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  25 Mar 2022

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Tips On How To Make Your Vacation Rental Stand Out

Are you considering renting out your vacation home to expand your income? If so, check out our guide on How To Start a Vacation Rental Business.

However, starting a vacation rental is not easy especially when you need to compete with so many other competitors out there. You need to know how to make your vacation rental stand out to your target audience.

If you wish you could increase the desirability of your property and generate more revenue, then welcome to the new era of strategic vacation rental planning.

Bookings for your holiday rental home would constantly be competitive. As a result, you must consider how to make your vacation rental stand out and outshine the rivals.

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Establishing and Understanding Your Market

Establishing and understanding your target market is an essential part of the success of your vacation home rental.

Vacation homes are different from regular rentals because they have a more defined target audience, and the revenue is usually seasonal.

The vacation rental business had already expanded before the outbreak, but demand has increased in the last year.

In any business that involves real estate, you should be aware of who your property is for and what to anticipate throughout peak seasons, as well as off-seasons.

For example, a property near the lake or beach has a more significant potential to draw greater attention in the summer. However, during the winter, a property near a ski resort may get a lot of attention.

Understanding The Needs Of Potential Clients

You must understand the demands of your potential customers, just like any other business. It would help if you researched ways to make your vacation rental concept high in demand.

It's pointless to have a vacation rental that doesn't meet your guests' preferences. It is easy to believe you're doing things right, but you might be totally wrong.

The best way to understand demand is to check out what your successful rivals offer their guests and imitate them in your unique way.

Your guests will like it if you go the extra mile to provide for their needs and apply vacation rental strategies to their tastes!

They will book with you again and are more likely to inform their friends and family, all of whom are new prospective consumers for you.

Target Audience

When strategizing about your vacation rental properties and how to make them stand out, one of the essential factors is knowing or choosing your target audience.

Although there is no harm in making your vacation rental operate conventionally, there is also a lot of gain in making them specified, as long as you're doing it right!


Many couples go on vacation to celebrate special occasions, such as anniversaries or birthdays.

You must try several methods of getting their attention and advertising your property specifically for romantic vacations.

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Here are some of the ways you can make your couple's vacation property stand out:

  • Provide a romantic welcome basket
  • Show reviews from other couples on your website
  • Offer special honeymoon packages.
  • Run couples' marketing campaigns
  • Offer late checkouts


Travelling with family may be thrilling, but it can also be challenging to keep bored kids who are used to their home comforts entertained.

Try a kid-friendly vacation rental idea if you want your tenants to enjoy their vacation genuinely.

This kind of exclusivity is why many families may choose a vacation home rather than a hotel room that limits them.

Here are some features that families look out for when renting a vacation home:

  • Baby proofing
  • Toilet and bathroom amenities for kids
  • Family activities and games (like karaoke)
  • Baby cribs

Young People

Some vacation rental homes are only accessible to young people over the age of 21, and others won't rent to anyone under 25.

This is due to a lack of confidence in young people to stay at their properties without issues.

However, this train of thought may be flawed as many young people have money to pay and can treat your property with respect.

When you are one out of the very few property owners that rents out their properties to young people, it gives you a massive advantage over your competitors.

Do this, not without necessary precautions, though. For example, if you're bothered that young people might break your dining tables, just don't use glass for your dining tables.

Here are some features that young people may look out for in a vacation house:

  • Swimming pools and jacuzzis
  • Terrace
  • Indoor and outdoor games

Vacation Rental Interior Design

It would be best if you started thinking differently to boost your vacation revenue. How can you brighten up the place to attract more guests?

While the procedure will be similar to that of decorating a primary property, there are a few things you can do to make your vacation home seem more like a luxurious retreat.

When designing a vacation property, some things to consider are colours, lighting, materials and durability.

You should carefully select a colour shade to ensure that the house appears attractive and exciting.

A new paint job may do a lot for your property, and if you want to use solid colours, you'll need to choose a suitable colour combination to thrill your guests.

Also, be strategic with your lighting, this is necessary because people like to take pictures or just be around good lighting.

Additionally, do your research on what is best for decoration, and steer clear from inferior materials, as they may cause issues in the long run.

Upgrading and Renovation

Trends in the home come and go, but outdated appliances stand out like a sore thumb.

You don't need to have the most up-to-date house innovations, but you must remain current with basic home technology, to keep your guests pleased and your ratings high.

Vacation rental property owners should always upgrade their amenities, do necessary repairs, and switch up their property structure from time to time.

Vacation Home Amenities Checklist

As a vacation rental landlord or manager, you acknowledge the importance of making your property stand out from the crowd.

You need to provide facilities that impress visitors to increase your earnings. Therefore, certain features should be considered must-haves.

However, you can't provide all that your guests might desire! So, you can decide which options are worth investing in through the following vacation home amenities checklist.

