Property Management App & Web Access Portal

Property Management App & Web Access Portal

As a Property Owner, If You Can Use A Mobile Device, Then You Have All It Takes To Quickly And Easily Manage Your Tenants And Guests By Taking Advantage Of The Booking Ninja’s

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We know that you spend time trying to improve your guests/tenants experience and would rather avoid the difficulty and complexities that accompany it.

Yes, a manual front desk has been the go-to method many have employed to manage their property for years. But it has only contributed to compiled complaints that tend to grow synchronically as your guest list grows.

And when some decide to consider a similar solution to ours, spend hours and hours of change and implementation, dedicating tons of cash to the process, standing strong in the face of computer/software challenges...

They meet with a strong wall of disappointment from the service providers.

No one deserves this, and definitely not you as a property/hotel owner.

Consider this ancient history with our Property Management Portal developed just for you, the owner, your staff, and guests.

It’s an interactive portal taken to the next level, designed with the perceptive UI to grant all parties the best experience. It’s the perfect one-stop Property Management System you never had.

The Property Owner App

With our Management App, you’ll get full-fledged access to a thoroughly packed app that you can access from your iOS or Android devices. It gives you, the owner, the luxury of controlling several behind-the-scenes events all on the go including numerous cool features that will improve your team’s productivity.

With this App, you’ll stand to...

Get Prompt Access to Different Reports

Get an account of what’s going on in your property or hotel on the go. This includes your revenue report, room occupancy, staff performance, and other transactions/statistics reports.

Book Your Stay

Book your stay at your property. Reserve rooms you want for yourself and set the time or days you want blocked out. Who says you don’t deserve your me-time?

Execute Transactions Seamlessly

Transfer or receive money within the shortest time frame through your PMS. Keep tabs on transactions going in and off your property at all times.

Maintain Communication with Your Guests/Tenants

Communicate instantly with your guests or tenants and get ahead of their needs. It’s your ticket to flawless customer service, making you and your staff more accessible to your guests while keeping your personal contact “private”.

Document Sharing

Share documents, receipts, and memos smoothly with your staff and guests. And get access to all necessary documents as well.

The Guest/Tenant Web Access

We understand that your concern with convenience doesn’t wrap up with yours getting solved. You want the same comfort and more for your guests, which is the exact utility the Guest/tenant web access is built for. They get to enjoy the following:

Direct Communication with You

A one-sided information flow from you to them can be forgotten. Your guests will get a 2-way route of communication with you, allowing their needs to be met first-hand. All these without compromising your private contact.

Interaction with the Management Staff

The app ups your customer service and steers it to a whole different standard, eliminating the customer-staff gap. This alone is sure to keep your ratings high as guests are sure to get satisfied with your speed of service and communication.

Making Payment Online

They can go completely cashless and make payments for all expenses online without the need for your staff. This they can do at lightning-fast confirmation while getting rid of any security concern or credit card compromise.

Submission of Housekeeping Requests

Requests for room services, laundry, amongst other services can be made via their web access, which all necessary attendants and supervisors get notified of immediately. You are looking at an increase in the productivity of your staff and a drastic reduction in the waiting time of your guests.

Access to Specialized Features

Your guests and tenants will get access to “easy-to-navigate” features like:

  • Giving reviews
  • Ordering add-ons
  • Editing reservations
  • Changing payment plans
  • Getting an update on payment status
  • Seeing purchase history.
  • Accessing rewards points...

While considering improving your property management experience with our proven system, remember that this single access —

“Covers all essentials of running a rewarding property right from getting booked to securing a pronounced customer satisfaction that keeps them singing your praises and coming back for more.”

Act now to take advantage of this rare opportunity to possess the ultimate hospitality instrument that puts you ahead of your competitors.

All you need to get started is toSchedule a Demo with us.

P.S. You should look through what our customers have to say about us as your guide to take action. And we can assure you, the next line of action you’d take is toset an appointment to get started.

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