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  04 May 2020

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How Remote Work Can Save Businesses During COVID 19 Pandemic

When Coronavirus first broke out, most nations were ignorant of the later problem it could pose on the economy. After a couple of months, it became crystal clear how much of havoc the virus is capable of causing. In less than five months now, it has paralyzed more than what was initially envisaged. It broke out from the city of Wuhan, China, where it affected lots of people, also killed many. After a few months, countries with a significant number of migrations suffered critically. When you look at nations like Spain, Italy, and the United States, you will get to know how much damage the virus has caused them.

Most of this critically affected country had to bring all their economic activities to a halt, which includes closing down all businesses, stopping all the children from attending schools, and discouraged any social gathering. This move was to prevent the number of Coronavirus cases from swelling to overwhelming numbers. Currently, the situation doesn't look prospective, and that is because the scientists haven't been any close to discovering a specific vaccine to the menace called COVID-19.

People have been mandated to obey the rule of 'stay-at-home,'but for how long people are going to survive while they stay at home without going to their places of work remains to be seen. Nobody knows how long this crisis is going to stretch; therefore, people need to survive. This is the point where remote work comes into play. Through remote work, families can be happy once again. It comes with a lot of benefits, which we are going to discuss in this article as we forge ahead.

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What is remote work?

This is a question that must be answered for people to have a good grasp of the concept, and how well it can be beneficial, particularly during this time of the pandemic. Remote jobs are the type of tasks that can be done away from your offices or place of work.

In other words, you may be in the comfort of your homes and still get a job done as if you were in your office environment, that is, working from home. Working remotely means you are in your homes, on a journey, or someplace away from your office environment, and this means you can execute the job successfully from anywhere.

Remote jobs give you the option of adding some flexibility to your daily schedules. At the same time, you do your assignments and also have a good experience of your personal lives to the fullest without interrupting your professional career. This Coronavirus period has caused some businesses to remain paused for now, but some can be done remotely, while some can not. Remote jobs serve the dual purpose of benefiting both the employees and the employer. The following are the breakdown of the advantages of working remotely;

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Benefits of Remote Work to Employees

1. Flexibility in Lifestyle

With the Coronavirus pandemic lockdown in full swing, working from home might be the best option business owners can give to their employees to make sure the business organization keeps moving and doesn't fold up. Granting these employees the option of working remotely, they will be able to strike a balance between work and life, without the importance of one out-weighing the other.

With the COVID-19 in play, traveling to and fro will be out of the equation, thereby making life-work balance withing reach. Additionally, with a home-office setup, remote working can be pleasing and more comfortable to do, relative to office workspace. Therefore, the employees have the time to settle equally essential things, like family, outside the office.

It is a lovely experience being in your workspace, wearing what you want, listening to music while you work, or even letting your meals cook while you get a job done. It is comfortable having to do all these from your abode, and still working effectively. This both serves the employees and the employer well.

2. Renewed Zeal for Jobs

Employees who work remotely from home have shown incredible lift in spirit and passion for their jobs, and they tend to provide the best output. Having their families and friends around them while they work could prove to be a massive bonus to how much job quality they can produce.

Working from home has a miraculous way of stimulating employees into producing excellent jobs, and also surpassing the business's objectives and goals. This way, the employers are engaging their employees to make sure the business keeps moving, while there is no drop in output's quality.

3. Better Health and Wellness

The primary thing to safeguard is health, employees' or owners. Better health and wellness promote the continued development and growth of a business organization. Only fully fit bodies can carry out tasks, and this can come in several ways, which working remotely is one of them.

An employee sits at home while his or her boss dishes out tasks to be completed. This way, the staff are well motivated and less stressed compared to when they have to do all the tasks in the office environment. There was a survey made by the Royal Society for Public Health, which states that about 55 percent of the in-office employees are more stressed than the remote staff.

Additionally, another statistic clearly distinguishes between working from home and working in an office environment by stating that 69% of remote workers recorded relatively lower absenteeism than the non-remote workers. This tells so much about how benefiting working from home can be for the preferred sustenance of a business organization during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Benefits of remote work to Employers

Working remotely not only benefits the employees, but the business owners also gain from their workers having to work from home as a result of the lockdown rules, and the need to still make the business organization operational. Here are the benefits of remote work to the employers:

1. Improved Productivity

A busy workspace, or better still, an office comes with some disturbances which may stem from a shared space or team. This is a different case with working remotely, and that is because you get to tune your workspace according to your taste and convenience. It is no news that workspace features vary from individual to individual; that is, what an individual likes to have in his or her working environment might not be preferred by another individual.

A survey was carried out by some experts to check the disparity between the productivity of managers that use remote workers and those that use in-office employees, and two-thirds of them reported and increased overall productivity. This is just to tell us how productive employees can be when they get to design their workspaces, with or without the office setup, with little or no distractions.

2. Increased Job Satisfaction

The flexible working arrangement increases the level and quality of outputs, therefore ultimately improving job satisfaction, which is a powerful thing in the line of business. Staying connected to your friends and family, taking the necessary breaks, and making the most of your home setup are just some of the things that get you motivated, happier, and more efficient in delivering top-notch jobs that meet the satisfaction of the boss, as well as the customers.

3. Reduced Overheads

Most businesses look to make the most of the profits while it reduces the expenses. Coronavirus has forced the global nations' governments to make a compulsory social distance rule, which leaves the employers of business organizations to make their staff have a flexible schedule by working from home. This way, they can cut down on some expenditures like the payment of power bills, office supplies, telephony, and lots more. Therefore, the business organization keeps running, making revenue, maintaining its customers, and cutting some costs.

4. Reduced Turnover

Just as said earlier, making your employees work from home boosts their job satisfaction, and ultimately reduces the turnover. This way, you can be able to develop long-term staff that knows the in and out of your business. These types of staff are always dependable and can boost the degree of revenue with their diligent and productive inputs.

More so, these long-term staffs reduce the time and money spent on advertisements for new job vacancies, interviews, screenings, and bring the eventual staff up to speed on their duties to the business organization.


Coronavirus pandemic has caused economic headwinds and has been a thorn in the flesh of most businesses. Since no one knows for how long the crisis is going to continue, therefore, there must be a way to keep the organization running.

Remote job is an option to consider seriously, given the myriads of benefits it can give both the business owners and the employees. More so, it makes the development of the business look natural with the employees working at their own pace and from their comfort zones.

A sizable chunk of the business investors does not like what has come along with the pandemic crisis. Yes, remote work could be the way out, but certainly not for all businesses. More so, even if it is all businesses that can be run remotely, relatively, the revenue is incomparable, and that is because you tend to make more when there is no Coronavirus.

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