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  13 Jul 2022

Improve Your Property's Management, Operation & Revenue With Booking Ninjas Property Management System

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Serviced Apartment Property Management Software

You can automate a variety of operations using a serviced apartment property management software.

Finding the perfect software vendor, on the other hand, is no easy task. After all, several businesses claim that their solutions include many of the essential property management functions.

What Is A Serviced Apartment Management Software?

In a nutshell, serviced apartment management software is a system that provides a unified channel for bookings and other operating tasks for your serviced apartment business.

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Key Features To Look Out For In A Serviced Apartment Property Management Software

When researching property management software, it's crucial to know what features different programs provide. Here are some of the most common features of these tools.


Accounting functions in serviced apartment property management systems are similar to financial accounting functions in other systems.

They allow you to keep figures precise and updated, with ledger accounts, forecasts, and reports providing a comprehensive picture of expenditures and revenues. Reports can be used to communicate information to stakeholders and to spot patterns and opportunities.

Tenant and Rent Tracking

This function is at the center of any serviced apartment property management system since it aids in the organization and tracking of all relevant information regarding occupants and lease agreements.

This could include information such as backdated payments, important lease deadlines, and contact details. Many systems also provide tenant screening options as part of tenant tracking.

Budgeting and Forecasting

These functions add value to a serviced apartment property management software by synchronizing all current financial data and historical rent details so that accurate estimations and forecasting of future expenditures can be provided.

Reporting tools may be used to create personalized reports that can be delivered to stakeholders quickly and easily.

Building Maintenance

Tenants and employees may submit, monitor, and assign orders for any sort of request, ranging from structural difficulties, cleaning concerns, and insect problems, through an online interface.

Additionally, to provide a timely response, many systems automatically allocate jobs to maintenance employees.

Tenant Portal

Residents can connect with their landlords or other staff members using an online portal, which would be available 24 hours a day.

Tenants can change their contact details, pay bills, request maintenance, check lease paperwork, and connect with the help desk.

Automated Check-in and Check-out Process 

The software should facilitate automated check-in and check-out processes to enhance the guest experience. Features like keyless entry systems and mobile check-ins not only save time for both guests and staff but also contribute to a more modern and convenient stay for guests.

Integrated Channel Management

An effective SAPMS should integrate with various distribution channels to optimize visibility and reach a broader audience. This includes integration with popular OTAs, corporate booking platforms, and the property's own website. 

A centralized system that manages rates and inventory across all channels helps in maintaining consistency and avoiding discrepancies.

Dynamic Pricing and Revenue Management

Dynamic pricing is essential for maximizing revenue and adapting to market fluctuations. Look for a SAPMS that offers robust revenue management tools, allowing property managers to set flexible pricing strategies based on demand, seasonality, and other factors. This ensures optimal pricing for each booking, leading to increased profitability.

Guest Relationship Management (GRM)

Building strong relationships with guests is crucial for repeat business. A SAPMS with a comprehensive Guest Relationship Management (GRM) system can help in personalizing guest experiences. This includes tracking guest preferences, managing loyalty programs, and sending targeted communications to enhance guest satisfaction and loyalty.

How Much Does a Serviced Apartment Property Management Software Cost?

There you have it. The all-too-familiar price tab. People hesitate to press the button because they are not sure of what they'll find.

Property management software is often priced depending on a few major factors like:

  • Number of units that you have under your control
  • Number of applications that you require
  • How you would like the system to be implemented

Many companies price per unit, and many, per month, but regardless of how the pricing plan is structured, be aware that most of them have minimum monthly prices.

Also, consider additional costs like implementation, maintenance fees, and hardware charges.

Furthermore, expenses for on-premise and cloud-based deployments may differ; cloud-based software often requires a lesser initial investment.

Serviced apartment property management software may cost between $400 per month to $7000 per month, depending on several factors, and the number of units you intend to manage.

Some companies offer some features at a discount and free trials to some clients. After scheduling a demo , you would know if you’re eligible for a free trial.

To get a clearer picture, you can check out the Booking Ninjas Property Management Software pricing guide . It’ll give you all the pricing information that you need.

