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  30 Mar 2020

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Why Hotels Should Use Accounting Software?

    A blatant truth is a fact that the world is going the way of technology, and every process is becoming automated. From the way we pay money to the way we receive, purchase, or conduct transactions, things are no longer what they used to be. Therefore, it has become imperative that every business steps up their games to meet up with the latest happenings in and around their businesses. As a business owner who is managing a hotel, how do you want to step up your management skills in the hotel business? How do you want to ensure that you are making use of the right types of equipment in managing the hotel and that optimality is reached? For starters, you could make use of the hotel accounting software.      

What is Hotel Accounting Software?

It is a type of software, specially designed for hotels to help them manage the day to day activities that involve accountancy and money management. This type of software is concerned with everything that has to do with the accounting aspect of the hotel business. From budgeting to entries, management of salaries, planning or forecasting, profit management, as well as other necessary elements that will help a hotel business run smoothly. A hotel accounting software can be built especially for each hotel as their need requires, or a particular type could be used by one or more hotels if it suits their need. It is, however, the job of the manager and accountant to understand and know which one works best for them.

    Why then should every hotel use hotel management software?

Higher Efficiency for Hotels

1.  Higher Efficiency

    Man has a limit when it comes to certain things, and of course, a 100% efficiency when working cannot be achieved. As a result, people make mistakes. Have you ever thought about how an error in the finances could lead a hotel to its downfall? Taxes issues, fraud, stealing, and several other things could happen with humans in charge. With software, you are a number of steps closer to obtaining 100% efficiency in your hotel accounting. Automation helps you to monitor every expense, checks, and mistakes. You don’t have to worry about being cheated or lied to when your software is in charge. Tracking also becomes easy with its high capacity memory.        

2.  Storage 

    Still talking about memory, another reason why your hotels should use the hotel accounting software is the storage capacity, which comes with it. Whether you are planning to keep your records for a year, two years, ten years, or even more, an excellent hotel accounting software will be able to handle it quite easily. It removes the need to keep big accounting books for periods longer than necessary. With a functional storage capacity, you even stand a chance to be able to access your data at any time when required. What’s not to want in this fantastic software?

3.  Time factor

    Your hotel accounting software not only offers you efficiency but also puts into consideration the time factor. With software, you get to have more time on your hand. Those times you spend trying to balance an account, trace a fault, settle a bill, and understand who to pay and who to deduct discounts for? They can be well utilized with software. All you have to do is ensure that your developer understands your needs from the beginning. This way, he can incorporate all the features or apps that you need into it. Accounting becomes easy when you use good hotel accounting software.

4.  Aids planning

    At the end of each year, you take out time to check through your balances and plan or forecast for the future. Do you know you don’t have to wait until the end of the year again? With hotel accounting software, you can have all the records you need in record time. Easily, you can view compare, contrast and, understand the financial status of the hotel and all that has been going on for a long while. You can even have it represented in charts if that will make it easier. With that, you can plan as you get to have all the information you need. That’s another reason why hotels should use hotel accounting software.   

5.  Saves money

    The administration goes to a great deal to ensure that accounts are balanced. If required, they bring in external accountants or auditors who also get paid for their job. What if you could cut all of these costs to the barest minimum? What if you don’t have to keep spending extra money on accounts? It’s possible! With hotel accounting software, you have all the grounds covered if you understand how to make the best use of your software. Unless necessary, hotel management doesn’t have to keep inviting guests in for the accounts. Nor do you have to employ more hands for entries. The software’s got you covered!

6.  Easy to use

    The administrative staff or whoever will be in charge of the accounts must understand how to use the software effectively. Of course, it is not that using it is hard; however, the interface may differ from another. To learn how to use hotel accounting software is easy, not very different from how one operates the various technologies or apps which exist today. Not all your staffs are graduates in accounting? No worries, it doesn’t take a lot to learn how to use the software. Just understand it, and anyone can compute. 

7.  Optimized Cash flow       

A hotel accounting software offers your hotel business accuracy and real information, and this helps to make decision making very easy. With the software, you get the best out of your money and understand the incoming and outflowing of money. You get to determine if specific fees fit into the budget or not and if they are allocated. The hotel has its expenses and revenues monitored closely to the extent that you get the very best out of the flow. Report, tasks, and management are handled by software, rather than man, leaving the account tightly closed from mistakes.

8.  Multiple Accesses

    Right now, how many people have access to the hotel accounting records? The accountant, receptionist, or some of the administrative staff? For how long have you had to wait at sometimes to get feedback from them on the financial state of the hotel? Days? Weeks? Or even months? Well, with software, you don’t have to wait for so long. Each one of you can have access to all the information you need at all times, from different places. Whether you’re halfway across the world, or right at home, you can check up on the accounting without hindering the hotel’s work process or disturbing anyone. Of course, only the necessary people would have the password or whatever access method you decide to you. You can talk to your developer about this.

9.  Supports other features 

    Do you know that not only can you use your accounting software for accounts alone? One reason to pick hotel accounting software is that you could incorporate other features and activities into it, which would also aid the smooth running of the hotel. If you want, you can talk to your developer about having a booking feature on or a reservation or food ordering features. It’s your software, and you can tweak it to fit your style of use. Additionally, the software can be made into a feature in your hotel’s main software. Maybe you already have a hotel software app; you can add the accounting feature to serve your intended purpose.

10.  Security and Flexibility

    Are you used to having accounting done in a certain way but would like to introduce a more active style? Then, talk to your developer. The software can be tweaked in various ways to make sure it’s working for the purpose(s) intended. You simply have to communicate your interest to your developer while you both agree on the useful things. Quite Flexible! There is also maximum security for your data and your information, which are available on the software. The hotel gets to decide what the general public can access or what each worker at different stages can see or work with. 

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    In all of these, the importance of using good hotel accounting software cannot be overemphasized, especially for a hotel looking to make more profits, satisfy its customers, and even expand. The software comes to aid in various ways that will help a business grow. 

    It is, however, very important that there is a good rapport between the developer and the hotel administration or management. This is so that the developer can create good software for the hotel or help them in choosing the most suitable one. The hotel management must also understand what they want and to what extent they want the accounting software to be active and accessible. Choosing a good hotel accounting software is a chance for a hotel to grow. 

Improve Your Property's Management, Operation & Revenue With Booking Ninjas Property Management System

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