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  22 May 2022

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Must-Have Amenities To Provide In a Retirement Home

As time goes by, the younger generations are becoming more educated, affluent and demanding than their elderly predecessors when choosing senior care and retirement homes. So, it becomes imperative for retirement homes to provide amenities better suited to their unique care needs and an array of services for seniors suited to different stages of their lives. Hence, these retirement homes can respond to the changing needs of seniors over time without them needing to relocate.

Rental retirement homes are also a better solution for senior couples who wish to live together, despite needing different levels of care. The amenities in retirement homes should foster a sense of community, provide a socially vibrant environment, offer more than one level of care on the same premises, promote an active, healthy lifestyle among residents and accommodate residents as their care needs shift over time.

Fostering a Sense of Community

Earlier, the seniors underwent heart-breaking separations from their beloved family members and lifelong friends when shifting to retirement homes. However, these days Continuity Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs) provide care at multiple levels, which means couples, family members, and friends can live in the same community despite having significantly different needs. And they can continue to remain in the same place, no matter how their needs change, which draws many seniors to them.

These retirement homes are also known as life plan communities underlining a new change in elderly care, with amenities in retirement homes welcoming younger seniors requiring no care yet preferring to live among their peers. Understanding which level of care the seniors or their loved ones may need helps in choosing between independent and assisted living facilities. Retirement homes' comprehensive combination of independent and assisted living services is a win-win situation.

Providing a Socially Vibrant Environment

Amenities in retirement homes should provide the best independent living care, assisted living services, memory care and nursing care. For independent living care or those who require little care managing their daily activities, amenities in retirement homes should include entertainment, medical care, dining, and exercise for physical and emotional well-being. But residents still.

They should also offer a safer environment, where residents can interact with fellow residents and enjoy an active and vibrant social life. These services are similar to hospitality. For assisted living care, amenities in retirement homes should include extended care services for those requiring help with basic daily care activities. These daily care activities can be as basic as personal hygiene, completing household chores, preparing meals, driving or coordinating transportation, maintaining personal finances and managing medications apart from daily social interaction.

Providing Different Levels of Care on the Same Premises

Apart from independent living care and assisted living care, many retirement homes offer a full spectrum of care, from memory care to skilled nursing. Should care needs increase over time, an uncomfortable and unreasonable move to another place will be unnecessary. Hence choosing a continuity care retirement home is in the senior's best interests ensuring peace of mind with clear plans for their future.

They know they are in a facility that can help them every step of the way. It will also allow them to stay close to their loved ones with different care needs. It is an alternative residential option for senior citizens more than 65 years of age that offers flexible housing options, services and amenities, and 24x7 care to address the health and wellness needs of the residents as they age. They provide the following levels of care:

Independent Living

In retirement facilities with Independent Living, residents live independently on their own while enjoying access to a wide array of services and amenities.

Assisted Living

In retirement facilities with Assisted Living, residents receive assistance with Activities of Daily Living (ADLs), such as eating, bathing, dressing, personal care etc. The standard amenities in a retirement home include housekeeping, medication management, laundry, a common dining area, physical and social activities, transportation and around-the-clock emergency call service. The accommodation types range from single rooms to shared apartments or fully private apartments, which may be rented or bought.

24/7 Access to Nursing Care

A skilled nursing facility in a retirement home provides the highest level of care. Older adults usually come for nursing care when they are highly dependent and unable to care for themselves anymore. Qualified medical professionals are appointed to take care of the seniors and assist them with carrying out their daily routine.

The around-the-clock care includes care services and various amenities in retirement homes such as meal service, personal care, medication, dressing, physical activities appropriate to the individual abilities, laundry, social activities, special treatment of bedridden persons, decubitus prevention etc. Patients are accommodated either in shared or single rooms.

Due to the high level of care, nursing facilities are the most expensive type of care in retirement homes. Besides long-term care, many retirement homes also provide short-term rehabilitative stays for persons requiring intensive care for a certain period after an illness, surgery, or injury.

Skilled Memory Care

Among the amenities in retirement homes, some retirement homes specialize in the care of persons with cognitive impairment. Since dementia patients have special care needs, these facilities provide them with the required assistance and encourage their remaining independency. To cope with the orientation problem of dementia patients, for example, memory care facilities are equipped with a colour coding system and have a clustered, circular setting.

As they are overwhelmed by too many impressions, dementia patients are provided with a simple and structured environment. Therefore, memory care facilities comprise a minimalistic, functional design and equipment necessary to reduce stress factors in seniors. Moreover, memory training units also offer to maintain and foster the remaining mental abilities.

The different levels of care enable the seniors to remain within the same community – and if their needs change and they require health care and supervision, they can be shifted easily to another level of care within the same community. It allows them the advantage of living in the same place with their spouse and friends. It prevents the stress and hassles of moving. More importantly, it continues to let them receive medical care when required, in an environment they know and trust and find emotionally more reassuring.

Promoting a Healthy, Active Lifestyle

The intangible health care costs, services and amenities in retirement homes prove to be the ultimate deciding factors for seniors. These amenities in retirement homes promote a healthy, active lifestyle . They include a community clubhouse, lounge areas, event spaces, dining rooms, cafeterias, housekeeping services, fitness centres with fitness classes, a swimming pool, interior and exterior maintenance, scheduled transportation, and Wi-Fi.

They also offer a higher level of standalone services and amenities in retirement homes than those exclusive for independent living care and provide accommodations and a wide array of care options as per the contracts. Many care rental retirement homes feature private living quarters which are fully licensed and capable of offering the full spectrum of care, from memory care to skilled nursing.


Thus, levels of care and various amenities in retirement homes are important deciding factors for seniors who intend to live a quality life in their golden years. So, the more the levels of care and amenities in a retirement home, the more likely it is to be their final choice.

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Improve Your Property's Management, Operation & Revenue With Booking Ninjas Property Management System

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