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  22 Apr 2022

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Vacation Rental Guestbook Template

Booking a vacation rental can be challenging, and despite the fact that your property listing has a great deal of information about your home, guests will still have questions when they arrive. Make it easier with these inviting vacation rental guest books.

What Is A Vacation Rental Guestbook?

Your guestbook is a good place for property owners to answer common questions, and it is also one of the most searched vacation rental amenities.

It creates a chance to introduce the personality of the property, outlines important information that the guests should know, and provides them with useful recommendations.

By making one available you can prevent guests from running into problems during their stay.

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Why Should I Create A Vacation Rental Guestbook?

The benefit of guestbooks on your guests' experience is significant. Here are several compelling reasons to set aside some time to complete this task:

It Makes Room For A Stress-Free Experience

Guests want to know how to watch a movie or control the temperature in your home at night. Giving them information on how to get accustomed to living in your rental can ensure a stress-free trip for both of you.

Provides A Sense of Personality

Many guests book vacation rental properties in order to fully immerse themselves in the environment.

Recommending local restaurants, caf├ęs, shops, and other attractions can transform a good trip into a fantastic one.

Your guests will want to book with you again if you lead them to the best pizza in town or show them how to avoid crowds at a local destination.

Shows Guests That You Care

Your suggestions for making the most of your property provide guests with the warm interaction they want.

It also protects their personal space and privacy by presenting useful information without requiring them to directly interact with you.

Help You Get Great Reviews

In their reviews, your guests are likely to commend you on your competence. Better yet, you or your guest contact may have fewer questions throughout their stay.

Also, you'll be introducing new guests to your favorite local stores and restaurants, ensuring their continued success!

What Should Be Included In A Vacation Rental Guestbook?

Welcome note

Vacation rental guests are seeking a one-of-a-kind home with a real person behind it.

An excellent method to distinguish yourself from a hotel and reinforce their decision to stay with you is to write a note to personally welcome them to your home.

Emergency contact information

If there are any problems, all guests should have a copy of useful emergency numbers.

Make sure to include your phone number or the phone number of your local property manager so that guests know how to contact you in the event of an emergency.

You should also give the names and contact information of the following people:

  • The nearest hospital
  • The nearest police station
  • The nearest poison
  • The nearest fire station
  • The nearest vet (if your rental is pet-friendly)
  • A national emergency hotline/contact number
  • Your private security company (if you use one)

Table of content

Your vacation rental guestbook will be more organized and orderly if you include a table of contents.

It will enable your guests to skip through to a section they wish to read first, such as how to use the remote or the Wi-Fi password.

House rules and regulations

Your vacation rental welcome book must include a list of your house rules. House rules allow homeowners to specify what types of behavior are and are not permitted in their holiday rental.

Make an effort to develop your house rules with each room in mind. Smoking is permitted outdoors but not within.

It's also a good idea to write down your home rules to avoid any misunderstandings or misunderstandings between you and your guests.

Check-in and out instructions

There's a possibility that guests won't read their check-in and check-out instructions because they're so busy finishing their vacation plans.

As a result, your welcome book should contain a copy of your check-in and check-out instructions.

They can help you avoid any misunderstandings or complaints from your guests, particularly around check-out times.

Login details and passwords

In your welcome book, you should set aside a spot for all login instructions and passwords.

Include the Wi-Fi name and password, as well as any other relevant information. Passwords for streaming services should also be included.

House manual

Leaving home instructions for your guests will assist them in using your appliances. Leave detailed directions for your oven, thermostat, microwave, and other appliances.

Although operating some of these appliances may seem simple, keep in mind that not all of your guests may have used them before, or may have used a model that is very different.

You will not receive phone calls at strange hours from angry or frustrated guests who are unable to run the dishwasher if you provide instructions.

It's also a good idea to provide directions for turning on and off any secondary amenities you have, such as a jacuzzi or heated pool.

Locations of nearby attractions

Guests may be unfamiliar with the area and are seeking tips.

You can show your guests that you're willing to go the extra mile to make their holiday exceptional by including recommendations for activities and things to do.

Guests will appreciate this and are more likely to leave a five-star review for your property. In your vacation rental guestbook, try to provide a variety of activities. This could include outdoor experiences or family-friendly activities.

Bars and restaurants recommendations

Are there any nice restaurants or fancy wine bars in your vicinity? Don't forget to include any must-see cafes or nightlife locations that your guests might want to explore.

