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  22 Mar 2020

Pros And Cons of Parking Management Systems

Advantages of a Parking Management System


Using Parking management software is one of the best decisions that an organization can make. This is because of the many benefits that come with it. Not only does it take out inefficiency on the part of the human worker, but it also helps to improve the user’s experience when it comes to parking and utilizes the parking space available for parking.

You don’t know what a parking system is? A parking management system is a type of property management system specially designed for the parking industry. It focuses on helping individuals manage their parking procedures. For this purpose, it has automated gates that control entry, ticketing system which has autonomy, and several other features or add on. It has been created to tackle the dysfunctional system that comes with the traditional parking style. Without working on space and solely with the software, the parking capacity of companies can improve tremendously too.

In order to perform its function adequately, it’s made up of various components that work together to give the best results. Some of the components are Maps, automated ticketing, statistical report features, surveillance, linked recognition, and security analysis. All of these features are important as they help the software to function well and adequately.     

Parking Management System

Are you considering adopting the parking management system? Then here are some of the advantages that you are sure to enjoy: 

-  Efficiency

The parking management system doesn’t rely on a man to do the job; instead, it deals with software and smartphones, which are less likely to make mistakes. The man at the gate deals with a lot of people at once; he can get tired and even can become ill or absent from work. On the other hand, automated software always works as long as you have your phone on, which is quite often. You get to decide how you want to pay or what you want to do precisely. As a result, the level of efficiency increases, and you get to deal with parking protocols without issues.          

-    Faster processes

    Having to stand at the gate and wait for the human guard to finish dealing with one person before going ahead can be daunting and time-wasting? So what if you could handle your parking protocols yourself and be the determinant of when you enter the building without delay? One of the advantages of a parking management system is that you can do this very quickly. Employees can avoid the long queue at the gate every morning and go right ahead to enter the building or make use of the parking space on their own.

-  Provides information 

When the man at the gate is busy, who do you ask questions on the parking protocols? Or in the case of the hardware system, do you talk to the machines? For the modern parking management system, which makes use of software, you can ask various questions through your phone. Questions on spaces, occupancy, overstay, or illegal parking? They can all be answered from wherever you are.  

-  Reports            

The modern software-oriented type of parking management system also involves reporting. Not only does it make things easier for users, but managers also enjoy a fair share of having workload reduced for them when it comes to monitoring and managing parking spaces. They receive reports on the vehicles in the building, as well as the time of access. The need for paper and pencil way of recording is no longer necessary, and things are automated. There’s even the option of one-on-one counting of vehicles

-  Increased Service

    A company with parking lot management software can serve its customers, clients, and workers better. This is because they can reduce the magnitude of stress that comes into parking. Visitors no longer have to worry about driving around to look for space. They get to save petrol and even reduce pollution as there is provision for a place to drive into once the vehicles enter into the buildings.        

-  Security 

       One of the significant advantages of a parking management system is that it provides security. There is a barrier and reservation feature that controls the vehicles which have access to a place. This way, it can lock out some at certain times, if programmed to do so. There’s also a surveillance camera (CCTV) which monitors vehicles and can even be used for reference, in the case that there’s a need.

-  Map information 

Other than general information or question and answer, the software is also able to provide information that will help with locating places. It has map support for people who may be new in the area or people who are yet to get familiar with things.

-  Decrease in Cost

Installing the parking management system incurs a one-time cost. But when you have to deal with other systems, there is the need to pay or fund regularly. An organization that opts for this system is one that is sure to have its costs reduced, compared to others.   

     Disadvantages of Parking Management System


Disadvantages of a Parking Management System 

Making use of the parking management system has a lot of advantages for many of the parties involved. But then, it comes with some disadvantages. These disadvantages are reasons why some people have had second thoughts about making use of the parking management system. Nonetheless, these disadvantages are not ones that cannot be handled at any time.

Some of the disadvantages include:

1.  The high cost of construction or installation 

    The cost of having a sound, working parking management system is usually high. This is because of the various components that go into making the system work. Components such as the statistical feature, automated ticketing, and statistical reports, and many others make it all expensive. Some organizations may not be able to afford such. 

2.  Regular maintenance

    The system is automated; however, it still requires several regular maintenances from the company. This is to ensure that the system is working perfectly and that nothing has gone wrong. The maintenance could be once in months. 

3.  Operation 

    A lot of people are not used to the parking management system. As a result, it may be difficult for them to make use of, thereby causing further complications during parking.

 4.  Breakdown

    As a machine, the system could inevitably breakdown at some point. When this occurs, vehicles may not be able to have access to buildings, and cars parked inside might not be able to move. In another way, it could malfunction and lead cars to park in the wrong places. 

5.  Uncertainty in the building structure 

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For the parking management system to be used, there is a need for a level of knowledge about the building. What happens if that is not available? The system cannot be installed, or installation without knowledge of building structures may lead to dangers and irregularities.    

How do I overcome the disadvantages that come with the parking management system? 

Here is how to tackle some of the problems that may likely pop up when you make use of the parking management system.

1.  The problem of a higher cost of construction and installation

You’ve talked to the system manufacturers, and you think the price mentioned is high? Think about it! When you pay to have the system working at one time, you don’t have to worry about side payments, which you are used to again. You get to spend the next months free of fees or costs and cases which might have arisen because of the use of the conventional parking styles. 

2.  Problem of operation 

For many new users who are not familiar with the parking management system, it could be a little confusing for them to operate at first. This problem, of course, can be overcome with familiarity and a little education. If they ask questions on the operation procedures and are educated on the advantages that come with making use of the system, they get the hang of it with time.    

3.  Issues relating to regular maintenance      

For the system to work perfectly well, there is usually a need for a routine maintenance check. This is done to ensure that the parking system is in good condition and that all operations go on accordingly. A contract can be drawn with the supplier or manufacturer to ensure that it is done without hindrance to regular activities and that the cost it incurs is low.

4.  Problem of breakdown

In this case, as well, standing contracts with the manufacturer will help as they will be able to respond quickly and deal with issues at the time they arise. Delays in the case may not be more than a few minutes, depending on the magnitude of breakdown.           

5.  Tackling uncertainty in the building structure

Dealing with this is quite easy as the building’s blueprint may be used, or the manager could decide to map out the necessary parts of the building, which deals with the parking area.   

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