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  08 Feb 2023

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Property Management Marketing Ideas

Finding renters can be challenging. Neither is raising revenues from property rentals. Add the burden of maintaining numerous homes to the mix. 

Yes, all of this is not very comforting. Still, it is possible to succeed if you employ appropriate property management marketing methods. These approaches will assist you in increasing occupancy and NOI (net operating income). 

We're here to assist you if this is what you're searching for!

What is Property Management Marketing?

Property management marketing is simply the promotion and advertising of the property management business, alongside conducting market research. 

It is creating awareness that you're in the business of managing land and buildings, which includes tasks such as maintaining structures and coordinating property rentals.

Ideas for Marketing Your Property Management Business

How real estate management businesses are advertised has evolved drastically in recent years. The Yellow Pages, publishing, radio and television ads, cold calling, and telemarketing are all practically outdated. Without digital marketing, no firm can hope to thrive in this day and age.

Although internet marketing might appear intimidating, it has enormous potential to help your property management company stand out, access new markets, create leads, and enhance profits.

Keyword Marketing 

Keyword marketing refers to advertising efforts based on terms your potential consumers look for on sites like Google.

The Google Keyword Planner is the most crucial tool for keyword research. This tool assists in identifying the search phrases used to find your type of company and service.

When you have this data, you may utilize it on your company's website.

Keywords strengthen and enhance your Google rankings, which improves your website and helps produce property management prospects.

Know Your Market

Following basic keyword research, the next step should be discovering your rivals' actions. This enables you to determine what works and what does not in your market.

When analyzing your market and knowing your competition, consider the following:

  • What does your rival do well in search engine results?
  • What kind of social media presence do they have?
  • How successful is the material on their website or blog?
  • How active are they on YouTube?
  • Which customer segments are they aiming for?

These questions will assist you in determining the strengths of your competitors as well as any holes that you may be able to fill.

Content Marketing

We cannot emphasize the significance of good content in internet marketing.

You must provide high-quality, valuable, unique, and up-to-date material for your potential customers. Ultimately, it would help if you were your consumers' go-to real estate expert.

Consider content to be more than just words that take up web pages. Instead, consider it your excellent publicity tool, with the power to create or ruin your brand.

Below are some pointers to help you create excellent content.

  • Ensure that your material tackles an issue and provides a solution.
  • Please refrain from making it all about you. Instead, concentrate on the requirements of your intended audience.
  • Create authority by creating unique and helpful content.
  • Give your viewers something of worth. If you give them what they really want, they will likely reciprocate the favor.

Content is the most essential feature of your online marketing plan. Ensure that you do it correctly.

Property management content ideas

Remember that content cannot be the be-all and end-all of your marketing efforts. When you've created great content, you must guarantee that your target audience sees it. You may accomplish this through content marketing.

You may market your content using a variety of methods. You could:

  • Share social media posts.
  • Be in touch with the real estate blogging community.
  • Guest write on sites relevant to your industry.

Don't overlook the "marketing" component of your "online marketing." You cannot afford to invest in all that work to create great content and waste everything due to poor marketing.

When done correctly, content marketing may set you a significant step beyond the competition.


You can establish a brilliant company name, great content, and the finest services. However, suppose you need to optimize your site for search engines. In that case, internet customers will be unaware of your property management company.

SEO generally entails:

  • Identifying relevant keywords for your company
  • Optimizing your website for those keywords
  • Backlinking to your website

So, how should your website be optimized?

Use primary keywords on your homepage and secondary ones across your website.

Follow the guidelines of appropriate keyword density per page (usually 1 to 3%), and make sure your metadata is included.

A meta title and a meta description should be included in the metadata. They will imitate the following:

Meta title: - "ABC Property Managers"

Meta description 

ABC Property Management is the most successful property management agency in Houston, TX. For further information, please contact us at 000-111-555

Customers will be able to discover you more quickly if you do this.

However, in order for SEO to be successful, it must be done correctly. "Optimizing" is the key term here. Be cautious about using only a few keywords. Google will blacklist your site accordingly.

Google tends to penalize link spamming and keyword stuffing. Ensure you have high-quality backlinks, good internal links, and excellent keyword optimization.

User Interface and User Experience

In Google's opinion, consumer metrics are absolutely critical. This means you must consider a variety of factors, including:

  • How your website's visitors engage with it
  • How easy is it for them to browse the site?
  • How fast your website loads
  • Its mobile friendliness
  • Whether or whether it's 404 error-free
  • Are there any broken links?
  • Whether or not it contains unique stuff
  • These elements can improve your usability rating.

You should also pay attention to your website's bounce rate and the average amount of time visitors spend on it. These are variables that Google Analytics can measure.

Listing and Branding

It is critical to establish a Google+ company page. This tool can assist you with ranking in your local region.

The content on your Google+ page should correspond to that on your property management website.

The content should specifically mention your:

  • Company Name 
  • Location 
  • Contact Information 
  • Website

Once your Google+ profile is live, you can establish company listings on other trustworthy websites. The more current and precise your company information, your local SEO will be more successful.

Next, concentrate on your client's feedback. You may leverage good customer reviews on your Google My Business profile to drive more prospects. 

This is because many consumers trust internet evaluations as much as they make personal recommendations.

Social Media

Your target audience is almost certainly on social media.

Remembering this, you must create an efficient social media marketing approach. Social networking is your greatest hope for generating leads and breaking into new client areas.

Consider the following figures:

  • Facebook now has 1.9 billion active users.
  • There are one billion active users on YouTube.
  • Google+ now has 540 million active members.
  • Twitter now has 284 million active users.
  • LinkedIn has 187 million registered users.
  • Instagram now has 300 million active users.
  • Pinterest now has 70 million active users.

