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  19 Mar 2021

Improve Your Property's Management, Operation & Revenue With Booking Ninjas Property Management System

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Make Your Hotel Smarter: 3 services you can automate today

Hotel automation is simply employing technology to take care of some of the many activities you have to carry out as a hotel owner or hotel manager. It involves using some of the latest technology devices and software to manage a more effortless and efficient hotel. When set, certain activities are carried out successfully, and hotel managers no longer have to worry about handling all trivial matters or fulfilling other obligations. From a place, you could control all that goes on in the hotel, check on your staff, supervise services, ensure adequate security and save yourself time and expenses. 

Hotel automation is running a smart hotel - a hotel that requires minimal human interventions. And what does this offer? With a smart hotel comes good connections for effective communication, intelligent tools for analysis, adequate security for clients and clients' data, working features with top structures, a faster hotel booking system, and reduced management cost. Hotel automation is running a hospitality business of the future. It puts you ahead of the competition and helps you to reach your maximum potential.

Why Automate your Hotel?

Still not sure whether you should automate your hotel services and management? Here are five top reasons to pick hotel automation.


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One of the best advantages that come with automating your hotel is ease. With automation, many of the activities which involve staff and visitors are sorted. They can check in automatically, using pre-existing records, enter into their rooms, make an order and give instructions that Ai will carry out in no time. In all of these, you give your clients a sense of comfort as they can get all they need quickly and without error.

Also, for the staff, as well as the managers, accessibility and control become easier. With automation, you and your teams can design an infallible structure of how your hotel runs and go by it.  

Full Control

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Another advantage that comes with automating your hotel is that you have full control of things. You can direct what goes on in different departments of your hotel from one place. You can control, analyze, give instructions and watch them get carried out in no time. Will you have the sovereign power to manage all of these technologies? Only if you want to. As the manager or owner, you can decide to give individual members of the staff control of some parts, with limitations. Nonetheless, you get to determine who does what and oversee the hotel's general supervision, staff, and customers.   

Reduced cost and increased productivity

Having a comprehensive technology that aids in the management of the hotel helps to reduce management costs. You do not need to have a large staff with a smart hotel if it is not necessary. Automation can easily replace some roles like a doorman if the doorman's sole duty is to open doors. Except for services and maintenance checks, technologies do not need monthly payment. You save money with a one-time deal.

What's more? Technology is known for helping to increase productivity. With automation, you'll be able to groom your hotel to fit your choice, and you will have 100% input to support it. 

Short delivery times 

Humans are not 100% efficient, and therefore, they need to take sick leaves and other breaks. With a well serviced automated hotel, you do not have to worry about these at all times. A computerized hotel helps you to carry out all of your necessary tasks within a short time. The ROI obtained from investing in a smart hotel is getting your works done faster and increasing your profits as you satisfy and attract more customers. 


With automated hotel management, you not only get to secure your clients' data and identity, but you also get to protect your staff. A smart hotel runs many of its tasks in an encrypted manner. This means that they are safe from one end to the other. Transfer of information is safe and secure, theft and break-ins are avoided. You can incorporate fire detection systems, and You can establish even emergency contacts in no time.

Irrespective of the hospitality business or hotel's size, opting for an automated system will help save a lot of trouble and help managers reach their goals on time.

Three Services You Can Automate Today 

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 You can adapt automation for many of the daily activities carried out in a hotel. This is because artificial intelligence is powerful enough to ensure that all necessary actions are carried out without a hitch. It can be incorporated to carry out tasks, attend to customers, fulfill needs and manage general tasks.

Here are three services that will make your hotel smarter.

Communication Services

One service which is highly encouraged to be automated is the communication services. Automating your communication services means that guests do not have to call the front desk unless necessary. In this case, there will be a mobile concierge service that supports all of their inquiries, and it is made available at all times- 24/7. Visitors can ask any questions of choice and get replies immediately because most problems are already programmed to be answered by an AI. They can order food, bed lining, and some other services directly from their rooms by 

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simply indicating. They can research other places that surround the hotel and potential outing spaces. What if your consumers still want to communicate with a person? They can. The mobile concierge services can connect them to whomever they'll like to talk to directly from the app. This leaves the front seat receptionist with plenty of time to do other things. 

From inception, the front desk receptionist's position in hospitality establishments takes on many responsibilities as the organization's 'face.' They are saddled with redirecting calls, answering questions while still checking in new guests with a pretty smile. Automating communication means that they'll have one less activity to carry out, leaving them time to focus on the other at hand.

Room Service

Ever thought it was possible to have room service without people? Now it is. With robots who serve as room service, you can directly deliver foods, towels, and even snacks to rooms. Tested AI robots have been known to perform well so far, so why not choose a couple to serve your guests. 

With the robotic room service options, your guests have limited contact with humans and can receive customized orders decorated to suit their interests without error. The robotics services deliver faster with precision; they are computerized to receive feedback and make overall management more effortless. 

Robots not only have to serve as room services for food, but they can also cartloads and help your guests to settle in. They have been created with enough intelligence to even help with payments and check-in processes.

Guestroom Devices

Want to give your guests a rare experience that will improve their comfortability and help them enjoy their stay? Then automatic many of the devices found in and around the hotel room. Opt for a digital key that allows guests to go into their rooms using a cardless and keyless entry. With this, guests don't have to carry keys and cards around to access their rooms easily. Again, they can skip the front desk and process their checking-in, leaving the receptionist time to deliver in other areas.

Guestroom devises automation also includes automating the light. Here, lights are turned on on entry into the hotel room and maybe turn off on exit. There's the option of having smart mirrors in the bathroom, setting alarms to wake up, and getting weather information. You can provide all those mentioned above from the in-room device with the apps to carry the out. 

You could also have a couple of voice-activated devices that ensure that your guests are not doing all the jobs independently. Like Alexa, it serves as a voice-activated concierge that listens to you and carry out instructions in seconds. 

Automating your hotel means you have to worry less about specific activities, as you can trust the AI in charge to deliver. Automation means you have all your 'staff' fully functioning in their best areas and that they can utilize their skills in the best department to help you increase your productivity level.

As a hotel owner, opting for hotel automation helps you build a good reputation as your business is known for value and comfort. This way, you can increase your profits exponentially and save yourself a lot.  

Booking Ninjas provides a unique platform and template to automate and simplify guest onboarding into your facilities. We give our clients a unique, one-stop platform to handle everything property management from a cloud-based, globally accessible platform. Be sure to visit our Pilot page to see the Booking Ninjas system for yourself.

Improve Your Property's Management, Operation & Revenue With Booking Ninjas Property Management System

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