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  18 Aug 2022

Improve Your Property's Management, Operation & Revenue With Booking Ninjas Property Management System

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Webinar: Analytics & Reporting Made Easier With Booking Ninjas PMS

Hello, welcome everyone to another Booking Ninjas’ webinar. Ok, today we’re coming to you live on Wednesday. We’re still going to have another webinar this week. Last week I was in Mexico on the road, couldn’t make the webinar, but we’re back and we have a lot of content planned, so stay tuned for that, look out on the feed for the information about the topics.

Ok, today’s topic is going to be about how Analytics & Reporting is made easier with Booking Ninjas PMS. Ok, guys, I know this is a big topic, some of you think you are covered, some of you might not, but analytics and reporting, guys, is not done in the right way that I see out there, guys. I was just in five hotels on my trip along the Mexican Riviera and, guys, it’s still old, it’s still old the way things are done, things are being printed, things are, you know, long lines, all these kinds of things that we think we’re fixing but we’re not, guys. So, let’s take ourselves out of denial, face the music and realize that we’re not in the right place, guys, because once we come to that realization we’re going to be on a path to a better place and a more, you know, a more organized, a more better, better for everyone, guys, not only the guest, but for yourself, for the business and for your personal time, guys. Respect your time, respect your time.

So, let’s talk about Reporting & Analytics. Guys, there are so many systems out there capturing data, people don’t know where all the data is going, but it’s basically not being analyzed in the right way. So, now, we’re going to be talking about analytics and reporting made easier.

Alright, let’s get into the content, guys.

Ok, so, Booking Ninjas for all those who know or don’t know, it’s a technology solution for the hospitality business. We offer every feature that you can imagine, from the booking engine to the channel manager, to the payment processing, reservation management, bookings are the core. And we also have a POS, we also have a guest portal and we just keep polishing and making the app more and more robust for the enterprise. Ok, it’s cloud-based, built on the Salesforce platform.

Now, Reporting & Analytics… What is data analytics and the importance? And then we’re going to tour the Reporting & Analytics tool on Booking Ninjas, guys.

Alright, so, guys, this is not a new topic, but it’s a topic that we just have to keep reinforcing. Alright, so, obviously, you need to have better reporting to make decisions and we need to be able to now interpret all the data in a deeper level, the people that I speak with, the people out there, they’re not using the data, they’re not utilizing email marketing, they are not capturing emails when people are signing on to WiFi. Guys, these are things that are just easy wins, easy wins, guys, if the infrastructure is set up correctly. So, contact us because we know exactly what to do about how to set up this infrastructure. So, basically, shame on you if you’re getting a booking from a third party, as a second or third booking from that same guest, guys, you should be engaging with the guest when he is in your building, finding ways to get his contact information, build a better connection and invite them to come back. Don’t have them go to the same place that they booked, the original booking, pay the extra fees and book your apartment, book your hotel room and then complain about the OTAs are taking too much. Yes, I understand, it’s a convenience. Yes, I understand that it's easy just to sit back and, you know, let the OTAs do the work, but once the infrastructure is set up correctly at your property, it’s actually quite easy to capture the right data, engage with the guest better and then analyze that guest information.

Guys, where is…? Let me ask you a question you guys can reply: where is this data being captured, guys? Where is your data being captured right now? It’s on your PMS… (technical issues)... That’s what I want to know. So if it’s not in the CRM, guys, then you are a couple of steps behind and then from the CRM or from the PMS, are you analyzing this data? Ok, and guys, if you like profits, you need to like data, because profits and data have a direct correlation, one thousand percent, guys. So, if you like profits, start to love data, start to understand how to love data, start to understand how to use data and you need to be talking with companies out there, you need to be talking with people like us, experts in data, experts in software development and we will advise you on the best ways to make use of all those segmented datas out there into one centralized place that’s going to make you profits.