Possibility Of Hidden Costs

Although most property management software has a straightforward pricing structure, certain systems incorporate expenses that a landlord may not be aware of. Consider the following fees in addition to the monthly price per unit:

  • Add-on components that may not be added to the plan selected by the landlord.
  • Implementation charges for setting up the program for success.
  • Options for training the serviced apartment property staff to use the system efficiently.
  • API accessibility that allows the program to be further customized to match the demands of a landlord.

Competitive Advantages of Using PMS

Property management software provides the functionality needed to accomplish everyday activities, whether used to manage a single apartment building or hundreds of commercial properties, allowing a property owner to focus on other aspects of their business:

  • Expand your company- A property manager can spend more time promoting properties and coordinating other aspects of the business thanks to automation features like built-in tenant screening to discover the best tenants or renters.
  • Users may publish vacancies on multiple sites, such as, with only a few clicks using some marketing tools.
  • Increase the ease of use- Residents may pay rent at any time of day via an online tenant portal, which is convenient for them and makes rent collection much easier for landlords.
  • Furthermore, the site establishes a channel of contact between residents, the office, and the maintenance team, allowing everyone to be instantly informed of relevant announcements.
  • Obtain profitability oversight and financial control- Landlords can use analytics and reporting systems to gather accounting, tenant, and sales data in order to spot patterns that may be affecting their business or possibilities for improvement.

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Can PMS Help Me With Marketing My Serviced Apartment Business?

Absolutely! Property managers are tasked with marketing their vacancies and expressing quality in the photos and content they post.

Modern-day serviced apartment property management systems include features like branding, booking engines, social media integration, and comprehensive marketing campaign implementation, to facilitate vacancy and website management.

Here are some ways a PMS can help you with marketing:

Real-Time Availability and Rates

A PMS provides real-time updates on apartment availability and rates across all channels. This helps in avoiding overbookings and ensures that potential guests can access accurate information, promoting trust and reliability. Consistency in pricing and availability is essential for attracting and retaining customers.

Online Booking Engine

A user-friendly online booking engine integrated into your PMS and website allows potential guests to easily book directly. Direct bookings often result in higher profit margins, as you can avoid commission fees from third-party booking platforms. Offering incentives such as discounts or exclusive perks for direct bookings can further encourage this.

Promotions and Marketing Campaigns

Utilize your PMS to create and manage promotions or marketing campaigns. Whether it's seasonal discounts, special packages, or loyalty programs, your PMS can help automate and track the effectiveness of these campaigns. This can be a powerful tool for attracting new guests and retaining existing ones.

Data Analytics and Reporting

PMS solutions typically include analytics and reporting features. Use these tools to gain insights into your business performance, understand booking trends, and identify areas for improvement. Data-driven decisions can enhance your marketing strategies, allowing you to target specific demographics, adjust pricing, and optimize promotional efforts.

Social Media Integration

Some PMS solutions offer social media integration, allowing you to showcase your serviced apartments on various platforms. Integrating with social media can increase brand visibility, engage with potential guests, and leverage user-generated content, such as positive reviews and testimonials.

Are There Any Drawbacks From Using Serviced Apartment PMS?

Although serviced apartment property management services are highly profitable and there are no specific drawbacks to using them, the property manager is obligated to make it work.

You have to understand that it won't fix all of your problems right away, but it can help you automate some of your most time-consuming daily activities.

However, It's crucial to have a clear objective in mind for the service, as with any software investment.

A defined goal will enable your business to determine the specific functionalities required to achieve success.

Here are some considerations:

Initial Cost and Implementation Time:

Implementing a SAPMS can involve significant upfront costs, including software licenses, hardware, and training. Additionally, the time required for staff to adapt to the new system may temporarily impact productivity during the transition period.

Integration Challenges

Some property management systems may face challenges when integrating with existing systems or third-party applications. Compatibility issues could lead to disruptions in operations or additional costs for customization.

Learning Curve for Staff

Staff members may experience a learning curve when adapting to a new SAPMS. Training and onboarding processes can take time, and during this period, there might be a temporary decrease in efficiency.

Balancing Automation and Personalization

In the serviced apartment industry, Property Management Software (PMS) has become a cornerstone for efficient operations. 

As technology continues to evolve, finding the delicate equilibrium between automation and personalization has emerged as a pivotal consideration for property managers. 

Below, we delve into the challenges and opportunities associated with striking this balance, exploring how the latest advancements in Serviced Apartment Property Management Software (SAPMS) in 2024 can enhance guest experiences while maintaining a human touch.

