with an intuitive online portal.
  • Communicate with vendors, owners, or residents instantly, 1 to 1, or in bulk through SMS or Booking Ninjas’ announcements feature.
  • Empowers managers to deliver the seamless experience users expect throughout the resident lifecycle.
  • Our marketing suite offers the tools needed to deliver a superior brand experience as you reach, engage, and convert prospects into renters.
  • Give tenants and owners 24/7 access to information on any device with our powerful Tenant and Owner Portals designed to improve visibility and communication.
  • Maximize revenue without adding risk by knowing who’s who and how to calculate risk. Our advanced tenant screening software with next-generation Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology puts the knowledge and pricing power into your hands.

Marketing & Lease Management Software Tools for Multifamily Properties Simplifies Leasing Process

  • Optimize occupancy with seamless online property management marketing and leasing software. Maintain a healthy leasing pipeline with Booking Ninjas' modern marketing tools. Our frictionless prospect and resident experiences help you fill vacancies and keep revenue predictable, all while delighting your customers.
  • Make lease signing and deposit collection painless. Say goodbye to manually managing finances, thanks to our intuitive tools that let renters sign leases and pay deposits online. It’s the kind of convenient experience that helps transform prospects into renters.
  • Increase occupancy with advanced digital marketing, flexible showing options, and a fully integrated lead-to-lease process.

Maintenance Management System Tracks Progress of Requests Efficiently

  • Streamline your operations and make maintenance simple, increasing your property’s value and improving resident satisfaction.
  • Residents, owners, or employees can submit work orders and attach videos, documents, and images. Get status updates from your phone, tablet, or desktop.
  • Tenants submit maintenance requests through the Booking Ninjas Tenant app. Categorize, prioritize & send status updates for all maintenance requests through the tenant app online.
  • Securely store and share important files such as lease agreements, photos, and other documents with your renters and owners.
  • Send tenants a link to complete an online move-in report. Evaluations are synced to the desktop and published to owner and tenant portals.
  • Create work orders from the inspection, make side-by-side comparisons of a tenant’s past assessments, and share file reports with owners and tenants

Rent Management System Speeds Up Rent Payment and Collection

  • Tracking down and processing rent payments could be a job on its own. With Booking Ninjas’ Rent Management features, you can collect rent in your sleep with flexible options your residents can access from anywhere and anytime to pay their rent on time.
  • Speed up the leasing process by sending online applications that can be completed and submitted from anywhere, on any device.
  • Ensures that you can easily collect rent online without any hidden fees. We offer customizable payment options for both landlords and tenants. Never pay any fees for additional units or tenants.
  • Collect mobile payments on time with auto-pay for tenants. Accept cash, credit, debit, ACH, or ACH-only payment options.
  • Keep your bookkeeping complete and accurate. Track every payment, manage accounts payable and reconcile bank accounts automatically.

Vendor Management Solution Helps Multifamily to Monitor Performance

  • Vendor bills and expenses can be tracked and paid within Booking Ninjas, so you’ll never need to enter data twice. You can even track inventory, renovations, or replacement reserves at the line item level.
  • AI Screening offers Risk Advisory Services to help you optimize your risk thresholds and provide regular performance reporting and benchmarking within your portfolio and against your peers.
  • Performance Platform provides the insights your multifamily business needs to improve its marketing effectiveness and monitor employee performance.
  • Take control of your business and confidently make strategic decisions with real-time data visualizations. Cut down on time spent compiling data and access the insights you need to drive your business.

Our Multifamily Property Management System Pricing

Our Multifamily property management system packages start at $150 / unit/ month!


Why Booking Ninja is the Best Property Management Software with Multifamily Capabilities

When you choose Booking Ninjas for your Multifamily property management software, here’s what you’re getting:

  • An all-in-one solution saves you a lot of time, allowing you can focus on revenue generation.
  • Operational Consistency and Continuous Improvement.
  • Free Employee Communications and Onboarding.
  • Cloud-based and mobile-friendly application so you can access the system and data anywhere and everywhere.
  • A solution natively built on Salesforce.
  • You save time, effort, and headaches because the system is easy to learn, use and control.
  • Customizable to fit your personalized Multifamily property-specific needs.

Integrated & Centralised Accounting Custom-Built for Property Management Reduces Financial Management Errors

  • Using AI technology, Booking Ninjas helps you spend less time on manual entry by providing an integrated accounting suite that assists with processing so you can pay bills more efficiently.
  • Enjoy a comprehensive accounting system that allows you to work in an easy-to-use system that is more informative, consistent, and accurate than manual spreadsheets.
  • Save time and money with efficient, well-structured property management accounting software, intuitively designed with accountants in mind.

Personalized Reporting and Analytics Software Tool Ensures Accurate Data

  • Access meaningful analytics in real-time that easily measure your marketing effectiveness and employee performance.
  • Accessing and interpreting your data is essential to running your business. Booking Ninjas offers an extensive collection of reports for even the most diverse portfolios.
  • Now, your team can assemble reports effortlessly and save time spent pulling data from disparate sources.
  • Reporting and business intelligence bring all your data together, so you can efficiently identify trends and make business decisions.

FAQ for Our Best Property Management Software for Multifamily Buildings

What is a multifamily property management system?

Multifamily Property management software helps property managers, owners, and landlords simplify and automate their day-to-day tasks and streamline building operations.

Multifamily PMS helps you organize your rental properties, Manage rent rolls and finances, store account information, and more.

What does multifamily industry mean?

The multifamily market is a broad term referring to the residential real estate industry; it consists of both rental and for-sale apartments.

The United States has over 170 million households and 800,000 apartment complexes in this asset class.

Why should you use property management software for multifamily buildings?

You should invest in property management software because it helps you manage your business better.

The top five benefits of using property management software include:

  • Improve resident retention rates.
  • Automate processes to save time.
  • Keep all your property’s records and accounts in one place.
  • Easier accounting and finance management.
  • Integrations with other proptech.

How does multifamily property management software work?

Multifamily property management software is often a subscription-based service. As such, you pay for it monthly or annually. Upon subscribing, you can access all the tools the software offers.

To get started with our Multifamily PMS, schedule a Meeting with us. We will contact you at your requested date and time.

How to choose the right property management software?

When choosing a PMS, firstly, it’s essential to establish what you need from your property management software.

  • What do you want the software to do for your company?
  • Do you need lease management, automation for maintenance and repairs tasks, effective tenant communications, or double-entry accounting?

You should try a demo of your potential PMS before investing in them.

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