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  16 Jun 2021

Improve Your Property's Management, Operation & Revenue With Booking Ninjas Property Management System

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5 reasons property managers should use Booking Ninjas


Property management systems come in various forms. As far as experiences go, I have come across several categories of management systems such as: 

Cloud systems: servers and important files and databases are hosted in the cloud, i.e. remote computers, and accessed over the internet. This method is pretty much the modern approach to managing your properties and business. 

On-premise systems: you install the programs, host the database, and store files on your local system. An example of this is the Opera PMS. This is an outdated approach but still in use by property managers for whom changes to a cloud environment might be too expensive or disruptive.

Single Purpose PMS: this could be cloud or on-premise. This type of PMS offers only one service or a group of related services. It could be a literal property management system where you log in to view and manage information about your properties. This is hardly in use as the ROI isn’t always attractive to hoteliers.

Multi-purpose PMS: this handles a wide range of services. Design and implementation of this system often take a huge amount of time and money. Hence establishments are more likely to purchase a license. 

Modern Property Management Systems

Most modern systems are multi-purpose systems. They provide several services to the user, including reservation management, transactions, invoicing and payment, and communication. But that’s not all you need for a quality management experience. Several factors go into deciding if a property management system is good for you. 

According to SoftwareAdvice, “... buyers seek more advanced, integrated software: Those replacing an HMS primarily say it lacks functionality (13 percent) or doesn’t integrate with other systems (12 percent)”. That said, the multipurpose management systems sold today don’t quite meet the expectations of buyers. One reason for that could be that most vendors simply spend too much time on features and not enough time on what their target customers need.

Features are important but not the only solution. Customers need to know the features are a solution to their business problems, and more importantly, easily accessible and functional. 

Booking Ninjas

Booking Ninjas is relatively new in the multi-purpose software industry, but we have spent a lot of time as users of such systems. At conception, we helped hotels, property managers, and businesses manage their properties through popular systems at the time. It wasn’t until 2016 that we took a big step and worked towards building a multi-purpose functional system that solved our needs and that of our clients.

Our solution is now publicly available for purchase, and we have a good number of clients who find our features very practical and applicable for revenue-generating models. Let’s go through some of these features.

No data redundancy

One major problem facing management systems today is data redundancy. Even worse so is the fact that this is usually not diagnosed by the user of the system. Data redundancy is when you have repetitive information stored across your system. While initially harmless, it is often the leading cause of low performance, unreliability, and security attacks. 

With Booking Ninjas, we designed our system infrastructure in a shareable format, one in which data would never have to be repeated across features. For example, stored customer information can be accessible by every part of the system without having to copy the information to relevant areas. This method helps to ensure data is kept as light as possible, your system performance is optimal, and your data safety is assured.

No communication gap between owners and tenants

Information often loses its message when conveyed through improper sources. Our communication features include Twilio integrations, phone systems integrations, SMS channels, Whatsapp, and other channels. Through this, our clients can manage their entire communication system from one platform and ensure the right channels are used to interact with tenants. 

Access to data anywhere

A property manager can easily access a primary characteristic of cloud-based systems, BookingNinjas systems, over the internet at any time. This makes it easier to establish a remote work program where business data can be accessed online. 

Furthermore, we feature mobile integration through our extensive API feature. This enables you to have a lightweight mobile application on your Android or iOS device. This further simplifies the remote experience, letting you work with your mobile phone on the go.

Intelligent reporting

We believe reporting is a basic business right of property managers. The reporting feature was a major concern when building our system, and we ensure every part of the data structure was easily collated and analyzed.

With the different dashboards available, you can study data about your guests, reservations, properties, sales and revenue, and other information of interest. Another advanced addition to this is intelligence. Einstein Analytics works with our data reports and generates intelligent analysis based on available data and current trends. 

This is officially one of the few times Artificial Intelligence is becoming a major practical tool for businesses on a commercial scale.

Updated software with advanced property management systems

Our users keep getting upgrades. You can always expect upgrades every few weeks or months, and it is always carried out over the cloud, and you have to accept these upgrades, meaning they have little or no impact on your business flow at any point in time.

Data, Features, and Application

Our system has been designed to solve real problems encountered by property managers. Our developers are fully committed to improving every feature and the addition of new ones. For now, our system continues to be the most reliable in terms of data, features, and application.

Improve Your Property's Management, Operation & Revenue With Booking Ninjas Property Management System

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