Keep in mind that not all of your guests will be able to consume alcoholic beverages. Include non-alcoholic drink outlets such as smoothie and juice bars, as well as food markets.

If you have any personal favorites, take notes of them in your vacation rental welcome book.

Communing information

Provide transportation and commute information to make it easy for guests to arrange their daily activities.

Make sure to include things such as:

  • Bus and train timetables (or include links to online schedules)
  • Directions to the nearest bus station
  • Directions to the nearest train station
  • Directions to the airport

Additional information

Including a list of useful outlets and shops can assist your guests in locating what they need, especially since the area will most likely be new to guests.

A list of food and household supplies stores will save them time and make their shopping more enjoyable.

You can include the following items on your list in your vacation rental guestbook:

  • The closest grocery store
  • Local shopping malls
  • Any nearby 24-hour convenience stores
  • Pharmacies
  • Nearby gyms
  • ATMs and bank tellers
  • Local religious sites and places of worship

How Can I Make My Vacation Rental Guestbook Stand Out?

Select a sleek design

Create a distinctive design for your rental guestbook to grab your guests' attention.

An enticing cover will persuade your guests to read your welcome book and will make a positive first impression. Add a business logo to your welcome book to make it unique.

Professional designers may help you choose a color scheme and design a distinctive logo.

If you prefer to do it yourself, there are a variety of design tools available, such as Photoshop and Canva, to help you.

It's also a good idea to establish a uniform layout for the entire book so that each page has the same style and appearance.

Plan a unique layout

Why not try to make your vacation rental welcome book look more like a magazine if you're printing it?

Your book will look clean and professional if you use gloss paper, and a local printing company will be able to bind it.

On property rental blogs, there are numerous holiday rental guest book ideas.

Even if you opt to make your book digital, you can still make your welcome book look like an online magazine with some good design.

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Should I Create A Printed Or Digital Guestbook?

The majority of hosts may be indecisive about whether to construct a physical or digital welcome book. Well, both have advantages and disadvantages.

Some visitors choose to read articles in print rather than on a screen because they don't like reading on a screen. Others may find reading a printed vacation rental welcome book uninteresting.

By developing both paper and digital versions of your welcome book, you may try to impress all of your guests.

Send a message to your guests asking if they'd prefer a digital copy delivered to them before they come or a physical book.

Although both types of books are recommended for your guests, a digital book has more advantages.

This is especially true if your target audience includes millennials and other younger people who prefer to consume information through their mobile devices.

Due to the pandemic, guests are much more aware of infections and prefer to avoid touching surfaces unless absolutely necessary.

Where Should I Place My Guestbook?

You might think that it shouldn't matter where your welcome book is placed as long as your guests read it.

Although you may believe that the living room is the ideal location, keep in mind that if it has a smart TV or other electronic devices, guests may be distracted from reading the welcome book.

Many property owners keep their vacation rental welcome book (or tablet) in the kitchen because guests like to gather there first, although this isn't a requirement.

You may require some time to determine the perfect location for your welcome book.

It should ideally be put in a room or area with minimum distractions, so people may settle down and read it.

The place you choose should be determined by the type and layout of your vacation rental property.

Another innovative alternative is installing QR codes throughout your property.

When your guests scan the QR code with their mobile devices, a welcome video for your vacation rental will appear for them to watch.

Vacation Rental Guestbook Template

That's all there is to it! Every part that might be useful for your guestbook has been highlighted.

Your guests will be thrilled with the extra touch, whether you display your holiday welcome book on paper or digitally.

To make things easier for you, we've produced a guestbook checklist template for you that you can access for free.

So make sure you add everything you would want in a vacation rental welcome book to encourage guests to write you a positive review and return!

Booking Ninjas Vacation Rental Guestbook Template

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Key Takeaways

A vacation rental welcome book can make your guests' stay at your rental more enjoyable. Another option to improve the guest experience is to use vacation rental software like the one at Booking Ninjas to make the hosting process easier.

Booking Ninjas provides features to help you streamline every aspect of your vacation rental business and grow it. Streamline your visitor communication and receive messages from them all in one place.

You can create templates for your guest reviews and send them out automatically.

Additionally, cleanings can be automated, teams can be managed, jobs can be assigned automatically, and performance can be monitored.

With a range of advanced reporting capabilities, you can create thorough reports to manage business progress and monitor payouts. To learn more about what we do, schedule a call with us!

Improve Your Property's Management, Operation & Revenue With Booking Ninjas Property Management System

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