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By: Justin DeagleJustin Deagle
  05 Jan 2021

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What is a Salesforce Booking System?

What is a Salesforce Booking System?

It’s the digital revolution and customers expect to receive services from your website quickly – as in – they want them now. That’s why many businesses turn to a Salesforce booking system for their reservation management needs. But, what is a Salesforce booking system? This type of solution allows customers some self-service options, like the ability to book a meeting space, property or room online, and saves your team some time because it auto-populates your reservation calendar. 

Whether you’re a travel agency, property manager, or a provider of meeting spaces – a reservation management solution can help your business immensely by providing ease of scheduling for you and a great customer experience for your clients. Read on to learn more about how it can help your business grow. 

Benefits of a Salesforce Booking System

Using this type of solution can save your company time and money in several ways. Not only does it help eliminate human operator error, such as double booking, but it also serves to create a better experience for customers who may, in turn, want to continue using your services over others. 

Always open. As mentioned, above, today’s customers are accustomed to immediate service. And if you’re not available – they’ll move on. Having the ability to be open 24/7 ensures your customer is always able to use your service, even when you’re not open for business. Plus, with the reduction in possible errors, it’s more likely that customers will return to you time and again for their needs. 

Time saver. Manual data entry takes time – so if you’re someone who uses spreadsheets to keep tabs on reservations – you know how long it takes and how easy it would be to make an error. Plus, nixing spreadsheets means a whole new level of security and ease of access for you. 

Security. A computer crash could wipe out days, maybe even months or years of your booking data. But, using a Salesforce booking system means that all of your data is backed up on secure servers – you’ll never have to worry about losing data again. 

Accessibility. Just like your business should always be open for the customer, it should always be open for you. Now, you can work right from your dining room table or hotel room if you want to. There’s no need to be chained to your office chair. Your booking data is at your fingertips, hosted by secure servers. Additionally, with the data hosted in the cloud, it’s likely that you can use a smartphone app to track necessary information from anywhere at any time. 

Common Features of Reservation Management Solutions

Salesforce booking systems have lots of features that help business owners automate mundane tasks, stay organized, and ensure a secure environment for customers. Here are a few: 

Organization. Keep all of your data under one umbrella. This allows you to see your reservations, profits, and trends all at-a-glance. 

Integrations. Because of its reliability and ease-of-use, Salesforce has become incredibly popular. That means you can find an app in the Salesforce App Store for just about anything you need. 

Real-time booking. This feature allows users to book online from your portal, without having to call your customer support teams. Additionally, you will be updated of the booking and the system won’t allow for an accidental double-booking, or booking of a property or room that’s otherwise unavailable. 

Pricing and promo code management. Offer special promos to customers, and keep track of who is using the codes and how. Watch these trends and boost your revenues. 

Email marketing. By combining the power of Salesforce’s marketing automation features, you can email special deals and pricing to customers and keep in touch with them. You can also send customer satisfaction surveys and more. 

Who uses Salesforce Booking Systems? 

Organized data and bookings are essential for businesses in many industries across both the non-profit and for-profit world. Businesses such as student housing facilities, government offices, villas, senior housing, and others can use this type of solution. Here are some specific examples of types of businesses that would find a reservation management system beneficial: 

Hotels. Hotels have a lot of people coming and going at all times, so it’s essential to have an organized way to track that data. Hotel owners and managers can use a booking system to make book rooms, keep a handle on check-ins and check-outs, perform night audits and track and update extended guest stays.

Restaurants. Customers can make their own reservations online without the need to call into your host or hostess. Additionally, the software can send reminders to their customers or place them on a waiting list in case of a last-minute opening. 

Property management. Keep track of rent, vacancies, repair requests, and online payments from tenants. This can also help landlords and property owners keep track of delinquent rents, properties that are vacant and need to be listed and what maintenance needs to be performed, where and when. 

Co-working management / shared spaces. Make it easier for yourself and your staff to collaborate. Track information like reservations, flow of operations, and other bookings. 

Storage facilities. Storage facilities can maintain customer contact information, payment data, and more. This solution can help owners create a map of unit availability, track rental payments, reservations for showings, and it can integrate with your gate access system – so that your customers can come and go with ease. 

With all of the features available to businesses of all industries and sizes, it’s no wondering that more and more people are turning to this type of solution to give them a hand in their day-today operations. Not only can it make operations much easier to use a Salesforce booking system, but it also can save you and your staff time and save the business money in the long run by freeing up your skilled staff to do what they do best. 

If you think your business could benefit from some or all of the features of a Salesforce booking system, schedule a meeting with us today to find out more. 

Improve Your Property's Management, Operation & Revenue With Booking Ninjas Property Management System

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