The Rise of Automation

Automation within SAPMS has undoubtedly revolutionized the way properties are managed. From streamlined check-in processes to dynamic pricing strategies, automation offers efficiency gains that contribute to operational excellence. However, the question arises: how much automation is too much, and where should the line be drawn to preserve the human touch?

Enhancing Efficiency without Sacrificing Personalization

SAPMS providers are now focusing on developing features that not only automate routine tasks but also enhance personalization. Smart algorithms analyze guest preferences, enabling properties to tailor services, room preferences, and even promotional offers, striking a delicate balance between operational efficiency and a personalized guest experience.

Guest Relationship Management (GRM) Evolution

The GRM component of SAPMS has evolved beyond mere data storage. It now serves as a tool to foster genuine connections with guests. Advanced GRM features enable properties to remember guest preferences, track past interactions, and even anticipate needs, creating a more personalized and memorable experience.

Data-Driven Personalization

Leveraging data analytics, SAPMS can provide insights into guest behavior and preferences. By understanding these patterns, properties can customize offerings, recommend personalized services, and even predict future guest needs. 

This data-driven personalization enhances guest satisfaction and loyalty.

Strategies for Maintaining a Human Touch

While automation is crucial, maintaining a human touch is equally essential. Properties can implement strategies such as personalized welcome messages, handwritten notes, or staff interactions to ensure that guests feel valued and attended to on a personal level.

Direct Communication Channels

Advanced SAPMS now offer direct communication channels, enabling guests to connect with property staff easily. This fosters a sense of accessibility and responsiveness, allowing guests to address concerns, make requests, or seek recommendations directly, enhancing their overall experience.

Feedback Loops for Continuous Improvement

Establishing feedback loops within the SAPMS encourages guests to share their experiences. This valuable input can be used to refine services, address pain points, and continually enhance the overall guest experience, creating a symbiotic relationship between technology and guest satisfaction.

The Role of Staff in Personalization

SAPMS should empower staff to actively contribute to the personalization process. Ensuring that staff is well-informed about guest preferences and equipped with the tools to provide personalized services reinforces the human touch and contributes to a positive guest perception.

Customization Options for Properties

Recognizing that each property has its unique identity, the latest SAPMS allows for customization. From branding elements to service offerings, properties can tailor the software to align with their specific brand personality, maintaining a distinct and personalized experience for guests.

Strategies for Balancing Costs and Benefits

Implementing advanced SAPMS involves costs, both financial and in terms of staff training. Property managers must carefully weigh these costs against the benefits of enhanced efficiency and personalization. A strategic approach ensures that the investment aligns with the property's goals and guest expectations.

Business Sizes And Types That Use Serviced Apartment Property Management Software

A property manager's needs depend on the size and type of their portfolio. Any sort of property owner can benefit from property management features and potential clients may include:

  • Buyers of single-family homes and multi-family homes. The most popular type of property management, these customers have access to a wide range of services that assist them in managing flats, condominiums, or homes, including accounting and tenant tracking, as well as portals and vacancy marketing.
  • Buyers in niche markets- while most property management systems perform the same basic activities, serviced apartment property management software specializes in certain types of rental properties.
  • Vacation rentals investors- technically, vacation rental properties are also serviced apartment properties, with slight differences. To provide owners a wider reach for potential tenants, serviced apartment property management software focuses on online booking administration and marketing tools that vacation rentals can utilize.
  • Buyers at the corporate level- those in charge of many properties within a business organization might choose a serviced apartment system that provides a comprehensive picture of their complete portfolio.

Key Takeaways

Booking Ninjas Serviced Apartment Property Management Software has become known for delivering cutting-edge property management solutions.

The company's founders have worked to provide an extraordinary experience for all property stakeholders, including managers, owners, guests, and service providers. Our systems offer managing fees, distribution, and easy bookings.

You can coordinate pricing and bookings for many properties at any time, on any device. You can also manage payments and income with our specifically built central invoicing module. Our future-proof solutions are adaptable enough to expand with your company.

For a free, customized estimate, kindly contact the Booking Ninjas property management system sales team/customer care .

Improve Your Property's Management, Operation & Revenue With Booking Ninjas Property Management System

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