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  03 Sep 2020

Improve Your Property's Management, Operation & Revenue With Booking Ninjas Property Management System

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Booking Ninjas Digital Solution for Resorts

Booking Ninjas has certainly impressed, improved, and streamlined businesses in the hospitality industry since we began providing property management software (PMS) to all types of properties in need back in 2016. We have provided the most comprehensive PMS systems to operations teams, regardless of which hospitality business they needed assistance with. Our exclusive partnership with Salesforce has given us a leg up on the competition in terms of the valuable data and insights we provide. We help our users and their customers enjoy an easier and more comprehensive experience by providing them with quality organizational tools.

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In today’s blog, we’re going to delve into the specifics of Booking Ninjas’ PMS for resorts. We’ll explore the obstacles that prevent resorts from maintaining profitability and how using the Booking Ninjas resort management software could benefit any resort or resort chain.

Before we begin, let’s all get on the same page by clarifying the definition of property management system, or PMS for short. A property management system is a software application for the operation of hospitality businesses such as hotels, resorts, country clubs, and commercial or residential rental properties. PMS software operates from a centralized computer system designed to organize, schedule, and perform day-to-day functions and transactions. They are the ultimate organizers for any commercial or residential property aiming to be profitable. Booking Ninjas provides an easy to use and reliable cloud-based property management system to help hospitality businesses stay ahead of changing variables in society. They offer an elaborate and adaptable PMS software that is applicable to both residential and commercial properties.

Different challenges arise based on which types of properties you are trying to manage. PMS software initially launched specifically for hotels. Hotels have been the most frequent users of PMS systems across the entire hospitality industry. Resorts are often made up of hotels and the various other entertainment facilities used to provide comprehensive experiences for their guests. Our resort software is designed to combine our ultra-effective and respected hotel solutions with elements of other hospitality industry PMS to streamline operations for resorts.

Of all the different types of hospitality businesses and properties that Booking Ninjas provides software to, resorts could be considered the most in need of our services. That is because resorts are more complicated than other users. More elements need to be considered. And a larger variety of challenges most definitely present themselves.

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A resort is more than just the hotel or collection of properties used to house visitors. Guests are there to enjoy the specific activity or experience that a resort offers. And more times than not, the experiences are specific to a season. Ski resorts offer skiing along with other related winter sports activities. Meanwhile, a tropical resort offers fun in the sun. One is committed to operations during the months where winter weather permits their guests to partake in what they offer: winter sports. The other is based in a specific location that requires a flight in order to get to. That means a specific time of year when people can get time off work in the majority of cases. The common thread is the season.


With the exception of the initial booking, resorts make a large chunk of their money after guests have arrived at the resort, paying for extras that are not included. This could be food and beverage, additional activities available at the resort, merchandise for sale on-site, or excursions offered in association with resorts. These sales are in constant flux based on total occupancy, the types of guests attending a resort, and many other factors. The dependency on POS can be frightening due to inconsistency.


Depending on the time of year, busy season or not, resorts are often in a position where they must entice customers to book stays with them. Aside from the busy season, this is usually the case. This means no reliability in terms of expected revenue for large portions of the year. This type of uncertainty is what can put resorts out of business.

The above are only a few of the challenges that resorts around the world must confront. And each one of them comes with enormous repercussions that must be accounted for. So how do resorts stay profitable with the odds seemingly stacked against them? The short answer is, by implementing resort management software to streamline their businesses. The more specific and best answer is, by using the most effective PMS system available to them.

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Booking Ninjas provides unparalleled quality and reliability when it comes to our PMS for resorts. We understand that when it comes to a resort management system, operations teams are looking to provide their managers with a large, expansive system that is also extremely flexible and easy to use. And that is exactly what Booking Ninjas delivers with our resort management solutions. We give resorts the tools they need via our cloud-based resort property management software to surpass any obstacles and use the cloud to its fullest potential. The very definition of a property management system, customized for a resort.


