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  22 Jan 2021

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How Hotels can Benefit from an Automated Guest Management System

Getting an automated guest management system is one direct way for hotels to step up their games. This is because the management system allows the hotel to take certain tasks off their hands and focus on other things. The software when adopted takes control of guest management activities, its computation, and other significant aspects. Guest management systems come with all that is required to manage and maintain guests in a hotel. 

 Are you a hotel owner or manager who is contemplating adopting the automated guest management system? Here are ten (10) reasons why you shouldn’t hesitate to adopt the system.

Centralized Records

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For hotels that are still using paper to keep their records or just computers, records are usually scattered around with no centralized way of keeping them for the future. This, the automated guest management system solves. The guest management system helps to keep all hotel guest records in one place. Payment, food types, facilities of interest, or the number of guests an organization brings frequently can be compiled and used for decision making in the future. Irrespective of the number of rooms or the number of guests, an automated guest management system complies it all in one place, automatically. You and your staff can avoid the end of the year hassle of presenting accurate records because the system will handle it effectively. You can use the history of frequent clients to determine what they will need and serve them better. 

Ease of access

Do you have to look through large files and volumes of books before you can tell who is staying at your hotel and where they are staying or how long they will stay? Not anymore. With an automated guest management system, you can find out all information required using keys. You simply type in some instructions and in return, you get to access inputted information about any guest. With the system, checking in doesn’t just become easier, it comes faster and a lot more accessible to all. Administration becomes easier when you can tell who is where easily alongside the facilities they are using.  

Another access-related benefit that you can count on is that you can access the records from anywhere in the world. Not around your hotel, but what to know what is going on? The automated guest management system gives you all the access that you want.  

Time Management

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A well automated guest management system will save you time. Not only will you spend less time checking guests in, but you’ll also spend less on ensuring that they receive all the necessary care they need. Since it is all automated, human inefficiency is removed and you get to enjoy a hundred percent input from the system. All inquiries are taken care of without delay, instructions are given and acted upon within minutes to give your clients a satisfying experience at the end of the day. Guests can reserve rooms and pay for them before arriving at the hotel and save all the time that will be spent at the reception desk.   

Optimized Cash flow  

The system offers your hotel business accuracy and real information that makes decision making very easy. With the software, you get the best out of your money and understand how much each guest paid. You get to know who is enjoying a discount, who used a coupon, how much guests are paying, have paid, or have to pay. In the end, the general report is handled by software, leaving the account tightly closed from mistakes.

Increased Accountability 

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Another of the major benefits of a guest management system is how much it increases your accountability. You can give detailed records in no time, track details, and put them to good use. You can identify who is occupying a room and give details about them when the need arises. You can use the system to study guest patterns, know your high season and the low seasons, determine foods guests indulge in at different seasons of the year, and therefore be able to prepare against it.

It gives room for strategic planning

Records are important in the hospitality sector because they guide decision-making and aid planning. With a guest management system, you have easy access to all that you may need to ensure that your hotel is growing. You are able to make strategic future plans as there is no fear of some type of mishap disrupting. You can carry out forecasts, prepare staff teams for new activities, and overall, focus on delivering.


Want a working system that allows you to introduce features that will help you and your guest? Choose a guest management system. With it, you can control activities, steps, and duties that will be carried out by humans. You get to customize it to meet your hotel’s needs and determine the extents of the benefit you will like to enjoy. A discussion with your software engineer will allow you to expand your system’s capacity and automate work that could cost you money. Talk to your software engineer and they will tweak the system in various ways to make sure it’s working for the purpose(s) intended. You simply have to communicate your interest, and you both agree on the things that are workable. A guest management system is only as good as how you want it to be. 

Increased Efficiency

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Want the total efficiency of your hotel to increase? Opt for an automated guest management system. With the guest aspect of your hotel managed automatically, you can put effort into managing other core aspects. A good management system will affect your hotel positively, just like a negative one will dwindle the results. Guests can book hotel rooms in advance, pay for it, and be assured that there won’t be a mixup with some other clients’ reservations, because the room becomes automatically unavailable for others. With a guest management system, it becomes easy for you to deliver the best to your guests.

Multiple Access

Do you have more than one manager in your hotel, or would you like to have superior access as the owner? Accounts can be created for everyone! Authorized personnel can have access to the system software from wherever they are. Every manager can have their own account where they monitor things, as fitted by their positions. Each one of the managers can have access to all the information they need at all times, from different places. Whether you’re halfway across the world, or right at home, you can check up on the accounting without hindering the hotel’s work process or disturbing anyone. Of course, only the necessary people would have the password or whatever access method you decide to use. Engineers can help you determine this and limit the access. 


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Guest records kept in the orthodox ways can be easily accessed by non-authorized persons, which is why you should choose to use a guest management system. They come with the highest level of security that protects your guest’s personal details and other sensitive data related to the hotel.  

Afraid that staff might misuse the details available or give them out to competitors? You can discuss with your software engineer the extent of access which each account has. Alongside access, you also get to enjoy maximum security to safeguard your business. No fear of privacy breach court cases comes with using a guest management system. 

Guest Management systems cover all the necessaries that a hotel may need in terms of guest management. The goal is not only to improve the hotel’s productivity but to help the hotel give the guests the best of experiences available. Your guests enjoy ease, access, and faster response as they use the automated guest management system. Their trust in your ability and the result you can deliver increases as they know that you are capable of.

Again, your guest management system is only as good as you want it to be. It will do all that you program it to carry out and nothing more. It is left to you to choose the best guest management system, exploit it, and enjoy the many benefits it has to offer you. 

Improve Your Property's Management, Operation & Revenue With Booking Ninjas Property Management System

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