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  05 Sep 2022

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Self-storage Business Plan: All You Need To Know

A business plan is necessary if you intend to open a new self-storage facility or develop an existing one. The major things that need to be mentioned in each component of your business plan for a storage facility are discussed below.

What is a Self-storage Business Plan?

A self-storage business plan outlines your growth strategy for the coming five years and gives a full overview of the operation of your self-storage business. It outlines your company's objectives and your plan for achieving them. Market research is also included to help you with your ideas.

Why Do You Need A Business Plan For Your Self-storage Business?

You need a business plan if you want to launch a self-storage or storage unit company or expand an already successful one.

A business plan will increase your chances of success by assisting you in obtaining capital, if necessary, and planning the expansion of your self-storage company. As your firm develops and evolves, you should regularly update your self-storage business strategy.

Components of a Self-storage Business Plan

Be sure to take into account the operational requirements needed to run this business in addition to the original planning process. Fortunately, self-storage facility investments are usually appealing since operational costs are often inexpensive.

Make sure the following elements are included in your business plan:

Executive Summary

An executive summary is a condensed description of your company. Imagine it as the very first subject you would mention in a discussion about your company. An executive summary for a self-storage enterprise, for instance, would begin as follows:

This business's goal is to build and run a 100-unit complex on a piece of property outside.

Or you can try this:

This business endeavor sorts for and purchases quality self-storage properties in minor markets. To boost revenue within the next two years, the company will remodel and upgrade its facilities with the newest technology.

An executive summary should continue by summarizing and highlighting important sections of your company's plan, such as predicted revenue and total costs.

Business Description

This section should contain our company structure: sole proprietorship, LLC, C- or S-corporation.

You may outline the specifics of how your self-storage company will function here. Include operational information about your company, such as branding, services that you intend to provide, and anticipated costs, in addition to your legal status.

Today, more than ever before, businesses have been equipped with cutting-edge phone systems, user-friendly applications, and online payment options. Although these features aren't always required for success, having a small number of tech-powered solutions will give you an advantage. Think about the adoption of these devices as soon as possible.

Think about your employment strategies, insurance requirements, and upkeep practices, among other things. Besides self-storage rents, take into account other revenue streams like the sale of renter's insurance or moving materials.

Market Research and Strategy

In this section of your business plan, summarize your most important results from the market analysis you previously conducted and explain how they influence your concept for a self-storage business.

Analyze the supply and demand dynamics and demography of your target market. For instance, you may think about providing RV storage if people ask for it. Make a plan for how you'll generate income and acquire new tenants through techniques like billboard marketing, and digital marketing.

The self-storage market has its own dynamics, just like any other industry. You may carry out a self-storage project more successfully if you are aware of these tendencies.

Management and Personnel Structure

The key players in your self-storage industry are discussed in this section. Explain the executive team's background, credentials, and responsibilities as well as any extra staff you may have on hand or may need to employ in order to carry out your strategy.

Financial Reporting Documents

Is your business concept for a self-storage facility financially/commercially sustainable? You can now prove it by outlining the specifics of your financial condition. What are your possessions and obligations? Will you have to pay back your debt?

The predicted cash flow, balance sheet, and profit and loss for your company for the coming two to three years should all be included in this area.

Do You Need a Professional to Write Your Self-storage Business Plan?

Developing your self-storage business plan all by yourself may not be a smart move. It is too vital to create on your own. Would you appear in court unrepresented by a lawyer? Would you release an app without a software developer?

However, even if it is recommended to collaborate with a professional, you might want to explore working on your initial draft by yourself.

The effort behind the initial draft should come from you and you alone. You may contact a business consultant for guidance on the right approach for your specific business plan or have one edit it later.

Difference Between A Self-storage Business Plan and A Self-storage Business Model

A self-storage business’s backbone is its business model, while its structure is its business plan. Therefore, a business model is the basic idea of the company, strategies for generating revenue, as well as an explanation of how it works. The business plan goes into great depth to demonstrate how this concept may operate.

Challenges of Writing a Self-storage Business Plan

Actually Starting

Be rest assured that we can all relate to how challenging this is. As a first step, it is recommended that you keep your plan to one page.

You may think that this is impossible, but it is not. Though it is not going to be the finished body of work, it serves as a canvas to plot the structure of the potential result of the main self-storage business plan.

It is a visual tool, a means to brainstorm your ideas into something more organized, built on the basic elements of your plan.

Once you've assembled the building blocks, you've already laid the groundwork for a solid business plan. It makes a lot more sense to do this than to isolate yourself in a space and try to produce a 20-page document in one go.

Budgeting and Financing Estimates

Budgeting and financing for self-storage businesses can feel overwhelming, and because the statistics appear more restrictive, the financial aspect of a business plan does seem to stimulate the most concern.

On the other hand, your business plan is meant to assist you with preparing for the future and scaling your business. Also, note that they are estimations, not forecasts, and there are no wrong or right figures. When you approach them in this manner, they become significantly less intimidating.

Make sure that you're systematic about it. One smart way to do it would be to begin from the bottom and work your way back up. You know how much money you want your company to generate, so figure out how much each part of our self-storage products and services should bring in.

Also, find out what your expenditures may possibly be in order to meet that goal. It sounds simple, yet it is so quickly forgotten. Remember, these are YOURyour figures. Don't be compelled to just select a template and fill it out yourself. Begin with the fundamentals and then link the dots.

Knowing Your Demographics

The most difficult challenge for a growing self-storage business is resisting the temptation to let the perceived momentum of their performance be the basis for broadening their opportunities.

Also, you want to be approachable. However, resist the urge to say yes to everyone and everything. Reacting to who you work with and saying yes to everybody rather than going after specific people that you know you want to work with will simply spread the value you provide clients too thinly and dilute what you do best.

It is critical to understand your target audience. You may utilize a categorization tool like 6SenseRevenueAI, which uses a scoring system to meticulously identify distinct tiers of consumers.

Not only does it keep you informed about your present customer base, but it also serves as a superb screening tool to determine whether new client leads are strong or just something put in to expand your net and weaken your value to your important clients.

Making It Interesting

Anything "interesting" is always conveyed with enthusiasm. Imagine you're chatting to a stranger, you've told them about your self-storage company, and they ask you a question—a passionate tale about how you are of service, the kind of people you help, as well as who you might be able to help in the future, should most likely follow.

That's significantly more intriguing than a scripted sales speech peppered with figures and statistics.

Self Storage Business Plan Examples

Below, we have included various business plan samples for your self-storage company launch to assist you in developing your own business plan:

  1. OGS Capital self-storage business plan samples
  2. self-storage business plan samples (PDF)
  3. SampleTemplates self-storage business plan samples (MS word, google docs, PDF.)
  4. self-storage business plan samples
  5. ExpertHub self-storage business plan sample

Free Self-storage Business Plan Template

Below is a self-storage business plan template that outlines the important components of a successful self-storage business plan for your guidance.

Free Self-storage Business Plan Template


Above all, in the marketing/management section of your business plan, you should indicate the need for an authentic self-storage property management system. The PMS should feature a sophisticated client management system, single app control, and a richer experience for all.

Your self-storage facilities can be maintained efficiently and optimized using the Booking Ninjas self-storage property management system , enabling you to better manage your clients. With our one-stop system, you may benefit from remote access, ticketing and POS systems, online customer acquisition, and much more. It is time to improve your storage.

We are glad to share our knowledge by giving this preparation guide and application to assist you in getting started in the profitable self-storage industry.

To learn more about our self-storage management services, schedule a call with us now!

Improve Your Property's Management, Operation & Revenue With Booking Ninjas Property Management System

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