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  20 Feb 2023

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Multifamily Leasing Tips: All You Need To Know

One of the most crucial and challenging responsibilities a property manager has is finding tenants for the apartment buildings. You can always discover new multifamily leasing strategies that can draw in more tenants and help you lease up properties quicker. 

A professional leasing agent should be hired when you need to outsource, in addition to learning new methods and ideas for yourself.

Our thorough guide outlines the reasons why you should enhance your lease procedure and provides leasing agent advice and advantages. Additionally, it offers five immediately helpful apartment leasing advice and tactics you may use immediately.

Why Do You Need a Seamless Multifamily Leasing Process?

The longer a unit is vacant in your property, the more it reduces net operating income. You lose money from sources like utility fees, parking rent, and laundry costs in addition to your monthly rental income.

Therefore, the more money you squander looking for new inhabitants, the longer it takes. You may locate excellent prospects and persuade them to sign a lease fast by using a few sophisticated multifamily leasing techniques.

While practicality is vital in this situation, employing the correct leasing tactics allows you to assess more precisely if a candidate is a good fit for your property. You may steer clear of problems down the road if your leasing procedure is strengthened.

What You Need To Know About Leasing Agents

Leasing agents are licensed experts that assist you in finding tenants and signing agreements. Leasing brokers serve as your go-between with potential tenants. 

They'll be in charge of signing leases and showing prospective tenants your property. Finally, leasing agents can address any inquiries potential tenants may have because they are familiar with the details of your rental agreement. 

Outsourcing the lease process to agents has both benefits and drawbacks. Let's discuss a few of them.

Pros of leasing agents

  • Due to their quick and effective operations, they might help you save money in the long run. Once they are familiar with your property, they will help you find quicker lease-ups. 
  • Leasing brokers are skilled salespeople who know precisely how to draw attention to your home. You can avoid the trouble of selling the property yourself by doing this. 
  • Leasing agents have firsthand knowledge about your rivals, so they can respond to inquiries in more nuanced ways than you can. For instance, if a potential tenant is worried about the cost of the rent, a leasing agent can reassure them that your building's rates are reasonable when compared to those of comparable structures nearby.

Cons of leasing agents

  • They take a cut of closing costs or charge tenants broker fees. 
  • Visitors who tour your property won't receive a warm welcome from you. 
  • To ensure the leasing brokers are appropriately representing your property, you must do your homework and keep an eye on them.

Things to Look Out For Before Hiring a Leasing Agent

One of the most crucial characteristics of an excellent leasing agent is their knowledge of and connection to the neighbourhood around your property. 

Do they know where the nearest public restrooms are located? How long have they been working for you as an agent? 

In other words, you should work with a real estate agent who is familiar with the area's attractions and who can entice people who will thrive there.

When looking for an excellent leasing agent, look for the following qualities: 

  1. Understanding of the multifamily sector: A superb leasing agent must be up to date on the most recent trends because the real estate market is continuously changing. 
  2. Good listening and communication skills: Prospects will have a lot of inquiries, worries, and particular housing needs that must be considered. A leasing agent must be aware of the problems and preferences of potential residents because they serve as the middleman. 
  3. Courtesy toward your property: Whether or not the resident is suitable for your property, leasing agents still get paid. However, the best agents will respect your property and put up a lot of effort to locate the most acceptable residents for your neighbourhood.

What's The Ideal Closing Ratio in Leasing?

A solid closing ratio isn't defined by a specific number, but leasing agents often aim for a rate of 30% to 40%. A closure ratio is the proportion of signed leases to those who would have been suitable candidates for your property but were actually encountered.

Multifamily Property Management Tips

Did you know that you can lease a place and still stay within your budget? But a lot of preparation is necessary. You can find some crucial advice about multifamily leasing in this area.

You should be aware of the following five multifamily leasing tips:

Goal-setting and organization

Two of the most crucial multifamily leasing advice we'll give you are to set goals and organize. You might be curious as to how leasing agents are structured.

Start by making spreadsheets for each offered unit containing data on potential buyers who have toured the unit. Keep a meticulous calendar of all booked showings for available units as well. You'll stay organized if you do these two things.

The next step is to create targets for yourself, such as aiming for a specific number of performances per date. Aim to respond to as many prospects' questions each day as possible. 

Setting measurable objectives will help you keep yourself accountable as an independent contractor.

For appearances, dress to impress

Your physical appearance is just as important when meeting potential residents as the building's façade. They'll be doing the same with you when you screen potential tenants and decide if they're a good fit for your rental. 

Always wear formal professional attire to apartment viewings, regardless of how the prospective tenants are dressed. Additionally, you should synchronize your attire with other staff members offering tours during that day.

