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The world of property management software has long been an isolated place where only the who’s who of the hospitality industry have been able to reap the spoils. However, after becoming a Salesforce partner in 2015, the Booking Ninjas application has changed the game. By combining our PMS platform with the state-of-the-art technology such as Salesforce’s Einstein AI, Booking Ninjas can provide your property business with the flexibility and mobility it needs to thrive.

Welcome to the property management oasis.

Presenting the best property management software tools and features of the Booking Ninjas PMS.

Availability/Hourly/Min Grid All in One

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Twilio Flex

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Room Rate Controller (RRC)

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Channel Manager

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Ticketing System

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Einstein Analytics

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Booking Engine

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Point of Sale (POS)

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Esign (embed)

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Advanced Payment Features

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Mobile Apps

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Custom Reporting

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Access Control

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App Exchange

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Save Your Hotel Time and Money

If you feel your hotel has become disorganized, and that disorganization has begun to compromise your business, then it may be time to look into purchasing a property management software. A property management system brings together all the elements of running a successful hotel into a single easy-to-use, mobile-friendly platform.

As the world's become more mobile, having a property management system has become a necessity. Not only does it allow property managers to keep every aspect of their hotel in one place, but it enables you to manage your commercial property on any device from anywhere in the world.

The Booking Ninjas Advantage

Modernize Your Hotel Internally

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Since we are the first and only property management business to be an official Salesforce partner, our PMS has unlimited access to the technological pioneer that is Salesforce. Retrieve data and analytics in seconds and let Einstein AI suggest for you the best way to allocate your budget.
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We know property management software. Booking Ninjas was on top of the ball when it came to developing a more convenient, less time-consuming way to manage a property. We’ve been working with the Salesforce platform since 2010 which led to Salesforce recognizing us as an official app innovation partner in 2015.
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Salesforce’s technology is built exclusively for a customer-relationship manager system (CRM). This means every aspect of your PMS will be specifically configcaptiond to your property’s data, making it the most personalized software for your business.
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Seamlessly integrate apps from Salesforce’s AppExchange. This includes Room Rate Controller (RRC) and integration to third-party booking sites to increase the number of direct bookings from your website. With our smart technology, every customer interaction becomes more personalized.

Mobility is Paramount

You can make a strong argument that mobility is the word of the decade. Nowadays, location is never an inconvenience. With the world growing smaller and smaller due to ever-increasing technology, there are endless ways to get your property in front of millions of eyeballs: Millennial eyeballs.

The Millennial generation encompasses approximately 71 million people. With a number that large, they are the ones that decide what's cool and more importantly, what's relevant. In order to appeal to this vast group of travelers, property managers need an exceptional mobile interface to interact with their customer base. To avoid falling behind, property managers must appeal to this generation's wants and needs.

An average millennial checks their phone 43 times a day. When you have an efficient property management or reservation management system, the youth take notice and will be more likely to revisit your app or website. Mobile technology isn't going anywhere. And mobile booking has increased exponentially year to year. Properties that don't adapt to the times in the near future will be left in the dust. As previous generations grow older, your property’s success rate will almost solely rely on representatives from the millennial and generation z groups.

Considering the technology reliant lifestyles of these generations, mobile accessibility holds the key to their hearts, and their wallets. In fact, 66% of travelers say Instagram had an influence on their travel destination. With that, being active on social media is a necessity for running a successful property business.

With the Booking Ninjas application, run your business on a mobile platform with seamless integration to social media and other platforms geared towards the youth.

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Become a Better Property Manager

Many commercial property managers don't know where to start, but as we just illustrated, the process of implementing a property management software is really not that daunting when you have the support of Booking Ninjas and Salesforce. Having a cloud-based PMS system is the most reliable way to store client information and professionally analyze both customer and financial data. The moment you implement a property management system, it will change the way you do business and accommodate guests, putting you on your way to running a highly successful and efficient hotel.