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  29 Mar 2021

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Creating the Perfect Guest Room Checklist For Your Hotel Staff

One of the main goals of any successful hotel is to meet and exceed excellence for your customers. Having the perfect guest room checklist will help carry out this goal. To keep your customers happy and loyal, your guest room cleanliness needs to be of top priority. It is a reflection of your brand and you should take great pride in having the highest standards towards your cleaning process.

Having a successful guest room checklist can make sure your housekeeping staff can quickly check off the condition of the room and markdown any sections of the room that need repair. It is the extra attention to detail that will keep your customers coming back for years to come. Your guest room checklist form can be customized to reflect the type of accommodations you offer. Adding a special touch and extra details to the cleanliness of each guest room will guarantee returning guests every time.

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Your hotel room checklist should begin with the entryway. Before entering the room, the door and room number should be checked for cleanliness and you should note any repairs needed. This includes checking the locking mechanism of the door as well.

Upon entry, the light switches need to be clean and in working order. Your hotel room checklist should ensure the closet is fresh and well stocked with anything you could anticipate a customer needs, ie. clothes hangers, luggage racks, extra pillows, and blankets, etc. All information cards such as Do Not Disturb, Make My Room, and Laundry should be clean and readily available for your future guests.

A current and up-to-date Emergency Exit Plan needs to be placed in the entryway in full view. Also, all doorknobs and peepholes should be properly sanitized to prevent any spread of germs. The guest room checklist needs a section that includes the inspection of all doors in your hotel room from the front door to the closet door. You want to make sure they are opening and shutting properly and not missing any screws or fixtures.

Main Room

As you continue through your hotel room checklist, you will come to the main area of your guest room. It is important to remember that one of the first things a customer will check when entering their room is the bed. The hotel checklist that you create should include checking your beds for any rips or stains. Fresh bedding should be provided daily with fresh sheets, blankets, and pillowcases. Beds should be made according to your companies’ specified instructions.

The hospitality checklist for your guest rooms' should go into great detail, from dusting ALL furnishings to making sure the cups and ice bins are one inch from the left corner of each desk. Lamps and lampshades need to be checked daily to ensure they are clean and in proper working order. Make sure the televisions are set to the correct channel and the remotes have working batteries. Clean all windows and check that all curtains are in the correct positions.

The guest room checklist should have a specific setting for all air conditioning units to guarantee the room is set to a comfortable and inviting temperature. All sofas need to be cleaned with the proper upholstery cleaning products to smell fresh and offer a relaxing space. Check under beds and leave no corner unchecked. A copy of your hotel directory, list of amenities offered, television channel list, and room service menu should all be at your guest’s fingertips ready to help them with their every need. This section of your guest room checklist could be the most important.


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Of course, once you are satisfied with your own personal checklist in the room, it's straight to the bathroom. A hospitality checklist for the bathroom of each guest room should be precise and extremely thorough. The door and the doorknob to the bathroom should be clean and sanitized. Similarly, the vanity should be sanitized and stocked with any amenities that your hotel offers, shampoos, soaps, etc.

Any mirrors should be clean and streak-free, allowing your guests to see everything crystal clear. All wastebaskets should be clean with fresh liners. The toilet especially needs to be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized.

Your hospitality checklist should also include a section to check all nuts, bolts, and pipes in the bathroom to assess wear and tear. Contact a maintenance professional to repair issues as soon as possible.

All guest room checklists should include proper cleaning procedures for the bathtub and ensure all fixtures are in good working order. You will be amazed at the importance of a hotel with excellent water pressure. This can determine a guest’s return.

The bathtub drain should be cleaned and free from any hair or debris. Similarly, the shower curtain needs to be sanitized and free from any residue.

Your hospitality checklist form needs to include that all floors are properly vacuumed, swept, mopped, and sanitized prior to a guest's arrival.

Spend Time on Your Guest Room Checklist

As you can see, the use of a pre-printed hotel room checklist form will prove most effective for anyone in hotel management. It establishes a set procedure that will ensure both housekeeping and management are able to spot and correct any defects or missing amenities a guest room may have.

Each guest room must be checked daily using the hotel room checklist. This will help your hotel meet high customer satisfaction in areas such as room comfort and safety. Having the perfect guest room checklist will help make sure that each room is checked before the room is released for occupancy.

Using a hotel room checklist will help your hotel by reducing guest service complaints and increasing customer loyalty. This can also improve your room attendant’s work quality and improve communication between departments.

A checklist could mean the difference between an average customer experience to something that wows them and gives them a reason to spread the good word. Having a hospitality checklist is essential to any thriving hotel and a guarantee that your customers will be loyal, happy, and most importantly returning for years to come.

Here is an example of a thorough hotel cleaning checklist.

Room Cleaning Checklist

Check the HVAC unit, thermostat, and lights

Replace burnt-out lightbulbs

Dust the walls and ceilings

Dust the furniture

Clean microwave area

Discard trash

Discard leftover items in the refrigerator

Restock fridge

Clean mirrors

Make sure drapes slide easily

Disinfect telephone and remote controls

Organize closet

Ensure the proper number of hangers


Replace trash bags

Deodorize Room

Bedroom Checklist

Strip bed

Throw all sheets, blankets, pillowcases in the laundry

Replace sheets, blankets, and pillowcases

Tuck sheets underfoot of the bed (hospital corners)

Make sure open pillowcase ends face the edges of the bed

Wrinkle release

Cover with duvet

Bathroom Checklist

Remove used items (towels, face cloths, etc..)

Clean shower and bath

Scrub toilet bowl

Clean toilet lid

Clean sink

Restock soap, shampoo, conditioner

Clean mirrors

Clean floor

Look for any leaks or plumbing issues

Remove stray hairs

Replace trash bags


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Improve Your Property's Management, Operation & Revenue With Booking Ninjas Property Management System

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