A good showing will result from doing this since it will give potential buyers a professional image and organization about your property.

Begin with the facilities 

What is your structure that distinguishes it that takes time to notice? 

Many features, like an all-inclusive pet policy or a package management system, will only be apparent to potential customers later. 

Some potential tenants might need to be made aware of all the amenities or features, even though your apartment listing should highlight everything that distinguishes and differentiates your home. 

Or, if you're giving a tour to a couple, only one of them is likely aware of the unique aspects of your property. 

Therefore, emphasize at least five advantages or amenities that your building provides. 

Modern smart locks, a calendar of local events posted each month, or an access control system powered by a smartphone all fall under this category.

Be prepared for questions and pose your own

It's a good idea to anticipate potential customers' inquiries so you can plan coherent, measured responses. 

The most frequent inquiries will undoubtedly centre on any particular features or procedures in your building. For instance, if your building makes use of RUBS utility billing, be prepared to describe it. 

Additional inquiries could be: 

  • What (such as water and utilities) is and is not included in the monthly rent? 
  • Which, if any, apartment alterations are residents permitted to make? 
  • What kind of neighborhood is it? 
  • What are the technical terms of the leasing agreement, such as how the rent is paid and how to move in? 
  • Is the structure safe? Highlight any unique security and entry system features for your facility. Show the operation of the access control system, for instance, if it is present in your building.

Being as approachable as possible when giving apartment tours is crucial. 

You will have a closer relationship with your residents than a leasing agent. Inquire about their occupations, family, and interests. 

Be amiable without coming across as overly anxious about signing a lease. 

The majority of renters are young folks under the age of 35, so keep that in mind. 

Also bear in mind that this might be the prospect's first rental experience. Therefore, they might need help understanding questions that more seasoned tenants might find obvious. 

Try your best to determine the demographics of the people who rent from you and to meet their needs.

Standardize the Sales Process

Making something yours or allowing leasing teams to inject their unique personalities into their particular sales process both have merits. However, everyone can benefit from apartment leasing phone scripts, instructions, and templates. 

In addition to giving prospects some level of individualization and personalization, having a clearly defined process, template, and script to follow can provide you peace of mind especially knowing that you have a tested model and procedure that can be reproduced for success. 

Do you already have these procedures or scripts in place? Take notes of the basics first. Standardized follow-up and sales scripts for leasing consultants and agents can significantly reduce their workload and level of stress. 

Additionally, those thoroughly thought-out scripts can result in quicker and more effective closings when executed properly.

Solicit the opinions of present renters

One of the main benefits of leasing apartments on your own as a property manager is that you already know the present tenants of your building. 

Ask current residents for their opinions on certain parts of your building before you start chatting with potential customers.

Make sure to question locals about the following: 

  • Why do they enjoy living in your property?
  • Fears they had before deciding to move in
  • Difficulties they encountered when moving in
  • Their preferred facilities and features 
  • How they view the security of your building 
  • Things they consider to be improvable

Even while it can be better to conduct these interviews in person, surveys can also be distributed by mail or email. 

However, to ensure the highest participation, think about providing a reward for residents who complete these questionnaires. 

You may more effectively promote your building to potential customers with the help of all this input. 

The best part is that by being aware of current residents' experiences, you'll be better able to anticipate prospective residents' worries and respond to their inquiries.

Get More Training

It's always a good strategy to keep learning from everyone and ensure you remain at the frontline of your profession, even if you are a top performer and consistently crushing your stats. 

Look online or with your local organization for free leasing agent training, or follow multifamily periodicals and thought leaders on LinkedIn. 

A leasing agent training handbook that is particular to your property should also be kept up to date. You can follow many thought leaders, online blogs, magazines, and the countless leasing consultant books, manuals, ebooks, and guides regularly released.

The fact that you are reading here right now indicates that you actively sought out opportunities to get better and chose this article as one of those opportunities. 

Maintain your current course of action and never stop learning. Remember to think beyond the box as well! While leasing-specific training is essential and beneficial, attempt to learn some of the distinctive sales strategies and best practices from other industries.

Key Takeaways

Optimize your multifamily leasing procedure constantly to speed up lease-up and reduce eviction rates. 

When meeting with prospective tenants, it's important to have good communication skills, a well-thought-out organizing plan, and intuition. 

You'll be able to lease units more quickly if you have in-depth knowledge of what makes your building unique, what benefits current residents, and what the perfect tenant should possess.

To learn about what we do at Booking Ninjas and how we do it, schedule a free call with us.

Improve Your Property's Management, Operation & Revenue With Booking Ninjas Property Management System

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