Managing resort reservations, front desk operations, housekeeping, maintenance, POS outlets, and pretty much anything else relating to your resort’s operations will be integrated into one system when you use Booking Ninjas’ resort management solutions. It seamlessly integrates multiple systems for a resort management system that is all-inclusive. Payment gateways, channel managers, business Intelligence, revenue management, review management, and more come together via Salesforce for unparalleled efficiency.

Booking Ninjas’ PMS system for resorts will increase functionality exponentially. Daily tasks such as bookings, check-in/ check-out, telephone system integration, point-of-sale (POS) integration, event planning, food/ beverage costing, inventory supply management, and security all become automated, operating through a centralized computer database.

When we say resort PMS systems increase functionality and make the business run smoother, we are referring to all of the previously mentioned tasks that operate under a single software system. But how does that translate to guests and employees? Reduced workload for staff and improved guest experience for customers is the simplest answer. A domino effect of functionality is created within your company’s database. By completing one task, you can rest assured that several other tasks are automatically taken care of as well, which helps employees accomplish much more in a day’s work.

These systems maintain the financial health of your resort by securely storing sensitive payment information for guests and making the booking/reservation process, as well as check-in/check-out, much easier, and more user friendly. They also provide transparency on business operations like maintenance. Employee scheduling, payroll, and operations are organized within a single, secure system. Keeping track of your staff and holding them accountable for their responsibilities is made quite simple.

A lot of the previously mentioned benefits apply to PMS systems in general, but mentioning them first is important because they are also beneficial to any resort. Especially resorts that house their guests at hotels, which are the vital life-blood of revenue for most resorts. Let’s take a look at some of the other benefits specific to resorts that are highly effective, efficient booking ninjas’ PMS for resorts provides.


Booking Ninjas offers you superior flexibility when it comes to customizing your packages to fit guests’ wants and needs. Whether you need to tailor packages to the needs of travel agents, corporations, individual guests, or large groups, our resort software is capable of changing rates, accommodations, specifications, and guest details within a few clicks. It’s easy to use and makes your resort’s customer service top-notch before you even consider guest relations.


The benefits multiply exponentially when you integrate a resort PMS system to a channel manager. The most obvious and important benefit is simplifying your online reservation booking process and making it more effective. A channel manager connects with your resort software to ensure that bookings instantly appear once they have been made via independent booking sites such as Expedia, Priceline, and countless others. The channel manager updates your inventory and rates on all exterior booking sites as well, so the two are seamlessly connected and basically functioning as one. Overbooking or rate discrepancies will never be an issue thanks to updates in real-time, made possible by channel manager integration via booking ninjas’ resort PMS systems.

One major reason behind the popularity of Booking Ninjas’ resort management software is our “Room Rate Controller” (RRC) feature. It is a yield management feature that allows you to frequently update room rates on both the channel manager and booking engine, allowing you and your customers to find the best and most fair rates for your rooms.

Booking Ninjas’ RRC feature will increase your direct bookings by putting the power in your hands. You’ll be able to set your own rules and optimize prices in the most informed manner. Our RRC can use “Einstein Artificial Intelligence” to read your data, so you receive expert analysis suggesting the best price points for your rooms. This feature is specifically effective in combating the previously mentioned challenges of dependence on seasons and inconsistent occupancy rates.

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As we’ve previously covered, the most major of differences between a hotel and a resort is the fact that resorts include several points of sale (POS) outlets, which form a significant part of their revenue. Regardless of what your resort’s ‘hook’ is, sports, shows, restaurants, relaxation, treatments, or a combination of them all, Booking Ninjas’ resort solutions easily integrate them under one roof, for simple tracking, accounting, and improved customer service.

