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  23 Jun 2020

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6 Ways Artificial Intelligence Can Improve Customer Service

Customer satisfaction should be a top focus for any organization. It is always a good business strategy to keep existing customers happy rather than always looking to find new ones; this so gives a higher return. Technological advancements are giving business organizations added benefits of improving their crucial interaction with the customers. 

Artificial intelligence solutions add value to our everyday life without us knowing. Top brands like Netflix, Facebook, Instagram, among others, employ the services AI to bolster their interactions with customers. Customers will always have lots of things to say about the services you provide; nobody wants to attend to millions of complaints, but AI makes things look easy. 

Through improving company-customer interaction, AI ultimately bolsters the customers’ loyalty to the brand and organization, the company’s reputation, and also allows the employees to focus more on more significant tasks to make higher returns. 

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What is AI?

Artificial Intelligence, which has been in existence since the 1970s, is just another technology that is making a wave in the world of technology. I can give it many meanings because it is a technology that can be likened to the way we humans operate in our day to day activities. 

In other definition, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is simply an aspect of computer science that deals with the creation of intelligent machines which can act like a rational human being. This branch of computer science, which deals with the general idea of giving learning to robots, is often faced with core problems, which include creating machines that can solve problems, move objects, perceive, move from place to place, and many more. Theoretically, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is divided into three broad parts namely; 

          - Artificial Narrow Intelligence

          - Artificial General Intelligence

          - Artificial Super Intelligence

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Artificial Narrow Intelligence 

Artificial Narrow Intelligence is otherwise known as Weak AI. This is a type of Artificial Intelligence that deals with creating intelligent machines, especially computer systems, which can perform just a single task such as speech recognition, voice assistant, etc. Unlike other types/kinds of artificial intelligence, the lack of consciousness and awareness to perform relatively intelligent tasks. Artificial Narrow Intelligence is achieved by humanity, and this is the basics of AI.

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Artificial General Intelligence 

Contrary to the Artificial Narrow Intelligence, this type of AI is built to give a general-purpose and perform multiple tasks. The unique thing about this AI is its ability to learn and provide an improvement upon itself. They are also equipped with the strength of self-awareness and consciousness to make decisions. AGI concept makes it as intelligent as any human alive, and a very prominent example of this type of AI is Google’s AlphaGo. AlphaGo’s Intelligence can well be applied to many fields of operation, which makes it a perfect example of this type of AI.

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Artificial Super Intelligence

Artificial Super Intelligence is a type of AI which is a significant improvement in Human Intelligence. They are so spiced up that they can do the IMPOSSIBLE for the human brain and do it well. Research says, “Artificial Super Intelligence is a term used to refer to the time when the proficiency of computers will surpass humans’ capability. Artificial Intelligence is also categorized based on functionalities, and they include;

          - Reactive Machines

          - Limited Memory

          - Theory of Mind

          - Self-Awareness

After the intervention of AI, most organizations have been able to tackle some significant issues with their customers and ensure prompt and unhindered experiences. Customers’ expectations are increasing every day, and excellent customer services only maintain their loyalty. As AI is growing in use, the potential significances to customer services are announcing themselves more surprisingly. Let us run through the roles of Artificial Intelligence to the business world concerning customer services.  

1. Cost Reduction and Resource Optimization

One of the reasons for the integration of technology into an organization process is to reduce the cost of running the business. According to the statistic from IBM, it was stated that $1.3 trillion was spent on 265 billion customer service call every year. 

Looking at this huge figure, we can say it is a high cost to incur, mainly when there is a technology that can provide better customer services by speeding up response times, freeing up business agents for more critical works, and answering more than 80% of the routine questions for a relatively lower price. 

2. 24/7 Availability

Customers are very crucial to the development of a business organization, and they always want to feel supported. Organizations that want to keep their existing customers are supposed to be online and responsive all the time throughout the year. The online presence can be automated by customer service. 

Online presence bids excellent value to an organization by allowing them to resolve customers’ inquiries in no time, and the customers won’t have to wait for too long to get answers. 24/7 online availability goes beyond ensuring customers’ satisfaction and loyalty to the brand; it also boosts the organization’s reputation, which is very crucial.

3. Enhanced Human-Customer Relationship

Artificial Intelligence is vast in improving the human-customer relationship. Customer satisfaction should be a great value that every organization must look to provide and always improve. AI boosts customer service in two ways;

- AI-augmented messaging

- AI-augmented e-mail tagging

Customer service augmented through AI makes work easier for the employees and allows them to focus on more pressing tasks that cannot be completed without the intervention of human

4. Increased Customer Satisfaction

Artificial Intelligence that is used as a customer service agent is capable of completing multiple tasks, which range from troubleshooting to interacting with potential clients, that may take human agents some time to get done. In this context, they do well to revolutionize the relationship between organizations and customers. 

AI-powered bots are being used as front-line of customer engagement, and they add significant value to companies with their ability to provide 24/7 presence to attend to several customers without the intervention of any real human agent. 

Customers always want their questions given answers to almost at the point of questioning, and this is where AI-powered bots come in to provide the audience with needed. They can even start a timely conversation with the clients, provide answers to their questions as at when needed, and without having to wait for human agents to come around. This act of service ultimately improves the output of the company, time of resolution, and customer satisfaction. 

More so, Artificial Intelligence like the Chabot can transfer a caller to a real human agent for added resolution. For instance, the telecommunication companies are built in such a way that there are laid down automated answers to some questions. Still, to some specific issues beyond the scope of the AI programming, it transfers the caller to a customer care representative. Yes, this is one of the things AI-powered bots can mean to your business.  

5. Customizing User Experience 

Many kinds of research have been conducted to study customer behavior concerning services, and it has been discovered that over 71% of them want the ability to be able to resolve customer service issues by themselves. AI is very resourceful and can help customers find much-needed information efficiently by analyzing their inquiry and recommending services. 

AI is capable of working with a huge set of data, analyzing them, seeding out the relevant content from the lot, and suggesting vital information for customers. A perfect example is Netflix and Amazon, they make use of Artificial Intelligence to understand what a user or customer wants, and they give them exactly that; obviously, work is easy with AI. 

Artificial Intelligence has dramatically changed the approach of most business organizations by allowing them to work smart while they provide value-added services to their customers. Unlike before, user experience personalization doesn’t come cheap, but it has been made more accessible and a lot better now. 

AI-powered technologies have lightened a company’s burden by making providing customer satisfaction a lot easier. It has so much improved customer engagement and augments the return of a company. 

6. Greater security and privacy

There won’t be any point in trusting the services of a company when privacy and security can’t be checked and concealed at all times. Customers don’t want to worry about their personal information, and this is where technology comes in to ensure that this information is kept safe in the system. 

Customers always want authentic and genuine content, and they are willing to release some defined level of personal information to get what they want. This is where they need to be sure the system will keep this information intact and prevent them from other data tracking systems. 


Artificial Intelligence provides a company with great value that goes beyond ensuring customer satisfaction; it also improves the rate of return. More so, it should be noted that AI didn’t come in to replace the customer support teams; they only look to make them more responsive, strategic, work smarter, and ultimately more productive. 

Additionally, the contributions of AI to customer service helps to improve the user experience and also beef up customer satisfaction with your services and brand. All these benefits also help the company to minimize costs in the long run, which very important. Consumers are ready to accept Artificial Intelligence, are you?

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Improve Your Property's Management, Operation & Revenue With Booking Ninjas Property Management System

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