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  21 Sep 2020

Improve Your Property's Management, Operation & Revenue With Booking Ninjas Property Management System

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Difference Between PMS and POS

Whether you’re a brand new property manager, or you’re new to the technological advances in the hospitality industry, we’re here to help you become better acquainted with terms and technology you’ll need to know. In this article, we’ll explain the importance of PMS and POS to the property business as well as the inner workings of it.

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An acronym for Property Management System, PMS is a rather general term for the vast, but the specific world of online property management. Primarily used to oversee day-to-day functions, organize transactions, and automate workforce tasks, this system is a central hub of control for most property managers. Properties usually call for several simultaneous functions at once, and without a PMS, managers (as well as staff) can quickly become overwhelmed and burned out.

Over the years, Property Management Systems have been upgraded to include even more features for property managers. For example, Booking Ninjas’ PMS software can oversee bookings, event planning, inventory control, supply management, and even email marketing. Some PMS software includes predictive data on customer preferences; our artificial intelligence, Einstein Analytics, is able to put this information into user-friendly charts and tables for easy comprehension and application.

This center of operations turns a potentially hectic day into a much more manageable set of tasks and functions. With the ability to assign certain duties to specific staff members, property managers don’t have to worry about any assignment confusion or unclear instructions. Managers can even allow access to parts of the PMS to individual employees in order to give them more responsibilities and better balance workloads - making it easier for the manager to take care of other tasks.

Our PMS, specifically, can securely collect and house data from customers, letting you access this information in real-time and use it just as quickly. Whatever preference a customer exhibits, the PMS is able to capture it and intuitively recognize the significance of guest choices and patterns. This definitely comes into play with our email add-on function that we offer. Knowing what your customers prefer is highly important in the hospitality business, but you can rest assured knowing that your PMS is doing all of the collecting and processing for you.

Most PMS software is mobile-friendly, but be sure to check if they are. You will want your staff and guests to be able to access any PMS functions on their tablets or phones on the go. Property managers should also be able to access any feature at any time on their mobile device, making it easy for them to check on daily functions at any time and any place. You don’t need to be tied to a computer in order to do your job! Guests will also appreciate the ability to access your hotel or property’s features on their phone in this increasingly mobile world. 

Booking Ninjas even offers custom development for your PMS, meaning that they will work with you to add personal features and functions that you need for your business. With this choice readily available, your property management can become even more effective and efficient.

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Point of Sale systems has been around for quite some time. For the longest time, they existed mostly as “on-premises” systems (some businesses still have them), but for the most part, companies are moving to online POS systems for many reasons.

A POS system can be visually seen as a cash register or a stack of inventory papers, but online POS systems primarily look like a virtual storefront. On the guests’ side, they have the option to peruse services and products, select which ones they want, and proceed to the transaction, usually without a “real” person or employee involved. When employees use a POS system, they are able to select for the guest and guide them through the transaction process themselves. 

Allowing guests to conduct business transactions on their own has revealed an increase in marketing effectiveness, staff efficiency, and profits. With the integration of better technology and online capabilities, businesses can see a real advantage in upgrading to an online POS system, especially one that is based in the cloud. With fewer guests needing assistance in making orders or reservations, your employees can turn their attention to more pressing issues.

In the hotel industry, a POS system handles functions such as room order, hotel services, and even hotel restaurant arrangements. Some POS systems even offer a virtual form of identification, allowing guests to complete transactions without needing their credit card or cash. This can be in the form of a passcode or fingerprint; regardless of the method, guests are more likely to proceed with transactions knowing that they don’t need to go anywhere or have any physical form of payment on them. 

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You can have your POS and PMS working separately, or there are some services that offer them together. Booking Ninjas, for instance, offers an integration option for your POS into our PMS. Our integration process is quick and simple, with little to no hassle. With the systems connected, all you need to do is log in to our portal and never have to go anywhere else. You can update your POS from the PMS, have the two systems share information and data with each other, and move back and forth between them seamlessly.

Any property manager can benefit from both systems, especially if they are integrated into one. Hostels, event centers, student housing, senior centers, and other types of properties will immediately notice the advantages of having a PMS and a POS system. Contact Booking Ninjas today for a consultation if you are interested in our all-inclusive option of both systems.

Improve Your Property's Management, Operation & Revenue With Booking Ninjas Property Management System

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