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  25 Jan 2021

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Hotel Management Tips for New Hospitality Managers

Hotels, beach houses, holiday homes, and other buildings made for quick getaways are known for their serene environment. Usually, they comprise various activities that help the customers to relax, enjoy their stay and participate in activities. However, to keep all the glamorous activities of the hotel running smoothly, excellent organizational skills are required. This is where the task of the hospitality manager comes in.

A Hospitality Manager runs the day to day activities of the hotel, which includes observing the personnel, ensuring that the environment and the facilities are well maintained. The hospitality manager is also responsible for the upkeep of the financial and administrative records of the hotel. If you are new to this world of glamour, then you've come to the right place because these tips are sure to help.

As the saying goes "A hotel is only as good as its employees.” That’s why as a hospitality manager, you need to be skilled. Just as much, you need to employ staff who give outstanding customer service, otherwise, even the best hotel won’t make it. 

As the manager, it’s up to you to ensure your skills help to create a healthy workplace and happy staff.

To help your leadership and administrative skills, we have compiled this list of 9 tips for hotel management.

Hotel Management Tips for New Hospitality Manager

1. Focus on leadership and not on management

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The position of hospitality manager has a lot to do with leadership than managing. This is so because a hospitality manager will have to coordinate a group of teams and departments. The strength of leadership shown by the hospitality manager will determine the strength of his effectiveness in the hotel management system.

Managing a hotel includes managing every single entity that makes up the hotel ( personnel, facilities, and financial records). To be able to manage all of this, good leadership skills must be in place.

One way to be a great leader is to delegate. Take the advantage of your staff to free up time for more important things. Delegation can be difficult because you have to provide necessary training materials for your staff in various areas you delegate them to. On the other hand, it can be very simple when everything is in order. The training material must be with a clear objective and performance track records so that your staff will know what is expected of them.

Though the name implies management, the work is leadership based.

2. Get a mentor

Mentors give directions because they've walked that same path you want to thread and have the necessary experience that can shape your career as early as possible. It is one thing to be learning about the hospitality industry from a book and it's another thing to be discussing it with someone with experience in the field. 

When trying to get a mentor, it's very necessary to define the kind of mentors you are looking for and how you want to go about it. Finding a mentor is not as hard as it seems because many hotel managers will be willing to render necessary advice and help to anyone ready to learn. 

Network with a lot of hotel managers in professional gatherings, ask questions, propose dinner, lunch, or coffee with a hotel manager you want to connect with. It might seem strange in the first instance but with the times you'll become more familiar with the process. 

3. Be a good listener

The best person in the world to talk about your hotel management system is not you nor your staff but your clients.  

To showcase the "hospitality" in your title "hospitality manager" you need to be attentive when dealing with clients and your staff. When you listen to your client you will be able to figure out where you need to work on.

Frustration is certain when dealing with some customers however managing that will do you more good. In dealing with this kind of customer, all you need to do is to listen to them. Afterward, make the necessary adjustments. Your customers' opinion matters, take action when they want to see one.

4. Be proactive

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Since your work is dealing directly with people from all walks of life, you need not be reactive but be proactive in your management system. 

Being proactive will improve the satisfaction level of your customers. If a customer complains about a faulty water closet and it took you more than two days to restore the fault, the customer will retaliate with frustration and complaint. In this situation, you don't need to react to the customer's frustration, instead focus on fixing the problem and leaving them with a better impression.

5. Prioritize communication 

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In every sector or industrial setting, communication is very essential and It's the key to a strong foundation in building a career in hotel management. Good communication with your staff will enhance teamwork and also announce your sound communication literacy.

Keep your staff informed on any development in the management system of the hotel - be it a new policy, a report from the maintenance personnel, or changes in the administrative setting. Schedule regular meetings with your staff to discuss new development and implement necessary changes. 

Send random emails to notify your staff about meeting an important date and information.

All that a customer needs to attain satisfaction in a given hotel management system is well a defined communication. However, the effectiveness of communication is understanding; when the message you're trying to pass is delivered properly and the meaning of the message is understandable by the receiver. 

Another aspect of effective communication is media literacy. How experienced are you in using digital tools and media to communicate with your customers and staff? Here are some ways to go about communicating through the media.

** Organize zoom meeting for your staff

** Improve your social media visibility

** Conference calls will go a long way as well.

** Have the right attitude to work

A nonchalant manager will likely build a network of nonchalant staff. Having the right attitude to work will prompt your staff to work/ walk smartly on your path. 

How do you know if you have the right attitude to work? It's not very difficult to tell. Map out your daily activities smartly and make sure you carry them out as necessary. Don't be late to work and checklist every record that needs to be approved. 

The kind of attitude you have towards the management of the hotel will determine your output in the business.

Appreciate your team and always give constructive criticism

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Did you know appreciation goes a long way in leading and managing a team of staff? Pay forward the compliments you received from customers and appreciate their resilience when there is an influx of customers. Appreciate them with kind words, gifts, bonuses, or other packages they may love.

Do not dash out insults or backlash your staff on bad days. Understand that destructive criticism is very toxic to your leadership role in the hotel management system. Criticism does not have to be a backlash, hurtful words, or insults. Criticize your staff in ways that would not hurt their subconscious mind or that would deter them from delivering their services as expected of them. 

Beware of what you say to your staff and be mindful when you are angry as well. A kind word goes a long way than bad criticism.

Never stop learning 

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In every industry or area, learning is continuous. Keep learning, keep networking, and keep asking questions. Learn from your mistakes, learn from your customer's complaints and ask for your team's point of view on subjects that require a contribution.

Learning includes having round table discussions with your staff and frequently looking into the financial and administrative records of the hotel to know where you're lacking and where you've been successful.

Love what you do

The satisfaction you derived from doing something you love will be your motivation to strengthening your skill around the hotel management system. This will also keep you away from frustration. 

When you love what you do, it will help you create a workable space with your staff, allow team collaboration and good understanding within the hotel.

In the hostel management system, leadership is the major skill needed by a hospitality manager.  

These are some of the relevant tips for a new hospitality manager to know before embarking on the journey. Hospitality management is a role that is hard but not very hard if the right attitude to work is in place. 

What hotel management tips do you have?

As an expert in the hotel management business, I can assure you the business will take care of itself when you let things flow easily. If you've been in the hotel industry for quite a while and you have learned one or two things that have contributed to your success in the hotel management system, kindly share your experience in the comment section. However, if you're striving to master any aspect of the day-to-day activities of the hotel management system, you can chip in as well.

Improve Your Property's Management, Operation & Revenue With Booking Ninjas Property Management System

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