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  07 Aug 2022

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Campground Review Management Tips For Campground Credibility

Your reviews are a very sensitive part of your business. It holds the most essential element for your campground’s marketing strategy.

This is because the majority of potential guests will read your reviews before they decide to visit your property or not. Reviews may be done through various platforms like Yelp, Dyrt, Trip Advisor, Zagat, and Google Reviews.

We are going to look at some things that you may need to consider when managing your campsite reviews.

What Is Campground Review Management?

Campground review management involves controlling and overseeing the online reputation of the campground. This is done by maintaining good feedback and limiting the effects of the not-so-good ones.

Why Is Review Management Important To Campground Owners?

Your campground’s review is no longer just restricted to offline sharing and interactions. Impressions of your camp can be found throughout online platforms that are accessible to Internet users from all over the world.

Review management is important to campground businesses because it helps keep track of what people have to say about your brand and enhances your reputation across a variety of internet channels.

Here are some reasons why campground owners nowadays must have good Online Review/Reputation Management (ORM):

  • Online reviews influence the camp’s online booking decision.
  • Good ORM results in a high level of customer loyalty.
  • It builds brand equity and recognition.

Mistakes Campgrounds Often Make In Review Management

Every camp owner aspires to have a spotless reputation online, and many are aware of how crucial ORM is. Unfortunately, we have seen that businesses still make several common errors that might undermine your reputation-building efforts. Here are some of the errors:

Not Engaging With Reviewers

When avoiding engagement with reviewers, camps may find themselves in one or more of these positions:

  • You do not respond to comments made concerning your property: the camp owners in this box don't reply to or react to reviews left by guests on their business websites or on social media.
  • Late-breaking responses: when customers have a concern about a service, they post it online and wait several days or even weeks for a response. Think of it like this, wouldn’t you be unhappy if you were one of those guests?
  • Guests will view your late responses as showing a lack of interest in their inquiries and remarks, and these behaviors unquestionably do not represent the fundamental principles of the hospitality sector.
  • Some camps utilize ORM systems to automatically respond to every review as soon as it is received. Camps should, however, regularly examine and assess the authenticity of their responses going forward.
  • Even if you prepare your auto-response with the simplest possible wording, visitors are intelligent enough to discern whether it was actually provided to them or was just generated by a machine.

Avoiding Responding To The Negative Feedback

Businesses generally tend to avoid responding to negative reviews, and if they don't, the customers and potential customers may assume that they're not trying to rectify the issue, which might harm their brand.

Therefore, when people share their negative experiences online, camp managers should take action rather than remain quiet.

The best course of action is to follow this up with an explanation or an apology and a promise to improve the service. This impresses the clients and enhances the reputation of your property.

Not Asking For Guest Reviews

This crucial element is usually overlooked by many camps. The majority of visitors won't write reviews for your campground. You must actively approach and persuade them to leave reviews and recommend the review site on which they should do so.

5 Tips For Campgrounds’ Effective Review Management

Respond To Reviews On All Channels

Although Dyrt is perhaps the most popular website for campground reviews globally, there are other websites that also feature camp reviews.

Instead of concentrating only on one website, users may also submit feedback on Google and in the review sections of other OTAs like Airbnb and Expedia. Make sure to gather the majority of internet reviews from your campground visitors and reply to them.

Speed Up Your Hotel Review Management

The review reaction must be completed quickly since every extra second might harm your company, particularly if the assessments are negative. It's crucial to reply to critical internet commentary in less than a day.

By doing this, you may prevent losing potential clients who might have abandoned the listing for your camp after reading the reviews.

The majority of visitors may acknowledge that a well-rounded reaction to a critical review stimulates their opinion of your campground. So be prepared to address any critical criticism right away.

Personalize The Responses To The Reviewers

People enjoy being respected and recognized. As a result, be sure to always address them by their names or by their online handles in your message and to provide details about what they said.

This demonstrates that you are paying attention to them and value their thoughts. It's essential that you provide them with a distinctive and tailored response.

Put Things In Place That Will Encourage Customers To Leave Reviews

It's important to intentionally request reviews from customers because they frequently forget to do it after their stays.

Sending out emails to your visitors asking for feedback on their stay is one way to do it, you can also set up a separate page on your website for reviews and comments.

Another approach to getting reviews more quickly and directly is to ask for them at the point of service. For instance, you may provide a guest with a gadget, such as a tablet or iPad, to complete a brief form at checkout or before the end of their visit.

Guests can then choose to post any comments they have through the form as an online review.

Best Campground Management Software

The most ideal way to easily manage your internet reputation is by automating your tasks. All essential phases of an efficient review management process are supported by this solution.

The program will manage and save a lot of your time and effort, from tracking all reviews and responding to them to encouraging visitors to leave reviews on other platforms.

Camps and other properties cannot underestimate their online reputation as a valuable asset to help campgrounds promote the efficacy of their ORM. The Booking Ninjas Campground Management System provides review management solutions and more.

It is the best campground management software because you can manage all of your campground-related expenses, including staff salaries, electricity bills, maintenance fees, registration fees, taxes, and the purchase of amenities, on a single cloud-based platform.

This helps you save costs by giving you more insight and understanding of your spending.

Additionally, if you manually input booking details, you run the risk of making mistakes such as booking the same space twice, entering inaccurate payment details, time or pricing issues, which can lead to confusion.

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Final Thoughts

As much as many business owners wish they didn’t have to deal with it, your campground review management is extremely important. It can make all the difference between a potential guest booking your property online or just scrolling through.

Software may truly help you monitor your reputation and even assist you in responding to criticism, allowing you to concentrate on running other important aspects of your business.

With Booking Ninjas Campground Management Software , you may develop your brand across several online platforms throughout the world.

It will help you strategically position yourself for maximum visibility and effect, and receive deeper insights into your guests' experiences.

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Improve Your Property's Management, Operation & Revenue With Booking Ninjas Property Management System

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