Ok, so, Omni channels and also forecasting, guys. Ok, so, now, how are people doing this? So, from data we know, for example, our use case, is that we know who’s engaging with our content, from there we can analyze also the roles of the people that are engaging with our content and then offer them more usable content based on their roles, but we wouldn't have that, nor start, we wouldn’t have that direction unless we knew what roles are using our content, what time people are looking at our content, and also, you know, for your case, how much are people spending, when are they traveling, who are they traveling with… You could be collecting data from all parts, all roles within your hotel. So that’s the person at the front desk, that’s the person at the restaurant, that’s the person cleaning the room, that’s the person doing the maintenance stuff, that’s the person at the pool, that’s the person in the gym, that’s the person at the front entrance, helping the person get out the car, helping the guest, they should be having an act collecting data, whatever they learn.

So, if I learn that this person likes NFL football, I’m going to write that down and what’s their favorite team and your staff should be programmed to do this, should be trained and it’s so easy, guys, it’s just like writing a text message, we could even compile it through WhatsApp and then have it go straight into the database. Ok, guys? So, you should be collecting from all levels, all levels, so that is all staff members should be collecting data by your guest, “Hey, what do your kids like to do?”, “Hey, what time of the year do you usually travel? What time of the year are you off from work? What do you do for work? What kind of color do you like? When it’s your birthday?”, you know, things like that. You gotta be collecting this data and then they’re all going to one place that we can easily analyze and make it so damn useful for you, so… But you need to be thinking like this and you need to have the right infrastructure, guys, because if you don’t have the right infrastructure, the data goes to waste, the information that you collect goes to waste. It’s just like a passing the wind and never seeing it again, guys. So, learn how to collect, learn how to set up the right touch points, the right training within the company to know and when to record the data and then you need a place to record the data. And that’s where we come in, Booking Ninjas we could have… Set up mobile apps, you know, screen on the staff app that we have, the staff can collect the data, the staff can also collect the data from every touch point, guys, and then the guest is going to like that, guys, the guest is just going to say “Wow! How did you remember that? I told you that last year, I told you that yesterday”. And you’re using the data and you’re making use of it in favor of the guest and the guest is going to reward you, guys, the guest is going to be happy.

Ok, so, Marriott, for example, they use something like the price optimizer to, you know, see the analytics of the rates and adjust the rates accordingly, ok? So, predictive analytics, AI, data models that they learn from, guys, and they just teach themselves, guys. So, as long as the data is there, the application is going to be, has to make them learn, it’s the food.

Ok, so, since Booking Ninjas is built on the Salesforce platform, you have the Tableau option as well, which is a very powerful data visualization tool. So, you could basically be filling in your accounting, you could be filling in the guest demographic data, you could be filling in the reservation data, the occupancy reports, the ADR, the revenue and also the cost data, guys. And all of this is going to make life easy and it’s going to be hard to live without it, guys, because once you have it, you don’t want to not have it.

Alright, we know there are some obstacles to get there, alright? And we know that there are challenges and it’s hard to break out of the normal routine. We are fully aware of this, alright? And we are letting you know, reinforcing this, that the benefits outweigh those challenges. So, you just need to work, it’s not even that much work, guys, it’s just getting to know us, you know, setting the commitment in your mind that this is where we need to be and just taking a step forward each day, ok? Start with a phone call, guys, twenty minutes, even less, ten minutes, show you the application. Next step is give you the plan of what you need to do internally, to set up yourself for success, set the blueprint. And then start working with us, guys, stop delaying, get the benefits, get the features that you want, that you’ve been dreaming of, because now it’s here and, yeah, you could continue working like you have, but guys the planet is moving forward and it’s time to take advantage of the benefits, guys, you want to be there first, you want to be there as soon as possible because it’s a happier place. Yes, it’s a much happier place, a much more organized place, much more efficient place. So, you could stay over there and my life is better over here. So, yeah, let’s work together and just take one little step forward, even if it is baby steps, it’s better than no step, guys, because we want to help, we are here to help the industry, we are here to make life a lot easier, that’s what motivates us.

Alright, guys. Thank you very much. Have a good week, we’re going to see you on another webinar. Look out for the topic, love you guys. Ciao!

Improve Your Property's Management, Operation & Revenue With Booking Ninjas Property Management System

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