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  21 Jun 2021

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How Hotels and Resorts can Leverage Personalization to Exceed Guest Expectations

Customers are increasingly turning to other (non-hotel) types of accommodation and booking through Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) rather than directly with hotels. As a result, hoteliers see their significance dwindle by the day.

Hoteliers, on the other hand, cannot afford to give up and must remain relevant. Customer data and technology can be used to create bespoke products and personalization, which could help them become more relevant. Unfortunately, when some industry professionals urge for personalization, the solutions they propose tend to focus on selling upgrades or boosting their e-mail marketing — precisely the types of activities that do not add to relevance.

When we talk about “personalization” and “customization,” we should keep in mind that they are two distinct notions. These are two concepts that cannot be used interchangeably and shouldn’t be mistaken for each other.

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Personalization entails providing clients based on their preferences, whereas customization entails offering customers various customization options based on their preferences. Personalization uses data from prior stays and works better with repeat customers, whereas customization empowers people and works better for new consumers. If the hotel sector is to provide personalized services, it must understand the difference between these two concepts.

Today’s hotel customers expect a personalized experience. They want to be noticed as soon as they walk in through the door. They expect a consistent cross-property experience that is tailored to their specific requirements and interests. Guests want offerings and services that are tailored to their particular tastes. After all, they supply the information during the reservation process; therefore, they’d rather the hotel use it.

Consumers nowadays prefer personalized experiences, thanks to the increased usage of big data and personalization of experiences across many different aspects of daily life. In fact, for hotels and resorts, personalization is a significant experience differentiator. Therefore, guest loyalty and repeat visits are based on attention to these specific nuances and guest-centric service performance. 

The hotel sector must evolve to remain relevant. Hoteliers could begin by improving and making things more convenient for travelers. In addition, hotels can give consumers more flexibility while learning more about their tastes by providing customization options. 

Once the customer has arrived at the hotel, trained workers can collect data in a discreet manner that will be utilized to give customized services. The entire data collection effort will be facilitated by an easy-to-use, accessible data storage and sharing system. 

The Power of Personalisation

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Personalization has become a buzzword in the hospitality industry, and for a good reason. As a result, the opportunity (and, thus, the expectation) for personalization grows tremendously as digital mediums and conveniences continue to disrupt standards. For example, take a look at the following numbers:

- Seventy-five percent of customers will buy from a company that knows their name, recommend services based on previous purchases, and know their purchasing history.

- Personalization is said to play a part in 86 percent of consumers’ purchasing decisions.

- Five to eight times the return on investment can be achieved through personalization.

Some hoteliers emphasize personalization in order to “shock” their visitors by providing unique experiences. However, in most circumstances, success necessitates investing in personalization capabilities, which are essential for maximizing the value of the enormous amount of data on individual visitors’ available preferences. 

Hoteliers embrace developing technologies at the front lines, in the back office, and at all touchpoints in between to compete effectively and meet guests’ expectations for customization. This is a vital move, particularly when it comes to recruiting and maintaining modern visitors who have grown up with technology and want a seamless, intuitive experience.

Hoteliers must collect and centralize guest data from all hotel systems into the Property Management System (PMS) to enable more valuable personalization and engagement. Adopting a cloud-based, mobile PMS can also help ensure that the employees have high-quality, easy-to-use interactions with guests at all times. These touchpoints allow hotel staff to collect crucial data from visitors while also streamlining their workflows and facilitating a productive and engaging experience.

Allowing guests to tailor their experience is the first step to excellent personalization. Please respect any requests for a specific room or view. Record special celebrations remarks during the reservation process (and allow online bookings to contribute these types of comments), and then make sure these remarks are part of your operating routine. Being able to greet a returning visitor, wish them a happy anniversary at check-in, and leave a bottle of champagne in their room is a sign of success.

The next stage is to acknowledge each guest as an individual and each stay as a unique experience. It doesn’t matter if the guest is a business traveler or a family reunion attendee; paying attention to the small details and building a rapport with them leads to repeat business. The business traveler may return for a vacation with his or her extended family. The resort may be recommended for an upcoming corporate conference by a family reunion attendee.

This customized strategy can help resorts build a smooth itinerary for their guests. The first step toward actual client recognition is to eliminate the repeating of personal data during the reservation process. Then, showing that integration throughout the resort through service delivery is a surefire method to wow guests and encourage them to return.

Guests want to feel at ease in your hotel or resort. To deliver a very guest-centric, personalized experience and intimate connection, use the tools you already have, such as data flow across your resort property management system, technology integration, and staff training.

Final Thoughts

Although personalized service is not a new notion in the hospitality business, the constant advancement of technology and training creates fresh chances to personalize the client experience more efficiently every day. 

Consumers will have similar service expectations in hotels and resorts, independent of the market segment or chain scale, as they continue to enjoy custom and personal experiences in other facets of their daily lives. As a result, you may differentiate your guests’ experience, build stronger connections, and increase guest loyalty by including personalized guest service into your operational plan.

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Improve Your Property's Management, Operation & Revenue With Booking Ninjas Property Management System

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