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  31 Dec 2022

Improve Your Property's Management, Operation & Revenue With Booking Ninjas Property Management System

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What is Government Property Management?

While getting and giving federal property management contracts might be overwhelming, contractors should be quick to take it on.

Introduction to Government Property Management

Government property management is when a third-party contractor oversees the everyday operations of government real estate.

According to the definition, government property encompasses all substantial property owned by the government. The leased property is also included. There are two kinds of leased property: those leased by the government and those leased by the contractor.

In actuality, the government does not own the land it leases from a leasing company. When the administration leases property and then delivers it to a contractor under a contract, it instructs the contractor to treat the property as if it were Government Property for the term of the contract.

This property must be managed, regulated, safeguarded, and conserved in compliance with the contract's agreement and the Contractor's Property Management System.

The government must issue disposal instructions when the contract expires, or the rented property is no longer wanted. Depending on the terms and circumstances of the lease agreement, the rented property may be handed over to the leasing business or acquired.

Property leased by the contractor and subsequently used in project delivery is not included in the "Government Property" definition, even if the government pays the leasing fee. The terms of the contract of the lease that the contractor has with the leasing business bind them.

Property management agencies may be subject to sections or all of this provision, with the associated administrative expenses depending on the kind of contract and the contractual environment.

In many ways, government property management is as perplexing and filled with potential pitfalls as government contract accounting.

How Many Types of Government Property are There?

Special tooling, equipment, material, special test equipment, and real property are the five categories or types of government property.

Examples of Government Property

Public property is any real estate property owned by the government or a government agency rather than by a private entity or a corporation.

It belongs to the general public. Some examples of government property are streets, streets, libraries, walkways, playgrounds, and schools, often utilized by the general public.

Government Property Management Plan

The GP clause requires contractors to develop and implement property management plans, methods, and processes" regardless of contract type to safeguard the government's interests and prevent risk. The following significant aspects of the strategy should be addressed:

  • Property Acquisition

  • Records of Government Property Receipts
  • Physical Inventory of Government Property
  • Subcontractor Control
  • Reports
  • Utilization of Government Property
  • Upkeep and Maintenance
  • Real Estate Closing

Services Offered by Government Property Management Agencies


Identifying and addressing deficiencies in a property management system might be the distinction between a successful and unsuccessful government audit. We may do a gap analysis on your present property system and offer you a list of compliance concerns and ideas for improvement.


The team collaborates with you to adopt best practices, rules, and protocols while teaching and training your staff to administer the system independently, regardless of whether you're new to the process or need help upgrading the existing system.

Policy Manual

Building enough guidelines and procedures is the initial step to having good property management. Some professional government property management agencies can write your property handbook that includes procedures compatible with the policies.

Contractor Self-Assessment (CSA)

A functional property management platform must conduct yearly internal self-assessments of your structure. They conduct CSAs for all sizes of contractors to assist you in meeting this obligation. To fulfill your need for an annual CSA, the staff will visit your location, carry out these audits, and provide a report you may submit to DCMA.


Our training may be completed online or even at your location, and we provide courses tailored to your specific property needs. We concentrate on educating your staff on your rules, processes, and FAR and DFARS compliance needs.

Addressing Corrective Action Requests (CARs)

When DCMA conducts an audit, property development service providers are only sometimes prepared. If a DCMA property audit uncovers CARs, some government property management agencies may assist you in dealing with them in a clear-cut way. In order to correctly and quickly respond to CARs, we can communicate with the auditing agency at your request.

Contract Closeout and Property Disposal

What should you do when a contract expires, and you are left with federal or state property? We can help ensure that any government property is correctly disposed of throughout the contract closeout procedure. Government property management agencies may collaborate directly with plant clearing officials and deal with closeout-related difficulties.

Equipment Management and Government Property Loss

The contractor may be held accountable for deficiencies, loss, or damage to government assets if it unreasonably exceeds the allowances specified in the contract, the bill of materials, or other suitable criteria, depending on the contract's terms and the circumstances of the specific case.

Any instances of lost, damaged, or destroyed government property in the contractor's care or under its administration must be investigated and reported to the property administrator. A report must be provided when finished and approved products or items are lost, damaged, or destroyed while under the contractor's control.

The contractor must instruct any of its subcontractors in charge of or in possession of Government property to look into and report any incidents of loss, damage, or destruction of that property.

Government Property Management System

Government property management system service providers can help contractors create and put into place compliant methods for managing government property. Our professionals have a great deal of expertise dealing with government property systems and audits.

Poor management of government property can have severe repercussions for contractors. Our group includes DCMA auditors and former government property managers who can assist you in ensuring that your property system complies with contractual obligations.

Before implementing any changes, the contractor must notify the Property Administrator of any significant changes to its property management system.

For the purposes of carrying out this contract, the contractor may (except where prohibited by law or regulation) use customary business practices, voluntary consensus standards, or industry-leading practices and standards that guarantee effective and efficient administration of Government property.

It is essential to utilize property management task automation. This is done by using tools or procedures that lessen your manual labor by adopting technology to do the work for you, which is considered property management automation.

With a government property management system like Booking Ninjas, your operations will be streamlined, workflows will be made more straightforward, and repetitive tasks will be automated.

Do You Need an Approved Government Property Management System?

You need to have a system that complies with the clause's criteria if FAR 52.245-1 is included in your contracts, although no particular software, system, or permission is necessary.

To manage the government properties in their possession, the contractor shall have a system of internal controls. The system must be sufficient to meet this clause's criteria. In order to effectively and efficiently control government property, the contractor must establish and maintain the systems, processes, records, procedures, and methodologies.

Like any system, the processes, controls, reports, and proof of system testing, training, and updating are more critical than the software or hardware.

There are specific standards for reception, labeling, and inventory, although, as was already said, it is possible to apply standard business or industry processes. Brag about your abilities, mean what you say, and provide proof for your claims.

Key Takeaways

Coordinating the duties of the planning, front desk, sales, guest management, sales, and reporting are made easier by government property management systems .

By centralizing the status of all hotel properties, it enables property owners to manage front desk operations, pricing and promotions, and customer loyalty data.

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Improve Your Property's Management, Operation & Revenue With Booking Ninjas Property Management System

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