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Entertainment and Outdoor Recreation

Streaming Services & Cable/Satellite TV

Guests will anticipate cable or satellite service and the ability to connect to streaming services such as Netflix, amazon prime, or Hulu as a bonus.

Speaker and sound systems

It's movie time, yay! In addition to an audio sound system in the main TV room, you might include a portable Bluetooth speaker that enables guests to listen to music from their phones.

Universal Remote Control

Guests will appreciate operating several entertainment appliances with a single remote. It's also a good idea to provide instructions on setting things up.

Guests unfamiliar with the gadgets won't have to comb through menu choices or mess with the settings to find out how to use them.

Video Game Console

A gaming console, such as a PlayStation, X-Box, or Nintendo is a pleasant addition for your guests to encounter upon arrival.

It is a wise choice, especially if you're renting your vacation home to large families. Include a variety of games that are fitting for different people.

Media/Movie Room

You may not want to build a place for it, but a dedicated media room that provides a more theatre-like experience may be a good option if you have spare space in your house.

High-definition home projectors are a cost-effective alternative to a large-screen HDTV nowadays.

Ping-Pong Table/Pool Table

Pool tables are usually a pleasant surprise for visitors to discover upon arrival. If you have a place for them, they are always an excellent bonus for guests to find.

You might also include a ping-pong table. Alternatively, if you have space for both pool and table tennis, go for it! Your guests will be delighted.

Hot Tub/Swimming Pool

The presence of a swimming pool is an evident appeal for visitors. While a pool may not be the most practical addition to your home in a typically cold location, a hot tub is more practical and appealing regardless of the season.


Who wants to spend their holiday trapped all day indoors? Decks, porches, and balconies enhance a vacation rental's attractiveness.

Outdoor furniture, such as chairs, patio tables, and chaise lounges will allow your guests to enjoy the fresh air outside.

Also, make sure your floors and railings are in good working order and up to code to avoid accidents.

Fast Wi-Fi

Make it possible for your visitors to remain connected. Wi-Fi is no longer a luxury but rather a necessity.

You should be providing it unless your rental property is a house in the woods, and your whole marketing strategy emphasizes withdrawing from the rest of the world.

Also, make sure the Wi-Fi is fast and always on; people can't stand slow internet these days.

Home supplies and Toiletries

Conditioner and Shampoo

Even though many guests prefer to bring their own, shampoo and conditioner are not things they expect to carry. So make sure to include them.

Make available hand soap for the bathroom and soap for the bathtub or shower and body lotion.

Beddings and Bath Towels

Provide each occupant with at least one set of high-quality white towels and additional bedding.

Hair Dryer

This is another thing that guests may not expect to have to bring with them, so make sure you have one available.

Cleaning Supplies

Guests will expect to quickly locate cleaning supplies like the broom, dustpan, mop bucket, and vacuum.

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Please make sure they're in a visible and accessible position rather than tucked away somewhere.

While your visitors aren't there to keep your vacation home spotless for you, they will want to have the tools to do so if it becomes necessary.

You may include a note in your welcome package indicating where they may find them.

Kitchen Appliances Made of Stainless Steel

Many people are attracted to a stylish, renovated kitchen. Stainless steel equipment, such as the refrigerator, dishwasher, and cookers, are a great option.

Make sure you have dishwashing detergent on hand, as well as ice in the freezer!

Coffee Machine and Coffee

Allowing your visitors to start their day with a coffee maker is a great way to help them. But, don't forget the coffee, too.

Dishware and Cookware

Ensure your visitors have enough plates, cups, wine glasses, coffee/teacups, and cutlery! Don't forget the multi-purpose bottle opener (which can open both bottle tops and wine corks).

Provide cutting boards and tools such as a good knife set, spatulas, serving spoons, measurement cups and spoons, and a multi-purpose grater for your visitors.

Stock up on frying pans and pots, but make sure they aren't Teflon-coated, which is a severe health risk.

Because aluminium is poisonous and may get into your food, aluminium cookware is a considerable health risk.

Stainless steel is the most acceptable option since it is safe, long-lasting, and simple to clean.

Secure Parking

This is another critical "value-added" feature. It's essential to have secure and extra parking spaces if you rent to more larger families or groups. If you have a garage, give your visitors the keys.

Utilities and Features


Although guests are likely to have their mobile phones, it's still a good idea to have a phone at your house if they need it, particularly if your location has inadequate cell coverage. Also, don't forget to have a list of local emergency numbers.

Washing Machine and Dryer

This is a significant amenity, and it's one of the essential features that guests check for in a vacation rental.

Your guests will want to be able to wash their clothes without needing to spend half their day rushing to the laundromat.

So make some detergent and dryer sheets available, especially if they stay for a more extended time.

Ironing Board and Iron

Help your guests in maintaining their finest appearance! Who wants to go on an adventure wearing wrinkled clothing?


A fireplace is a popularly requested feature for holiday rentals, even though people may not anticipate it.

The option to relax around the warmth of a fire in the evening, particularly after a long day, is a beautiful addition for guests. Try to have some firewood in the garage or near the fireplace.

