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  17 May 2021

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Top Hospitality and Hotel Trends

While it’s darn near impossible to talk about the hospitality and hotel industry without mentioning the coronavirus pandemic, there are many trends and innovative(and safe) ideas that have come up and are booming in 2021. 

Of course, they’d always be a place for old-fashioned and traditional style and settings of hotels however, even that aesthetic can be replicated in modern and savvy hotels that are in high demand today. So what are the hot trends that are sure to get your hospitality business the buzz and influx of value customers that it deserves? 

In this article, we share some of the most implementable trends and styles that are now high fashion. Let’s dive in!

1. Digitalization, Automation and Technology

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From contactless payments to mobile check-in technology, and the use of chatbots - it’s clear that the way to go is with automation. The advantages of contactless technology are endless and it’s a bonus factor that it helps to uphold one of the safety precautions of the pandemic which is social distancing.

With the use of Artificial Intelligence(AI) and IoT, you can give your guests a seamless digitalized experience and leave them impressed when it’s time to check out.

2. Safety and Hygiene

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Cleanliness is the new cool. Safety and Hygiene have always been important but, in the times that we are in now, not only do you have to uphold the best safety and hygiene practices but, you have to give your guests the confidence that their wellbeing is in safe hands while they stay in your facility. 

There are several things to put in place including disinfectant gel dispensers, and thorough disinfection and sanitation. You can also make use of informative pamphlets or posters that promote social distancing, hand-washing, and respiratory hygiene. 

3. Personalization

Personalization is a strategy that keeps getting more effective day by day thanks to the use of smart technology. The data that you’ve collected from your guests should be channeled into creating a personalized experience for them. This may sound like a little bit of hard work but gratefully, there are property management software (PMS) and customer relationship management (CRM) tools and apps that are available to take most of the burden off your shoulders.

Leverage your PMS and CRM tools and give your guests the special stay they are looking forward to. This will surely leave a good lasting impression in their minds.

4. Eco-friendly

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‘Go green or go home ’ Not only is this trend super helpful for the environment and the ecosystem at large, but it also gets the attention of the younger generation (Millenials and Gen Z). I’m talking vegetarian and vegan food options, automated water, and energy conservation getting rid of disposable items (dishes, utensils, plastics, slippers) and, fluorescent lights to reduce electricity use.

There are so many practical ways to make your hotel more eco-friendly. This is great for marketing too so don’t forget to mention it on your website and other places (in the least corny way possible. People can detect mediocrity pretty easily these days).

5. Sustainable Hospitality

Speaking of going green, it’s one of the major aspects of sustainability practices however, sustainability goes beyond environmental friendliness. ‘Sustainable hospitality calls for hotels to respect cultural values, engage in fiar-market competitiveness, support local businesses and community, and provide good labor conditions.’

Implementing sustainable practices in your hospitality business is a current trend that is sure to pass the test of time. Sustainability saves your business money and simultaneously reduces waste and helps our environment. 

6. Hyperlocal design

Make use of designs that reflects the unique character of the destination of your hotel. By creating unique experiences that give back to local communities in meaningful ways and, including unique design elements like rad lighting, funky furniture, and eye-catching artwork, you can give your guests the edge that they’re looking for.

If you haven’t noticed yet, most of these trends are influenced by Millenials and nothing gets the younger generation excited as the idea that they’re spending money on a brand that promotes community and brings out the glamour and cultural aesthetic of a certain place.

7. Bleisure

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Although the concept of ‘Bleisure’ - business plus leisure, isn’t new, it is certainly a speedily rising trend that hotels and hospitality industries are looking into. It’s expected that this style of travel has increased seeing as many jobs are flexible (partly or completely remote) and they’re a lot of unconventional career options that bring rise to many bleisure travelers.

If you want to hop on this trend and attract this vibrant set of travelers, be sure to provide fast, reliable internet and, touch-up on your business and leisure facilities.


Some other trendy ideas for your hotel/ hospitality business include:

1. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

This is an up and rising trend and although it could cost a pretty penny, it could be worth it. Investing in Virtual reality tours and augmented reality could help you give your potential guests a good idea of what to look forward to. 

Making use of augmented reality through mobile apps could also help them find out all they need to know about restaurants, bars, and other facilities in your hotel.

2. Gallery Experience

People are gravitating towards the arts and getting a real-life gallery experience. This is especially beneficial in communities with great local artists whose work you can showcase for all your guests to see. If done right, this could be a delighting treat for your guests.

3. Outdoors Wifi

This seems pretty obvious but, not many hospitality businesses are aware that this is a simple trend that everyone should be on. If your hotel offers outdoor facilities and amenities then you want to make sure those places have reliable internet connections too. 

You know the trends, Now what?.....

What’s the next step to take to start implementing these hot trends in your hospitality business? Getting an effective property management system that’s built to help you handle all of the behind-the-scenes. The Booking Ninjas Salesforce-based system will handle virtually all your property needs in the most efficient way possible. Our tech ecosystem focuses on pressing business needs and getting fast, long-lasting solutions.

You don’t have to take my word for it, take a pilot of our software and learn more about what Booking Ninjas can do for you.

Improve Your Property's Management, Operation & Revenue With Booking Ninjas Property Management System

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