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We have been hearing some feedback and good stories from our current clients. While they have been helpful in letting us know the quality of our system in the hands of real users, we believe it’s better if word gets out there about our system. On real review sites.

It’s a really good way for other people who are still considering Booking Ninjas to know what to expect when implementing our system. It’s a step in the right direction, and we’d love if we could get everyone on board.

Where you can leave reviews

You can leave a review in one of the platforms listed below. Click on your platform of choice to see how you can leave a review there.

Need help in creating a review?

We have a simple system for you. You can write a review based on your answers to the questions below, or you can copy our ready-made review template at the bottom of this page.

Questions to guide you

  • What made you want to try out Booking Ninjas?
  • What was your first-time experience with our system?
  • What did you plan to achieve with our system? Was it a success?
  • What were your likes/dislikes?
  • How did you use the system, specifically?
  • Would you recommend our system to a friend?

Sample Review

Based on the questions above, here’s a sample review you can use. You can choose between the long and the short version.

Long Version

I heard about Booking Ninjas _______ (from a colleague, the internet, etc), and based on the system’s features, it sounded like a good fit for my business and I decided to try it out.

The system was easy to navigate, so my first-time experience with it was quite impressive. I went through all the features and filled them with demo data to see how they work. My plan for implementing the Booking Ninjas system was to effectively transform our system of operations and move further in the digital direction. It was a success.

I like that the system was easy to use, with self-explanatory features that reduced the need to call their customer service all the time. And whenever I call, I get impressive guidance from the customer service representative. It was a good experience overall.

I would definitely recommend Booking Ninjas to a friend. Great job!

Short Version

Booking Ninjas did a great job with their system. It was easy to use and worked perfectly well for the plan I had in mind when purchasing it. I would definitely recommend Booking Ninjas to anyone who asks.

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