They are all among the world's most active websites regarding traffic. Even if you intend to avoid reaching out to an international audience, you will have at least a few million prospective clients waiting to be reached.

Without a doubt, social media is an excellent resource for consumer leads.

The best aspect is that using social networking sites is inexpensive. In truth, Google keeps track of firms' social media activities. This indicates that social media not only assists you in developing consumer interactions but also boosts your web ranking.

Remember to value the power of social media. It is the finest approach to connecting with your consumers, enhancing your exposure, promoting your brand, and creating trust and authority in the internet world.

Property management social media ideas

Nowadays, practically everyone uses social media, which makes it an excellent platform for property management marketing. 

Using social media to market your company and boost exposure is one of the most effective methods to do it. 

To improve your client interactions, publish your property management advertising on major sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.

A smart social media marketing strategy is inexpensive and may yield significant returns in terms of gaining new clients. It can also help your internet rankings. Here are some practical approaches:

  • Engage with influencers to create a virtual tour of your property. Yes, this might be expensive, but on the plus side, thousands of people will most likely see your house.
  • Make social media events for prospective renters and invite them to community involvement activities. This will not only entice new renters, but it will also help your current tenants to screen their future neighbors.
  • Connect with other businesses on social media to expand your reach and offer potential tenants local attractions.

The following are some other concepts for social media posts:

  • Managing a new asset or property
  • Staff recruitment
  • Reviews or suggestions from residents
  • Introducing new employees
  • Employee recognition and advancement
  • Charity work or assistance
  • Creating a Team
  • Training sessions
  • Videos featuring CEOs, corporate stories, or satisfied employees

Link Building

External and internal links both help your site expand organically and boost its search engine results.

It is critical to remember that the value of such links is significant. Your rankings will increase if you can obtain links from authoritative websites.

Backlinks to your website should be relevant and organic. Companies used to buy links to enhance their search engine rankings, irrespective of the quality of the connections. The practice continued until Google punished the guilty businesses with a huge fine.

That is to imply that link-building is still relevant. You can continue to use it as long as you refrain from using it. "Earn" your links by gradually increasing your authority with excellent and relevant content.

Anchor Text

Anchor text is essential for good link building. If you mistake your anchor text, your website is in danger of being blacklisted.

Make sure that:

  • Between 50 and 60% of your anchor text is branded.
  • 20 to 30% of your anchor text is generic (e.g., contact us, and click for more info).
  • Your primary keyword should account for 5 to 10% of your anchor text.

Networking for Property Managers

Property management marketing relies heavily on networking. It raises awareness of your company and allows you to use your contacts to gain additional clients. It has the potential to increase traffic to your own website. In-person meetings are also said to provide a greater return on investment (ROI).

  • Host or participate in events to meet other property managers.
  • Collaborate with other companies.
  • Make use of your local contacts.
  • Establish solid working connections with specialists, such as plumbers.
  • If you can't assist them in developing goodwill, refer them to alternative property managers.

Non-Digital Property Management Marketing

Non-digital property management marketing is still prominent and preferred by certain property managers. However, its value is dwindling, and it might be unreliable.

Conventional media's daily average amount of time spent has steadily fallen. However, digital media's daily consumption in the United States is predicted to reach 8 hours in 2022.

Print advertisements include public notice board posters, yard signs, pamphlets, and newspaper/magazine ads. Even if they produce some leads, if they are displayed without authority, they might attract squatters and constitute a nuisance.

The return on investment for this advertising could be higher because there is no method to monitor who is targeted, and it frequently draws untrustworthy leads.

Client, friend, and colleague referrals are the most efficient of these strategies. Property managers should collaborate with their clients to develop effective referral programs.

Online Reputation Management for Property Management Businesses

Homeowners are more inclined to choose property managers with a positive online reputation. Thus Online Reputation Management should be prioritized. COVID-19 has also made the internet the principal source of information for many people.

The following are some excellent Online Reputation Management (ORM) practices:

  • Request that customers provide feedback.
  • Deal with any unfavorable feedback right away.
  • Have a well-trained workforce for customer relationship management (CRM).
  • Register with review sites such as and Movoto.
  • Guest blogging entails appearing on other relevant blogs and doing interviews.
  • Keep a Google business profile with reviews.

How Much Should You Invest in Property Management Marketing?

A property manager can evaluate the effectiveness of the media channels employed by competitors. This might serve as the foundation for their own property management marketing strategy. 

Before they begin, property managers also need to create a viable property management marketing budget. Here's an easy three-step process for creating one:

Set marketing goals

Varying goals necessitate different degrees of investment; for example, growth necessitates a more significant investment.

Make a budget

A straightforward approach to accomplish this is to put aside a certain amount for each stage of the marketing funnel.

Analyze and optimize your expenditure

The first stage in your growth cycle is to obtain an owner lead. You must regularly evaluate your conversion rates and adjust your messaging approach to achieve the most remarkable outcomes. A/B tests everything and pays special attention to statistics!

Key Takeaways

When it comes to property management marketing, it is critical to target the specific individuals you want as clients: property owners. It is critical that you change and evolve your marketing plan in order to keep up. 

After all, including these marketing methods in your marketing strategy will undoubtedly enhance your company's organic traffic and clientele.

Also, keep in touch with resources like the Booking Ninjas blog section, where they publish regular blog posts about effective property management and marketing.

Improve Your Property's Management, Operation & Revenue With Booking Ninjas Property Management System

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