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  18 Feb 2021

Improve Your Property's Management, Operation & Revenue With Booking Ninjas Property Management System

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Hotel Management Software: Choosing the Right Service For Your Business

The hotel industry is known for its hospitality and customer service. Whether it is online or in-person, hotels are expected to provide impeccable service. But have you ever thought about how hotels provide their substantial services? 

Most modern-day hotel businesses rely on hotel management software to conduct their day to day operations. If you are a hotel owner, you must know the importance of hotel management. Hotel management is one factor that binds all hoteliers together regardless of their business size. 

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It is an industry-standard practice that ensures hotels have updated their services and products that match their current demand. For hotels to practice good hotel management, it is crucial to invest in good hotel management software. 

Are you a hotel owner looking to improve your management? Do you want to know more about hotel management software? Then look no further. Read on to get all your answers. We will help you understand how to pick the right software for your hotel. 

What is a Hotel Management Software?


A hotel management software refers to software that provides business solutions to a hotel’s daily operations. Think of any tool that allows for smooth hotel services. Hotel management software facilitates those solutions. 

The software engages in data analysis and management solutions through customer relationship management (CRM), user-friendly services, and much more. 

How is it Used? 

How do you use hotel management software? The answer to this question lies in understanding your very own management software. Depending on the software, the usage procedures will differ. 

However, all hotel management software systems offer a core package of similar solutions. You’ll often obtain a comprehensive booking engine, channel manager, third-party integrations, and reservation management system when you implement a digital solution. 

Similarly, most hotel software providers involve hoteliers as much as possible during the implementation phase. Every hotel has different needs, so a hotelier must be actively involved in customizing the system to their liking. 

List of Benefits

The list of the benefits that a quality hotel management software system provides is endless. Imagine a system that fulfills all your needs on the business front. Need front desk service, customer information, commodities, or prices? A hotel management software will provide you with all those services in one system. 

Below is a list of the most popular benefits of a hotel management system. 

Cost reduction: Today, the hospitality industry conducts its business using artificial intelligence (AI). AI reduces the costs for human employment. Hotel management software provides the services of many employees through automated and computerized systems.

Increased profit: Hotel management software conducts marketing and data analysis that provides your hotel with valuable information. That data is used to customize marketing strategies and optimize pricing. Data analysis is responsible for increases in profit margins. 

Excellent customer service: Without excellent customer service, the hospitality business won’t succeed. The management software provides your customers with easy and convenient access to your rooms and services. This includes providing a good booking engine and online check-in and check out. 

How Much Does it Cost You?

The prices of hotel management software vary according to the packages and initial set up fee. Here are a few basic pricing methods hotel software companies use. 

One time fee: This depends on the bells and whistles you want to include. Some all-inclusive packages can go as high as $10,420 depending on the size of your hotel. Smaller hotels may find some starting at $995. 

Per room: This is a per room package where you typically pay around $4/room/month with an average initial set up fee of around $500. 

Tiered system: This system is often considered the cheapest. You pay based upon what capabilities you want to be installed with the software. The average monthly prices are around $50, $119, and $300. 

Picking The Right System for You


As a hotelier, it is important to invest in the right software for your hotel. You must carefully consider all your options because what works for your competitor might not work for you. 

Know What You Need

To determine which software is for you, first identify your needs. This includes both your management and customer needs. Find out who your market is and what is currently popular. Your needs also vary according to your hotel size. So, keep all that in mind when implementing a digital solution for your hotel. 

How To Narrow Your Options

The best way to find the best fit is to do your research. Look through many options and make a pros and cons list. Contact the software provider’s customer service line and get all the information you need. 

Also, look at all the features of the hotel management solution. Find out if you need cloud-based or on-premise solutions. Narrow your options down to the best management software that resonates with your business model the most. 

Making a Final Decision

Your final decision should be based on three things; prices, compatibility, and services. From your narrowed down options, consider these factors to accurately find the best fit for you. Make your final decision by keeping your revenue, cost reduction, and customer needs in mind. 

Booking Ninjas PMS


If you have searched for a property management system (PMS) you must have come across Booking Ninjas. We have been providing excellent property management services to hotels and vacation homes since 2009. We work with the industry-leading digital solution Salesforce to meet all your business needs. 

What We Offer

We offer optimal management services using the best AI for property management and other digital solutions. Our software provides customized solutions for your hotel that increases your overall revenue. We integrate the best customer data and automated solutions to increase productivity, reduce costs, and provide an excellent user interface and experience. 

Our Integrations

The goals of our integration services are to provide you with the best cloud-based and digital solutions for your everyday needs. At Booking Ninjas we offer custom development of your business tools and great housekeeping and maintenance records. 

We integrate seamlessly with top apps and websites such as Airbnb, Expedia, and many others. 

As a hotelier, you know the importance of a coordinated housekeeping system. Booking Ninjas ensures that your property management software informs your maintenance team of a request in real-time. 

Moreover, you can access our software on mobile apps and use our high-tech AI to meet your security access, ticketing requests, phone systems, and financial integration systems. 


Now that you know the importance of having hotel management software you shouldn’t waste any more time and invest in one. Increase your profit and better your customer services by implementing the right management software. 

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Improve Your Property's Management, Operation & Revenue With Booking Ninjas Property Management System

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