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  07 Apr 2021

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Hotel Bathroom Cleaning Checklist

When it comes to cleaning guest rooms in your hotel, your staff should be paying close attention to all areas. However, if there's one area that deserves a cleaner's utmost attention, it's the bathroom. No matter how nice the hotel or room is, and regardless of your customer service quality, a bathroom that's even slightly unclean can turn a customer off, lead to bad reviews, and potentially harm business.

To ensure that your staff doesn't cut any corners when they clean bathrooms, it's good to use a hotel bathroom checklist. The simple practice of outlining every task holds workers accountable while removing all excuses for not completing each step. We've outlined the essential parts of a bathroom checklist below.

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Essential Bathroom Cleaning Checklist Safety Tips

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It takes a lot of different products to get a bathroom in tip-top shape, and many of them utilize chemicals that, if misused, pose significant health risks. For your hotel staff's safety, you should include safety procedures to follow with the tasks on your bathroom checklist. Even if you cover these points in your training program, it doesn't hurt to provide them again here.

- When working with cleaning agents and other chemicals, ventilate the area as much as possible. Keep the bathroom door open as well as the room's windows. Fumes pose a more significant risk in confined areas, so you need to open the space up and keep the air moving to minimize it.

- Always use appropriate protective equipment, no matter what. Protective goggles and gloves are an absolute must when working with chemicals and other irritants. You may also require cleaners to wear aprons to protect their uniforms, though this isn't necessary for their safety. 

- Use separate cleaning equipment for the bathroom and other areas. Each area of your hotel has different types of germs, and so is the equipment you use in them. Such equipment includes spray bottles, rags, mops, and even signage.

The Hotel Bathroom Cleaning Checklist 

The tasks outlined in the hotel bathroom checklist are vital for keeping hotel bathrooms clean and suitable for guests. While we've aimed to make it comprehensive, we understand that not every step may apply to your hotel's bathrooms. Think of this as a hotel bathroom checklist that you can augment as you need.

- Collect all the dirty towels and unused towels from the previous guest. You should keep dirty towels separate from other soiled cloth items, like linens. Towels that appear unused should still be removed and washed, just in case. 

- Wipe down and disinfect the room's sinks, including faucets, handles, and drains. Guests make contact with these the most but rarely clean them. Use this time to check for leaks and report any you find to the maintenance team.

- Scrub, disinfect, and dry the bathtub and shower, focusing on the drains, faucets, and handles. Special attention should be paid to the drain, as it collects hair and other debris. Run the water, observe how quickly the water drains, and report to maintenance if you think it's clogging.

- Wash down the walls, mirrors, countertops, and bathroom door. With countertops, be sure to clean the underside of any ledges that hang over the edge. Be sure to clean the walls even if they don't appear to be dirty.

- Begin cleaning the toilet, starting with the inside and outside of the bowl. You mustn't rush this step because this is the part of most bathrooms that guests inspect the most. Thoroughly cleaning the toilet bowl helps eliminate germs and plays a big role in making a strong impression on customers. 

- Disinfect, wipe, and dry the remaining parts of the toilet. Focus on the handle, both sides of the lid, each side of the seat, and the tank's exterior. Any damage, like chips or cracks, should be reported immediately. 

- Clean the ceiling fan or vent, removing all of the collected dust.

- Scrub and dry any cabinets, paying close attention to the handles. 

- Clean the floor and grout, starting with a complete sweep. Once you've removed all visible debris, move on to mopping. Some sections of the grout may need to be hand cleaned if mopping doesn't remove the filth. 

- Wait for the floor to dry before removing and replacing trash bags. Alternatively, you may remove the trash bags before you begin mopping and replace them while you wait for the floor to dry. Take the opportunity to replace air fresheners or spray a deodorizer if your hotel uses any.

- Replace any soaps, shampoos, conditioners, paper towels, and toilet paper rolls. You should throw unused items from previous guests away.

- If your bathrooms use shower curtains, be sure to inspect them for damage or mildew closely. If they are safe to clean, you can include any that are dirty with the laundry. Otherwise, replace those that can't be cleaned or are damaged.

- Check the brightness of any lightbulbs used in the bathroom. Replace those that have begun to dim right away with new bulbs. Customers tend to notice when lights aren't as bright as they should be.

- Look the room over again for any spots you may have missed. Use this as a final chance to double-check your work. You will perform up most of your cleaning work close, so it may be useful to view the room all at once.

You'll find this hotel bathroom cleaning checklist covers the essential components of bathrooms but can be easily adjusted to include other elements. If, for example, your bathrooms have a closet, you can slide cleaning them into any part of the bathroom checklist you like. Customize our hotel cleaning checklist to fit your hotel's setup.

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Improve Your Property's Management, Operation & Revenue With Booking Ninjas Property Management System

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