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  02 Jul 2020

Improve Your Property's Management, Operation & Revenue With Booking Ninjas Property Management System

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How to Efficiently Manage Your Employees with an Online System

A management system is a system that allows companies to monitor and maintain their works. It makes communication and assignation of duties easier, irrespective of the size of the business. For the purpose of planning, execution of projects, building a community that is suitable, collaborative, and scalable, a management system is necessary. 

Although many organizations recognize that the system works and helps to get a lot done in little time, the mistake many continue to make is thinking that a strict policy is the best way to imply discipline and enforce it. However, this way, workers are not able to relate well with the system as they are limited in capacity. The methods they can introduce are governed and limited, and even the ideas they present cannot be made use of optimally when they are not very familiar with the management system.

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Are you an organization looking to have a management system in place for your workers? Then, it would be best if you were looking at a lot of things more than getting the job done. Yes! Getting the job done matters, but a crucial aspect that should not be removed is the friendliness of the system. How well your employees are able to utilize the management system in their work matters.

Here are some of the advantages you stand to gain with a member friendly management system at your workplace.

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1. It keeps members happy and motivated

A member-friendly management system is sure to keep members happy and motivated. They are able to navigate through the system easily without a problem, and this allows them to keep up the pace and do their work well. They get to set goals, work on them, and achieve them when they can make use of the system. The stress of having to worry about how to navigate, and figure out how the system works is removed, and therefore, it is not hard to do their jobs when due. A happy and motivated employee, of course, is sure to contribute positively to the growth of the company.         

2. It facilitates better communication

Another advantage of having a member friendly management system at your workplace is that it facilitates better communication. Irrespective of department or location, employees can work, understand each other, and have a better platform to exchange ideas. This way, they get to put ideas together, nominate or vote as well as carry out different things without the stress of having to go physical. When compared to the traditional method of communication, which is the email, it is very useful, especially as the e-mail may end up in the spam folder or take time to answer when put off. When using the member friendly management system, you need an answer to a question? Ask and get your reply instantly.

3. Makes payment easier by streamlining

Every member of the team is expected to be boarded on the management system for their work. This way, in the case, that payment depends on the amount of work done, it can be measured, and payment can be made easily. Whether it is within the organization or outside the organization, payment can be made as at when due. This way, trips to banks for payments are eliminated as well as the stress. Most software supports payments and also keeps records for future use. The risk associated with the handling of money or using the wrong platform is also removed.                          

4. It brings relief to members 

Have you ever had to rush to meet up with your colleagues? Leaving home, taking buses, going through traffic and all the stress that comes with it is usually not very easy. But then what if your employees and co-worker are comfortable with having meetings from home and using the system to carry out tasks? That will be the best thing. Relief is just one of the other advantages that come with making use of a member friendly management system. The thought of meetings no longer scares workers, and they are relieved to join from anywhere in the world while engaging in other things.        

5. Consistency is introduced 

Members who are quite comfortable with the management system employed by their organization are able to draw out plans of how they work and consistency is introduced. You and your co-workers can develop a style or pattern that works for everyone so that projects are passed from one phase to another till it is completed. When you finish one project, the method can still be employed for another and many others to be done. This way, there is consistency in the manner things are done or handled, and in the end, brings ease to the way the business is conducted.      

6. Makes management easy

For team leads who often have to deal with a lot of people under them- interns, colleagues, contract staff, and remote workers, management usually gets out of hand because each individual may require a different approach. Unfortunately, this is often difficult to keep up with. With a member friendly management system at your workplace, you ease the jobs of team leads and general managers as it becomes easier to deal with people at different levels. All the overalls that their position requires come without stress, and they can help others achieve more in little time.      

7. Growth

Making use of a member friendly management system also has the advantage of bringing about growth not only for the members but for the organization as well. As the management system can be modified to do various things, it would be easy for the organization to accept suggestions by members. With the advantage of familiarity with the system, members can suggest changes when it is needed, add their own opinions or ideas and enjoy the benefit of having the management work on their ideas. In the case that it works as well, it would lead to the growth and development of the organization.       

8. Accessibility

The management system is software that can be installed on any digital device that is compatible with it. Therefore, it can be carried around and made use of optimally. The barrier which comes with traveling and movement or the ones which hinder adequate performance are removed when workers can work from anywhere in the world. All that is needed perhaps maybe a connection to the internet and a charged battery. From there, consultations can be made, deals can be signed, questions can be asked, and even queries can be given. Accessibility, of course, is vital to make the processes of any business easier.         

9. Makes Works Faster

 With stable communication, accessibility from anywhere in the world, motivation, and even relief come with a faster way of carrying out duties. Employees don’t have to wait days for their supervisor to react to a project, and even corrections can be made quickly so that the project is passed on to the next department or group. With a member friendly management system, everyone does their part in no time and pass on the project to the next group of people who will deal with the phase. More projects get done in little time.  

10. Ease in collaboration

Do you have workers from various parts of the world working for you? Then a member friendly management system is what you should definitely get. It will create a common platform for your workers to work, irrespective of their origin. You could even have the management system support various languages, so that language is not a problem. When one person types in a language, the other person can translate and understand it then react/reply. You could even have the system integrate other necessary features and apps that will make content creation, scheduling, drawing, designing, and even painting simple tasks to carry out. 

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A member-friendly management system is a system or software that is not only concerned about the result the employees can achieve but is also concerned about how well it is able to take the employees along while ensuring their growth. 

As a general manager or a business owner who has several workers or a small business looking to expand, it is pertinent that you put into consideration the things that your management system is composed of and the goals you’ll like to achieve with it. Workers determine a significant part of an organization’s success and therefore, should be put into consideration when picking the type of management software to use. You can ask for their opinion by sending in questionnaires, asking them to fill forms, or send in their suggestions on the type of features they think will make their works better. In the case that you have people who are experienced with working on management software, you could as well tell these people to recommend some software that is member friendly which they have used prior. If you are looking at building your own, then you can ask the developer for advice too.            

Why Booking Ninjas is right for you

The Booking Ninjas system combines a property management system (PMS) and a customer relationship management (CRM) system to give our users the ability to have a complete experience in one platform. Such a system can only be successful if built on the appropriately powerful platform fit for it.

With that in mind, we can genuinely assure you of the best digital management experience available. We plan to move in ways that guarantee our vision, which is to be the leading provider of guest targeted digital solutions in the hospitality industry. The only to get there is to provide long-term beneficial digital solutions to all our users.

Improve Your Property's Management, Operation & Revenue With Booking Ninjas Property Management System

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