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  16 Mar 2022

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Webinar: Incorporating sustainability into your business

Hello and welcome everyone to another webinar from Booking Ninjas!

I’m coming to you from Miami, Florida. I’m actually in my apartment right now. And we are going to be talking about a very important subject that you can’t really talk enough about. And it’s regarding sustainability. Sustainability, particularly, in the Hospitality Industry, which is an important topic to just remind ourselves about… Most of you already… Maybe involved in some activities regarding sustainability. But it’s always really good just to understand the… You know, why we care about it and the importance of it globally.

So, I’m going to share my screen and let’s get into it.

Ok, alright. So, the agenda for today is that, you know, why sustainability is important, environmental sustainability examples, best practices that are good for business and, you know, how technology can impact this whole thing.

So, as some of you… may know us already, I’m David, from Booking Ninjas and we provide technology solutions for the hospitality industry.

Ok, so everyone is hearing, you know, about saving the planet and how important it is. The… You know, especially now, in today’s world where we’re really being tested. The resources we need from where are constantly, you know, in some kind of power game and the best resources that we can have are ones that we just provide for ourselves, or that earth provides for itself. You got to commend people out there that really push the limits as far as going toward this trend. You know, electric cars, that’s hard fit to make and all the other people that are involved in solar energy, wind energy and other kinds of measures to make sure that we have a very healthy planet for generations to come.

So, the main areas that we could focus on for sustainability is obviously the water usage, the energy, food, population… pollution and garbage and waste. So, this is the breakdown of the sustainability areas that we should focus on. So, water usage, obviously, there’s a lot of waste. Energy and pollution, and then other kinds of waste that we can be reusing.

Ok, so, the hospitality industry, obviously,it’s in a unique position to make an impact. combined, collectively, all the Hospitality Industry, the whole Hospitality Industry globally can make a huge impact on society, just by setting best practices and norms that they could carry through to their daily operational activities.

So, that should be the goal, is to… You know, you could click on the slide deck that I’m going to provide to you, you could click on these links and read through some of these studies about how some use cases, how they are implementing it and maybe get some ideas for your property as well.

So, it’s huge amounts of positive change through sustainability design and practices without the need to wait for government.

Ok, so, there are many different types of sustainability: renewable energy, organic amenities, developing recycling programs, form a green team, paperless, ban plastics, and then, you know, swap products with harmful substances for eco-friendly products.

So, these are just some ideas that we have for sustainability that you could think about how to implement into your hotel, where it fits in the budget and ways that you guys can start implementing it little by little.

Ok, so, here’s a study from Kearney and they said, you know, the sentiment for sustainability and people that are doing things like that is attractive, people want to be a part of that and contribute to people taking on these best practices.

So, technology… Now, home automation, to turn off, you know, water, have alerts to different things that could be more sustainable. So, there are ways to integrate technology solutions into the sustainability equation.

So, the first step is to really understand where you guys are standing as far as how much sustainability is in your current operations, where you identify rooms for improvement and then we can identify solutions to basically monitor and track those gradual improvements that will happen over the course of action that a company takes.

So, recycling, packaging businesses are changing all of those things because that’s what consumers want, and that was from the Co-founder of Ben & Jerry’s.

So, we are Booking Ninjas, we provide property management solutions. Please visit us if you don’t know us already and we really want to do a lot more in sustainability coming forward and really, you know, encourage this kind of behavior, actions that you could take for yourself and your properties and we would love to invest in that more in the future as a company. And hopefully see it spreads, the standard spreads, and there just more conscious of it. I think everybody in the industry can make a huge impact, you know, if we all build these kinds of ways of thinking from now.

Thank you very much. I wish you a great weekend and I look forward to the next webinar, guys. Thank you so much!

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Improve Your Property's Management, Operation & Revenue With Booking Ninjas Property Management System

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