Temperature control and the air conditioning

Another luxury that guests seek in a vacation house is air conditioning. If you don't have air conditioning, you could think about adding ceiling fans or other electric fans for hot summer days and nights.

Smoke Detectors and Alarms

In addition to making sure smoke alarms are placed in your house, be sure to check the batteries regularly and replace them when required.

Handicap Accessibility

Make sure to note that your house is handicap accessible in your listings. It is one of the "most value-added" amenities that not many vacation houses have.

Special Touches For Vacation Home Rental

Hospitality and Good Customer Care

The more delighted your guests are, the larger the number of repeat visitors will be. Customer loyalty in the vacation property industry starts with steps to improve the vacation rental experience.

Therefore, your vacation rental's ideal customer retention strategy is guest satisfaction.

Effective communication with potential, current, and former guests can significantly enhance your guest experience and, as a result, raise your revenue.

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Social Media Promotions And Visual Marketing

Social media promotion and digital marketing are essential for the success of your vacation rental.

However, this is not possible without the visual aspect. Because people are usually moved by what they see, photos and videos are an excellent way to market your property.

To photograph your property, you don't need an expensive professional photographer, a decent photographer can do it without charging you too much.

The trick is to photograph anything that can interest a visitor. This includes the eating area, parking, furniture and most importantly, the decor.

Visual marketing for any vacation rental is a good thing; you need excellent images to sell property online, yet people may be suspicious of them if they seem to be too good.

This is particularly true with images taken up close showing a specific detail of a property or photos that have been lit and edited.

A few video clips of the property may provide a more reliable and accurate impression.

Don't make them too long; simply grab footage of the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and outside space. But, again, professional editing and sound are not as vital as adequate lighting.

Easy To Find Location and Contact Information

Create a page on your website that displays the distance in miles and time required to go to the airport, malls, restaurants, and key attractions.

When it comes to choosing the most suitable place to stay, most tourists will always consider the location.

Contact information, especially emergency numbers, should be accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This guarantees that your customers have a better vacation rental experience.

Smart/Automated Homes

Travellers are growing to demand technology solutions as part of the package. As a result, innovative home technologies that can be controlled remotely, such as thermometers, robotic vacuum cleaners, and smart key locks for check-ins, are becoming more popular.

For obvious reasons, trends are a significant factor for marketing. Here are a few trends that may help make your vacation rental stand out.

Travelling With Pets

Nowadays, most vacation homes allow pets, so yours shouldn't be an exception. Therefore, you should make sure that your home is appealing to pet owners. If everything goes successfully the first time, most travellers will return.

Low season travelling

Travelling during the low season is the most excellent way to avoid crowds and save money. Therefore, because peak season prices are often higher, some people may avoid travelling at this time.

Focus on promoting your home as much in the off-season as you would in the peak season; you might just generate more leads.

Instant Booking

Travellers usually reserve their accommodation instantly and are guaranteed that they will not miss out on their desired rental. It is more beneficial for people who often make last-minute reservations.

You should provide a straightforward booking process for potential guests, with no complex steps.

What Makes A Good Vacation Rental Property?


We've all heard it before; location is the general principle of real estate. Simply said, a property's location is more significant than everything else; it's the one factor that can't be modified.

Therefore, it should be no surprise that picking a location is the first step in investing in holiday rental homes.

Pay close attention to everything necessary, including employment rate, weather, market conditions, accessibility to amenities, inventory, demand, and several other variables.

While it's important to think about the financial aspects of a rental property, you can't overlook the fact that your new home must be in a pleasant, accessible, and desirable location to attract guests.


Maintain an open line of authenticity with your potential consumers. For example, if you promote your lovely yard as a selling point, but they're unable to use it because it's flooded, they may not feel like they're getting their money's worth.

Also, If street parking is difficult to come by, include that in the description so they're not shocked when they have to park several blocks away.

Additionally, pictures should accurately portray the place. If they can hardly identify rooms from the photographs because they are untidy or a mess when they arrive, you'll look like a fraud.

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Key Takeaways

Generally, improving your guest experience boosts your ROI in the vacation rental business and is a win-win situation.

Different aspects of the guest experience were reviewed to make your vacation rental stand out.

You're probably aware that property investment has long been a playground for the rich and successful. It's easy to see why given a set of unheard-of benefits in other businesses.

However, those boundaries have collapsed, and today it's feasible to generate real wealth via real estate ventures like vacation rental for a fraction of what it used to cost.

In conclusion, following these steps to make your vacation home stand out, it allows you to take advantage of previously unavailable advantages.

Booking Ninjas is a cloud-based vacation rental management software that includes a booking engine, channel manager, accounting, and an online portal, among other features.

Booking Ninjas property management system uses AI to help you gather, and process previously disregarded data autonomously. This helps you gain better insights into your vacation rental business, increase revenues & management efficiency.

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