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  13 Apr 2020

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Co Working During the Coronavirus

With the rapid spread of coronavirus, the coworking industry has been forced to make difficult decisions in response. With many states implementing stay at home orders, which call for the closing of all non-essential businesses, coworking during the coronavirus has become largely impossible. Remote workers in other states are also making the decision to stay home in an effort to practice social distancing and help slow the spread of the virus. The negative effects of the virus are being felt everywhere, including in the coworking sphere. There is no doubt our world will be changed when we are able to return to “normal,” and coworking facilities will have to adapt in order to survive a post-corona world.

So far, it seems coworking facilities have taken a major negative hit from social distancing and stay at home orders. Convene and International Workplace Group have temporarily closed office space and reduced support staff hours. Regus and WeWork have both refused to refund or waive fees to members. Despite the financial challenge presented, coworking spaces may be forced to follow the footsteps of many banks and companies in waiving late fees or deferring payments. 


One way coworking during the coronavirus may continue is through a property management system. Implementing a coworking pms could be very beneficial during this time of uncertainty as it provides a common and easily accessible place to handle all questions and communication, and can be accessed by members from home. Booking Ninja’s coworking pms provides a customizable booking system and room rate controller, putting the coworking facility in charge of a chaotic situation and allowing them to make changes as needed. With this feature, facilities can offer a temporary discount or deferment of bookings and fees, as well as resume rentals when things return to normal. Tenants will need up to date information and responses from their coworking spaces. While we are all stuck at home, a coworking property management system provides clear communication between tenants and coworking facilities remotely. The resources of a coworking pms can allow workers to continue to do their jobs at home for the time being, encouraging them to maintain their memberships. 

There is no doubt that this experience will have lasting effects on how people interact in public spaces, as well as our willingness to be around large groups of people. How this will affect coworking is uncertain at this time. People may decide that they prefer working from home and be unwilling to return to coworking spaces. In addition, most coworking contracts are month to month, and with the duration of the need to self-isolate currently unknown, tenants may be hesitant to renew contracts which could put a big financial strain on coworking facilities.


A Co-Working Property Management System 

On the other hand, this situation may produce a huge increase in the number of people who work remotely. And it is possible those remote workers may come to prefer a coworking space to the isolation and lack of routine that can come from working at home, especially after such a long stint of required social distancing. The services provided by a coworking facility including a professional address, answering services, and other office amenities may draw remote workers back into the coworking spaces. A coworking property management system that provides these services will be a necessity in this new work environment. The convenient and user friendly coworking pms provides tenants with easy communication with clients, a simple way to schedule and rent space in a facility, and a platform for collaboration with coworkers. When we are able to finally get back to work, Booking Ninja’s coworking property management system will increase productivity, saving time, energy, and stress so that more work can get done. 

While there is still much uncertainty about how long social distancing will need to last, as well as what the world will look like when we are able to return to normal, it is clear that coworking facilities will have to make some changes for the better to meet the needs of their members.

Improve Your Property's Management, Operation & Revenue With Booking Ninjas Property Management System

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