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By:Josh OyetadeJosh Oyetade
  24 Jan 2020

6 Reasons Your Hotel Sucks

The only constant in life is change. When it comes to smart hotel management, change can present as innovation or in shedding bad practices. Here are six quirky to annoying things hoteliers do with the guest experience that need to die off like the dinosaurs.

Do something about those keycards!

Yes, they are cheaper to replace than old-school physical keys – and easily programmable. However, they are stressing guests out, as they're just as easy to lose and demagnetize.

For the love of God, will some "disruptive" tech startup out there figure out a better way? How about an electronic lock that integrates with an app-based model that we can use with our omnipresent smartphones?

Socket to me, baby

It's the Year of Our Lord, 2020, and we still have hotel rooms with ridiculous plug placement and accessibility. You just spent an entire day walking a massive convention floor; you don't have time to go on a lion hunt for an electrical socket or to strain a back muscle reaching behind the nightstand just to charge up our phone.

Stop putting plugs in the wrong place, people! This shouldn't require a renovation: Just get Alex from Electrical to systematically add guest room sockets (and USB ports while they're at it) next to the bed like many hotels already have. Edison and Westinghouse didn't fight so hard for us to have electricity we cannot use.

Would a Clapper be better?

Speaking of electric, stop making hotel room lighting so complicated. Especially for those who don't travel often, figuring out the light panel when entering a guest room shouldn't require a tutorial. One switch, maybe two switches tops in the entryway – that's it.

Do we love our automatic on-off lighting when we enter-exit a room? Sure. But sometimes we just want to flick one switch or pull one chain to turn off the lights when it's time for bed, and not go through a pre-flight takeoff routine.

Surprise and delight – but not with construction