Restaurants, coffee shops, activity centers, spas, gyms, golf courses, equipment rentals, and countless other POS outlets under any given resort’s umbrella have employees of their own. And these employees are all working for the resort, not the specific POS outlet because it is ultimately the resort footing their bills and paying their wages. Our resort management solutions integrate your entire resort staff, regardless of where they are working within your company. Resort PMS systems don’t get any more inclusive than ours. We make sure you get to track an unlimited number of POS systems on a single dashboard. The same could be said for booking reservations at a POS outlet within a resort. Weddings and special events of all kinds are easily bookable and seamlessly integrated into our resort PMS systems in real-time, just as any other reservation would be.


Mobile accessibility demand has never been higher and continues to grow. Therefore, cloud and AI-driven technology stand to increase. Enter Booking Ninjas.

In 2016, Booking Ninjas arrived as an all-in-one solution built with an underlying Salesforce platform. To satisfy the consumers of today, the platform is cloud-hosted, mobile accessible, and equipped with Salesforce’s Einstein AI for real-time data, communication, analysis, and insights.

Check out our Property Management System on Salesforce

Booking Ninjas set out to give resorts a digital advantage. They provide the most comprehensive PMS solutions for resorts available on the market today. By continuing to update their software with the most advanced technology, excellence in innovation is a top priority and a core company value.

Booking Ninjas offers a unique feature that allows you to integrate apps from ‘AppExchange’ and run them directly from the Booking Ninjas platform. So basically, with our platform, you’re constantly evolving with the most advanced technology in the industry and never left with a dated operating system.

With Booking Ninjas’ resort management solutions, you’re dealing with the definition of property management system on the most professional level possible. That’s because all of your resort PMS solutions will be served on one platform. From centralized control to 360-analysis, from AI to high accuracy voice control, from cutting edge integrations to large-scale resort solutions, Booking Ninjas has created the most comprehensive resort PMS systems available on the market.

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One all-encompassing and efficient step toward ensuring more data security for your resort is implementing Booking Ninjas on the Salesforce platform with added security.

The Booking Ninjas Salesforce platform protects your resort’s data from any and all outsiders by using unique identifiers, which are constantly changing because they are based on each user’s sessions. When you Log-In, specific identifiers based on your company and your position are customized to you, which ensures you possess the knowledge and skill set of the person you claim to be. Our resort PMS solutions have the added benefit of our exclusive partnership with Salesforce, which is hosted exclusively in secure server environments that use firewalling and other advanced technology to prevent interference or access from outside intruders.

When it comes to data security, Booking Ninjas combines advanced, built-in protections with multiple layers and levels of options and preference settings to customize a resort’s responses to all data security issues. When dealing with online payments, sensitive information must be exchanged. Rest assured we’ve got you and your customers covered for every possible breaching event.


Booking Ninjas’ resort software is cloud-based, which offers operators the convenience of having your entire resort database at your fingertips at any time, from any place. Simply connect to the Internet and you are good to go.


Last and perhaps most important when it comes to the benefits of a resort PMS solution from Booking Ninjas is the convenience and peace of mind it creates for customers and guests of resorts. Increased protection of sensitive guest information such as credit card numbers, addresses, phone numbers, identification numbers, and other personal details are protected via your resort PMS. Instant booking opportunities offer customers the ability to shop around and compare different rates and packages.

Eliminating fees that used to go to travel agents and connecting guests directly to resorts is a consumer benefit that has become commonplace in the age of technology and the cloud. Booking Ninjas’ resort management software offers this benefit and compounds it by allowing guests to submit detailed preferences in advance of their vacations. Our PMS solutions allow operators advanced organizational tools, which include creating profiles for guests that include their preferences. Resorts will be able to make guests feel like VIPs all the time by being prepared in advance for their arrival with anything they might require.

Implementing a Booking Ninjas system can be done in a matter of clicks. One of the staples of the company is their top-of-the-line data migration process. All you have to do is provide them with your business’ data and their system does the rest; instantly crunching numbers introducing your resort to elite technology and analytics. Importing your data will be as easy as saving a contact on your phone. Install your security preferences and that’s it. You’ll be managing your resort-like a pro in no time.

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Improve Your Property's Management, Operation & Revenue With Booking Ninjas Property Management System

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