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  24 May 2021

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Top 8 Ways to Attract Families to Your Hotel

The tourism and hospitality industries are fiercely competitive, and small details can make or break a business. Many hotels have targeted niche markets to differentiate themselves, with families being one of the fastest-growing segments. Taking a trip with one’s family, especially children, is always an adventure. Parents with young children often consider the hotel’s atmosphere and base their decisions on the overall “familiar” experience. Many hotels are now focusing on making it as simple as possible for parents to schedule their vacations so that their stay is enjoyable and unforgettable.

Nowadays, getting around is usually somewhat easier, and families with children make up a significant portion of the traveling population, making them valuable segments for hospitality providers. Many hotels promote themselves as family-friendly and use different mediums to draw guests: photographs, videos, and descriptions assist parents in making informed decisions for themselves and their children. Families always arrive with the intention of unwinding and bonding, and as a result, they want things to be as straightforward as possible while still being endearing. (First and foremost, not every hotel needs to be themed like a pirate ship to appeal to families.)

According to GlobalData’s “Key Trends in Family Travel” survey, family travel is expected to increase by 25% come next year. As a result, it’s critical to promote your business online so that it stands out from the clutter and noise. Since many hotels aren’t taking advantage of this niche market, you can see it as a perfect opportunity to grow and highlight your craftiness.

Family-friendly hotels will potentially benefit from this rapidly expanding and lucrative market in the coming years. Are you attracting enough families to your hotel? How would you market your hotel on the internet so that it stands out as a true family-friendly contender? Don’t panic if you don’t have a water slide or themed rooms; there’s plenty you can do to draw families and enhance their experiences. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of hotel tips for attracting and accommodating family travelers.

1. A Family-Geared Website

For most business organizations, a website is always the ultimate storefront, which means it must be taken seriously. Many parents are arranging weekend getaways for their children on a daily basis. They compare prices, book plane tickets, and plan trips. Ensure all of your family-friendly facilities are listed on the website if you want to make your hotel stand out. 

Do you have a baby cot available in your rooms? Could you put it on the web page? Is there a playground near the hotel (or even on the premises)? Please put it on the web page. Since almost all is decided online, they must be visible. A website should highlight nearby attractions, leisure events, and services and view family packages and show a clearly well-suited location for a family community.

2. Stress-Free Arrival

Arriving at the hotel and checking in can be stressful for parents, particularly after a long journey with tired toddlers. This is an opportunity for your hotel to make a positive first impression by making the first few minutes and hours of their stay more pleasant.

Ensure there is a crib ready and waiting in their room for anyone arriving with a baby (especially those arriving late at night). When a crying baby wants to sleep, the last thing you want to tell them is that their bed isn’t ready.

Also, it’s possible that by the time your family guests arrive, they’ll have realized they’ve missed something important (such as baby formula or wet wipes). Make it a habit to offer to fetch some baby necessities during the check-in process. Some parents will believe they must keep track of everything, but they will appreciate your offer to assist them.

3. Pay Attention to the Family Wow Factor

Families arrive with a cognitive list of ideas that may or may not be completely clear to them. You could surprise them by doing some research, identifying what families like in particular, and focusing solely on them. Parents are sensitive individuals who prioritize their children’s well-being, even over theirs.

It’s all about how you can make incremental improvements and use the services you already have to place yourself as a family-friendly establishment and then list these attributes on your website. The following are a few you can come up with to surprise families and have them visiting:

Kid’s Club – Parents adore the idea of a kid’s club; it’s a perfect way to keep their children occupied and happy. Parents will enjoy some time alone if they choose a location that is both exciting and safe. These parents are looking for more than just a normal kid’s club; they want a high-quality, secure facility that has been accredited by a reputable association, that caters to all ages, not just the under 4s, and that occasionally has multilingual employees.

Family-Friendly Partnership — Value-added deals will persuade a family to choose you over the competition, and happy marriage doesn’t have to be expensive. Children enjoy interacting with other children, and if your hotel assisted in the formation of new friendships, that would be invaluable and rewarding both the hotel and the visitors. A pajamas party or a fun games night will make kids and parents alike happy.

Early Sittings for Lunches and Dinners – Some families will want to rest and rejuvenate by taking short breaks. Parents can plan out their whole day by planning early meals, and being flexible with meal times makes it easy. It’s also a good idea to provide children with special meals or portion sizes. A fantastic children’s menu wouldn’t be out of place, too.

4. Keep a Close Eye on Competitors 

Families are not the same as the frequent hotel guests who are mostly there for company, pleasure, or a weekend getaway. They frequently need more extensive, more spacious rooms rather than single or double rooms. This encourages you to be proactive and gain a competitive advantage. Since there’s always room to improvise and innovate, it’s a good idea to research the market thoroughly, not just for their prices but also for the things they provide. It’s always a good idea to emphasize and expand the number of features you have.

5. Discounted Offers

The expense of a family vacation can quickly escalate out of control. This is especially true when parents try to keep their children occupied with extra journeys, games, and excursions.

Package room offers that provide discounts on theme parks, tours, and attractions are a perfect way to cut the cost of a holiday. On the other hand, some parents may wish to save money on simple pleasures such as trips to the movies or soft play centers. So, send pre-arrival emails to find out if any unique interests will help you personalize your offers.

It’s also worth considering how you can provide inexpensive experiences that enable families to unwind together on-site. What kinds of relaxing hotel experiences do you think your average family traveler would enjoy? Every time you ask yourself this question, come up with tempting offers.

6. Exclusive Captivating Customer Service 

Customer service is critical in the hospitality industry, as any hotelier knows. When it comes to attracting families, it’s essential to keep this in mind. Parents will still be aware of how their children will do throughout the journey.

Employ staff who are committed to answering calls and questions from parents who want to know about hotel amenities, allergy medications, babysitting services, and so on. Staff should be taught how to communicate with families and care for children while their parents are away. A concierge who will attend to all of the guests’ needs is an excellent addition to the squad, and not just for families.

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7. Group Bookings

Many people enjoy traveling in big groups, whether they are with their grandparents or with other families. It makes sense to provide discounts for multiple room bookings in such situations. Interconnecting rooms or throwing parties for special occasions may also be beneficial. Families should be able to prepare accordingly if this information is available on the hotel’s website.

8. Flexible Nanny Service 

Many hotels advertise a babysitting service. Parents, on the other hand, often equate babysitting with having someone watch their children in the evening. In fact, many parents wish for more time to themselves during the day.

So why not encourage a customizable nanny service that caters to the specific needs of each visitor? Some visitors, for example, can only need a thirty-minute break to read a book while their children play in the pool. Others may choose to relax with a spa treatment or take a leisurely stroll through town. It’s worth highlighting these types of examples in your marketing to let parents know that they’ll be able to relax in their own time.

Final Thoughts

It is important to remember the needs of families. If you’re traveling with children, grandparents, or adult siblings, it’s always a good idea to double-check that your hotel can accommodate a larger party. The most important thing to note is that all of the amenities you have should be represented on your website so that families can better schedule their vacations.

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