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  10 Apr 2020

Improve Your Property's Management, Operation & Revenue With Booking Ninjas Property Management System

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Student Housing PMS

There are so many variables in running a university: admissions, handling tuition payments, room and board, having a strong security team in place, and aligning faculty and curriculum to your school's goals.

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Allow us to explain how Booking Ninjas' property management software offers the best features to achieve optimal organization to better manage your dorms and university as a whole.

One of the reasons we are the best property management software for universities is our devotion to offering the most advanced technology on the market. Our cloud-based PMS is equipped with the best Salesforce gadgets to help make customer interactions seamless and efficient as well as enhance your online presence. Einstein artificial intelligence will make a huge difference in your school's recruiting process. When you first implement Booking Ninjas to your property, you give the software all your data from previous school years. Then our PMS does the rest of the work for you, instantly analyzing the data and providing you with the most valuable data for your college.

This feature will enable you to view prospective student's preferences before they ever step foot on campus. It will also allow you to see what marketing method is most effective for your university so you can focus your time and resources on making that particular campaign as strong as possible. This leads in to another benefit of the Booking Ninjas app - online visibility.

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Today's incoming college students have grown up with technology at their fingertips. Most students decide where to apply to school from social media. Because of this, many universities are putting a more concentrated effort into upping their social media game to attract prospective students. Our PMS will help your school make a larger digital impact. How? Our booking engine can be fully integrated into a number of apps and websites to make booking dorm reservations simple and instant. You can attach your school's website to third-party sites that students use often such as to increase the visibility and awareness of your program. One of our core values is innovation, constantly making improvements to our Salesforce PMS to keep our clients ahead of the curb and enable them to adapt to the 4th Industrial Revolution. Another premier feature of our student housing PMS is an all-in-one availability grid that combines different kinds of bookings into a singular mobile system. Book dorms, meetings, and campus events all from one compact system. Speaking of events, we know college events are some of the most "crashed" events party spoilers like to attend. To keep campus events under control, we offer an event ticketing system that creates custom barcoded tickets that only event attendees can redeem for admission to a school event. 

We are the only cloud-based student housing property management software that can digitally transform your property management business to the 4th Industrial Revolution and make your college more appealing to Gen Z. By converting your data to our PMS, your university will be ahead of the curb technologically with constant software updates designed to give your university the latest and most advanced technology available on the market at the time. 

Improve Your Property's Management, Operation & Revenue With Booking Ninjas Property Management System

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